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Four More Years

Layaspot isn't perfect for everyone, but it's almost perfect for me. It's not the strongest toy available. However, the angular shape and rounded head make it for pressure during an intense solo session. If you like pressure around your clit as much as I do, I would recommend trying Layaspot. Hell, I got it twice!
Great shape for pressure, splashproof, easy to use, multiple settings
Too weak for some, not silicone, buttons hard to push
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I bought this Layaspot to replace my original, which recently died after four years of pretty constant use. It has been my go-to toy for some time. I feel as though four years of pleasure is something I can live with, and there was no question as to whether I'd replace it. I did, however, struggled over color. My original was a black and purple variant that hasn't been made in a long time, and I'm not a big fan of the vanilla colors. The first thing I'd like to say is that the "raspberry/pistachio" is far prettier in person. The green is bright and springlike. The pink is actually quite purple-ish. It feels fun and whimsical, which I like.

Speaking of feel, this toy is made of plastic and elastomed. The plastic battery cap is a bit textured and rigid. The body of the toy feels like silicone over a hard inner body. There's a bit of give if you push on it, but only on a shallow level. The toy itself doesn't indent. The buttons are made of much softer elastomed, which makes them easy to find. If you're not familiar, elastomed is a material that Fun Factory only uses for Layaspots. It's like silicone in terms of texture, the Layaspot has a bit of drag and feels somewhat velvety, but it doesn't collect lint. Eden rates it a 7 on the safety scale. It's not completely non-porous, so you should only share it with someone if you're fluid bonded. However, as an external toy, it may not come into contact with bodily fluids.


The shape of this clitoral stimulator is like that of a snake head. If you hold it with the battery pack facing down and the front of the Layaspot facing you, you can imagine the eyes at the sides of the top of the toy where it curves. This is similar to the Better Than Chocolate; although, Layaspot is smaller. The shape is absolutely what I like best about this vibrator. The rounded snake nose, which is what makes contact with my body, is great for providing pressure without pinching or poking, but it's small enough to get pinpoint-ish pressure. I usually masturbate with two or three fingers. There's a defined space where I like stimulation, but it's not tiny. Layaspot does a good job of fitting that.

The curve is a little more acute, which also works well for me. This toy cups my mons and pelvic bone better than any other. I find ones like the Nea or Lily with a gentle curve don't fit my natural shape very well, and I have to use my fingers to push down the front against my clit. With the Layaspot, I can push down on the back or curve of the toy to get pressure in front without cramping up my fingers. It's better for me as a full-handed toy. In fact, the shape gets me off as much as the vibrations. I've used this toy without turning it on at all.

However, those sleeker toys are better if you want a clitoral stimulator during sex. Lily, Nea and some of the Leaf toys are much thinner. The Layaspot has a bulkier profile. It's about an inch thick at any given point and point enough on top that it might prove uncomfortable for some. Plus, I use it so that it points down and the buttons are toward my vagina, which could make it difficult to operate.

Operation and Vibration
The buttons are a bit frustrating. They take a bit of pressure to work, and I sometimes find myself having to remove the Layaspot from my clit to look at the buttons and push them. I can find them with my fingers, but I don't always have the leverage to push them correctly. There is a light under the buttons, but I almost always use this lying down, so I don't see them anyway. I'd love to see Fun Factory revamp the Layaspot with more sensitive buttons. On the other side, I can never accidentally bump them, which almost always happens with the Siri.

As a vibrator, this one boasts seven steady levels of vibration. The first is almost nonexistent, and the second isn't even that strong. As I've said, it's the shape that does it more for me. This is powered by 2AAAs, so you can imagine it's not going to compare to a lot of rechargeable toys. It might be similar to some of the lower settings on the Lelo Mona. This is the major complaint of people who have used Layaspot. If you don't think the shape specifically will do it for you, then there are stronger clitoral vibrators to consider. Siri and Yooo are other options.

Contined Below
The pulsation and escalating modes are a little lackluster given the power source. I usually don't like AAA-powered toys at all, so this is no surprise. The two buttons require you to press "+" eight or more times to get to the pulsation. You must press "-" as many times to turn it back off, which can get a little tiresome. I'd like it to shut off instantly, but this is a little price to pay.

The Layaspot is pretty quiet, too. I can almost not hear it on the lowest setting. It gets louder, but it would probably work in a shared house or other situation where noise is a major concern.

Cleaning and Material Concerns

The grooves in the buttons could be a cleaning issue if they filled with liquids, but cleaning is pretty easy because Layaspot is splash proof. Make sure the battery cap is firmly snapped into place -- you should hear/feel a click. I didn't have any leaking problems over the first four years. You could use it in the shower, but not the bath.

Elastomed is, as far as I know, compatible with both water and silicone based lubes. It's insert enough to store next to other toys. I've never had any leaching or color issues. Elastomed is also free of smells (although, my first smelled AWFUL. It aired out and lived happily ever after).

Personal Comments
One thing I've noticed is that the batteries are more snug in my newer Layaspot. There's two supporting pieces of plastic in the pack that jut out. You have to line up the battery just right to get it in. This could be frustrating in the dark and with lubed up hands, so check your batteries before use!
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