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Laya me Down and Getta me Off

The Laya Spot is a fun vibrator. Seriously! It's fun! It comes in interesting color combos, has easy to press and see buttons that are backlit, a nicely rounded tip for broad clitoral stimulation, a fairly strong and reliable motor and an amazing, ergonomic shape that fits the palm of your hand and hugs the vulva very, very nicely.
Easy to use with a partner, ergonomic, fits in the palm of your hand, quiet
May not be strong enough for every user
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I have owned numerous Laya Spot vibrators. It's the only vibrator I keep replacing, over and over again. Not that they break quickly. Nope. I've owned five of them now and only one ever broke. It's that I keep giving the bloody things away! Twice now I have had friends give me a pouty lip and ask if they could have mine.

I? Cannot resist a pouty lip.

So I give them away and get another when I can. Right now I have two in my toybox; a green and pink one and a chocolate and vanilla colored one. I will admit that I am much more fond of the crazy color combinations than the more subtle. Both work exactly the same but I usually grab for the green one just cuz it's so lively looking; festive even!

I have noticed that not every Laya Spot works the same. Of the five Ive owned, one broke quickly and wasn't very strong, one was super strong and the other three have been more moderate in strength. I believe the wimpy and the super one (which I gave away. *sob*!) were flukes. Nothing in the world is manufactured perfectly, there is always room for a bit of error. A bad motor, a weird bit on the elastomed, harder to push buttons. But, in general, the Laya Spot is a solid vibrator that is pretty consistent in appearance, strength and durability.

The Laya Spot is an ergonomic clitoral stimulator. This means it is shaped to fit your body, to cup and hug the vulva while fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. It runs on two AAA batteries which insert easily into the body of the toy via a twist off cap on one end. The other end is a bit broader, wider and quite rounded so it gives you plenty of area to stimulate your clit and labia. It is not pointy or pin point but the motor - which is moderately strong - is situated right in this end so the vibrations travel directly where you want them.

The Laya Spot is made from elastomed, which is a very body safe material. It's non porous, phthalate free and, in the case of the Laya Spot, quite firm. It feels very much, to me, like plastic, only a bit more rubbery to the touch. The LS has no flex or give to it, no plushness. It is rigid and excellent for those who like to use pressure against their clit, since it won't flex away from the pressure.

Elastomed can be cleaned with soap and water - and the Laya Spot is water resistant, so no worries about getting it wet while cleaning and you can even take it in the shower, though I'd not recommend full submersion. You can also use a mild bleach solution to clean it and I have, many times.

You control vibrations on the Laya Spot by using the two buttons embedded into the top of the vibrator. A plus symbol turns it on and ups the vibes, a minus symbol lowers the vibes and turns it off. Pressing and holding the plus symbol once you've reached the highest level of steady vibration - there are seven or eight, hard to tell - starts patterns of vibration. These patterns are simple and basic; a slow, medium and fast pulsing. The buttons are softer to the touch than the rest of the toy and are backlit by a red light, so it's easy to feel and see them in the dark.

You can use any lube you like with the Laya Spot, if you need lube at all. Since it's not made to really be inserted or thrusted, I usually don't use any or, if I do, it's a very small bit of silicone lube to give it a little glide, a little less drag. The material is slightly matte which gives you a nice friction against the skin, a little tug that feels good but, again, can be alleviated with some lube if you desire.

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My favorite thing about the Laya Spot, and what keeps me getting more of them when I give the damned things away, is how easy it is to use during partner sex. It's strong enough to do the job and small enough to fit between two bodies well, unless you're really pressed tightly together. It depends on the positions you enjoy but it does work well with most. The Laya is a mere 4 inches long, 3 inches wide and 4.5 inches around. It really is palm sized and fits as comfortably in the hand as a computer mouse, making it so easy to direct and press and rub with. It's also fairly quiet so it doesn't disrupt you or your partner with a lot of loud buzzing. It can be heard, just barely, under the covers but certainly not thru a closed door.

It's not the most powerful vibe I own but it is certainly one I get a lot of use from and one that I really enjoy looking at. It is... fun!
Follow-up commentary
The Layaspot has become a bit less popular than it was a few years ago when I started reviewing. Newer, fancier clit vibes have come out and seem to be the ones everyone looks at, oohs over, ahhhs over.

The Layaspot, however, remains one of the best, despite her having lost some of her new shine.

She's dependable, strong, long lasting - the one you can turn to when some of the others fail.

I will never be without a Layaspot.
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