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LAYAspot sex toy review

The Laya is ergonomic, discreet, and meant to fit in the palm of your hand. If you need external pressure and moderate vibration, it's genius in a sleek pink package. Not everyone finds it intense enough, but those who love it evangelize it.
Intense for its size. Perfect for a particular style of masturbation, or with intercourse.
Not silicone, not intense enough for some, not properly insertable.
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The Layaspot|LAYAspot remains the only vibrator I use to masturbate just because.

Usually I masturbate by pressing the palm of my hand against the clit, and using my fingers to stimulate my g-spot. Then with hand rigid in place, I grind. Is this likely to give me carpal tunnel? Yeah. Has it resulted in reliable orgasms since the age of, oh, six? Hell, yes.

I could tolerate a stronger vibration, but the Laya runs on two AA batteries: it is what it is. I settle for getting up close and personal. It fits perfectly over my pubic bone and nuzzles into both my G-spot and my clit. I'm certain when they designed this, they asked a girl who masturbates like me. All I have to change is to tuck the Laya into my palm.

It's remarkably intense for its size and silence. Mine's gotten louder with age (it's almost two) but only at the lowest settings. And really, who uses the lowest setting?

I do wish they'd make a silicone Laya. It's comfy, but there is such a thing as too much pressure. It's not as soft as silicone: the materials are plastic (the maroon) and silky, soft-touch "elastomed" (the pink). Maybe it's to conduct the vibrations, which go from 'tease' to 'maybe intense enough to get you off', with three pulse levels. It's easy to clean as battery toys go (although a toothbrush is helpful for that damn Fun Factory stamp on the battery cap... don't they know we're all sticking it inside?).

Supposedly it's waterproof when the battery cap is screwed on, but I haven't tried that -- I like it too much.

Nowhere on the packaging is this mentioned, but it glows when it's on. The + and - controls are actually backlit with a pink light. I choose to find this adorable, rather than tacky. Also -- PINK! I'm a little embarrassed to admit that "non-threatening" ranks high with all my toy purchases, thus far. Tie me up and beat me, but don't fuck me with an obviously phallic and veiny sex toy.

Along these lines: far be it for me to pitch a vibrator|Vibrators as a "marital aid", but the Laya is great for partner sex. It's tiny, smooth and soft enough to fit between bodies any way you'd shove a hand down there, without the heat and fiddliness of a bullet vibe. No plugs, no cords, no chance of it finding its way inside an orifice and getting pinched in a moment of overenthusiasm.

That said, this is a partner toy, not a client toy. It doesn't look sexual and showy enough. For something properly spectacular, I recommend one of the other Fun Factory vibes: they are silicone, amply sized (too big for me), and have lots of juice. Also: they come in purple!

It's not a wall-plugged vibe, but then, I can't keep a Hitachi|Hitachi magic wand in my purse.
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  • Hi Calico! Thanks for the fresh review. Out of the several on the Laya I read on this site, yours are the best. Can you share a few secrets of using Laya in partner sex? My immediate idea was that I can stimulate my clit while having anal sex for relaxation. Do you  change settings while masturbate? It looks like the controls are not designed to operate the vibe in the action. Thank you and very welcome to EF.
  • Are you sure it's not made of silicone? I thought all Fun Factory toys were made of silicone...
  • It is made out of silicone. Your review is wrong.
  • Actually, she's correct about materials. Elastomed has most of the properties of silicone, which is probably why it is classified that way. Fun Factory only says that Elastomed is phthalate free, a medical-grade material, and body friendly, but other than that they won't elaborate.

  • DGG - There aren't really any secrets.  Any way you touch your clit during sex already, you can use the Laya.  Though I don't find it works very well in missionary unless the person on top sits up (it'll get squished between you).  Doggie-style, spooning, and anal sex are great for the Laya.  If you like to grind on it, try laying on your stomach.

    I don't usually change settings.  You could definitely change them in the middle of the action, though; they're right in your hand and it's just a button press.

    Epiphora, Lili Desi - thanks for the clarification.  For anyone buying, whatever "elastomed" is, it feels soft to the touch like silicone but it's rigid like plastic.  I'm pretty sure it's all nonporous and hypoallergenic and such.
  • Thank you for the nice advice. I envy (in a good sense) your experience and sexuality. See, again, I've never heard of "spooning" (gonna get it googled).
  • Word of warning, this is going to sound really really stupid, and yes, I'm experienced in the use of sex toys... but do not insert the layaspot inside of you!

    My boyfriend and I were having some fun, and he decided it would feel really good for me if he inserts the vibe in me... and it got STUCK.  It wedged itself all the way up inside, and the more we tried to get it out, the higher up it went.  We couldn't fit our fingers around it to pull it out, so had to attempt using spoons, which didn't work either.

    So, there we are, after an hour, me in utter panic because I didn't want to go to the ER and have THAT in my records, so we decided to visit a sex store to buy a speculum.  So, we're driving to the sex store w/ the vibe STiLL buzzing away inside of me and the bf runs into the store to buy it.  Another hour and we are home, he cranks me open, and with the combo of speculum, spoons, lots of pushing and grunting, we get it out.

    I haven't touched the vibe since, but I must admit the battery life of this thing is great!
  • Nashville
    The Laya sounds so perfect.
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Hm, I thought that this was made out of silicone? Most of Fun Factory's toys are, so that is surprising. *shrug*
  • Drifter86
    Great review.
  • Arlinnae
    Thanks for the info!
  • karenm
    Great review, thanks!
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