Speeding bullets armor piercing - bullet vibrator by Evolved Novelties - reviews

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Speeding bullets armor piercing reviews

41 reviews
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41 reviews

This is just about the best bullet vibrator on the market. It is surprisingly affordable with strong vibrations and five exciting speeds and pulsation patterns. This is a fabulous toy that should be in everybody's toybox!

I adore evolved, but with this purchase I was blown away. It's small yet still easy to hold, and it has more power then many of the bullets I already own. Even better, it has the small details that really sell me on a toy. The plastic has a silky, velvety coating that feels fantastic to the touch. If you don't mind paying for watch batteries then this toy is basically perfect.

This is a quiet; medium powerful bullet. It does go through batteries fast but cleanup and storage are a breeze. Great beginners bullet.

The Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing, although the name sounds a little funky, is actually a very good vibrator. It has been able to induce very quick and powerful orgasms, so it is definitely a "speeding bullet" in more ways than one.

At less than $20, this little vibe is worth it for clitoral stimulation. It is small and discreet and packs a nice punch for its size.

Search for 'bullet vibes', and there's no doubt that you will be knee deep in the same ol' same ol' in no time. They're a dime a dozen and none really stand out from the ones that came before it. Evolved really tried here by adding multiple vibe pulsations, but at the end of the night it still leaves you wanting the good solid thudding from your go to vibrator. So save up your money and get a traditional vibe.

For a first-timer in using bullets, this one does its job extremely well. I was blown away by the intensity of the vibrations such a little toy can provide. It's a fantastic starter bullet, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to add a little spice to their bedroom fun. Just watch out for those batteries.

The Speeding Bullet is a cute little bullet that tapers down to a rounded tip making it perfect for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. It has 5 different settings all of which are pleasing. It packs a lot of power for such a tiny little thing! It was just enough to bring me to orgasm purely by clitoral stimulation. It's great for all users but may be too intense for the really sensitive girls.

I am a fan of bullets, and this one seemed nice, but the pros do not out way the fact the batteries die very, very fast.

The bullet is a nice one and one of the best I've owned, but the too buzzy vibrations need to be slightly deeper for me. It makes a great teaser toy and can be used in so many situations due to the small size and ease of use. With a nice variety of patterns to choose from though, it's always a fun experience!

A reasonably priced clitoral vibrator that's great for beginners and couples. It's small, discreet, waterproof, and compatible with all lubricants. However for some it may be slightly too loud and not have enough power to those who need stronger vibrations.

This is an excellent first toy, or a great staple to any toy collection. Just keep its batteries well stocked and keep it away from water and you'll find a toy with great settings you'll always want to keep in your purse.

The armor bullet by evolved was a depressing adventure. I normally love evolved, but for this one item, I have to sake a finger at them. They let me down big time. It may work for some people but, it was a massive flop for me. Itis tiny and perfect for traveling, and is waterproof. I just wish I could shake the creator and ask "What were you thinking?" It is perfect for a one-time roll in the hay, not something I would use over and again.

This bullet is one of the best I have ever come across. Not only is it powerful, tiny, and multi-functional, but it is also very discreet in sound and appearance. If you're looking for a great wireless bullet that isn't full of buzz like all the others, the Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing is worth considering.

Honestly, I don't think this is worth it. Spend an extra $10 and get something better. This is a promising toy, but it's not worth it for something you're going to have to change the batteries in every 10 minutes.

After searching low and high for the perfect bullet I belove I found it! The Speeding Bullet has made it into my permanent rotation. Using it for masturbation, sex and travel it has yet to disappoint me. If you too are looking for something discreet, powerful and quiet look no further then here.

I definitely think this toy is worth the price, but be prepared to buy more batteries not long after you start using it.

I think this little bullet is so neat! I love how it looks and feels, and I love the different speeds and the pulsations. It's pretty strong for a tiny bullet but not quite strong enough for me personally. It gets me right to the edge of orgasm, but I just can't unless I'm extremely sensitive and turned on before I use it. It's cool though! I'd recommend it to beginners or anyone that's curious about it. The vibrations leave me wanting more though.

This product is not very exciting unless you love making yourself mad. It takes up way too much effort to acheive the all time orgasm.

The Speeding Bullet Armor Piercing bullet is a high-speed, multi-function mini machine. It provides intense vibrations, which are packed into its 2 1/2 inch body. Its velvety, nonporous surface makes it pleasurable and sanitary.

This bullet really wowed me. I did not expect there to be such great modes or power for a bullet. It is sleek and sexy too! The packaging is cute and comes with an extra set of batteries. Don't waste your time with cheaper, traditional bullets. This one is worth the higher price.

This is, by far, the cutest little toy I own. Yet with all this cuteness it packs a punch that will surely have you wanting to keep it within reach at all times.

Mine broke soon after purchase because of what I assume is a manufacturing mistake. My experience may be different than yours - I loved it before it broke, as it's cheap and does a lovely job. All in all, I'm giving it three stars. Had it not broken, I'd give it four or five stars. It was worth it for what I did get out of it, I think!

The Evolved Speeding Bullet is definitely worth it! It's inexpensive, small, and powerful. It has multiple uses and can be used with a partner, solo, and with other toys, too. You really can't lose with this little baby!

I absolutely love the Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing Bullet. It is the strongest bullet I have ever tried, and the patterns are awesome. I won't guarantee you will have an orgasm, but using this little wonder guarantees that I have them!

Powerful enough to lead to slip and slide. But then it slides away. Super cute but to small to hold on too.

I would say that this is perfect for first time toy buyers. It is also nice if you have people you live with that you don't want to "bug" with your toys.

The Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing bullet is definitely worth every penny of its modest price. It's definitely piercing my armor, with its powerful vibrations, five functions, and a wonderful tapered shape that fits spectacularly around my clitoris. It has earned a special place in my heart, and panties.

I love my Speeding Bullet! Once again I find myself in love with an Evolved product. The speeding bullet is well made and it might just be the most intense vibrating bullet that I've tried. The few cons (no "low" setting and the somewhat pointy edge of the battery cap) are so minor that I still give this 5 stars, and if I could I'd give it 6.

All over amazing toy and very strong. Didn't last long but would buy again because of the price and how wonderful it did vibe when it worked.

It was fun to get me hot, but not to really give me that earth shattering orgasm. I felt it needed maybe a better motor.

Will not break the bank. Vibrations seems to be at the right speed and vigor. If you are thinking of buying a toy that can travel well or just be discreet but also be able to pack a punch I would highly recommend this toy.

This vibe is something that I always remember to pack with me on trips. Though I wouldn't want to use her in a public restroom or a bathroom with thin walls or doors--she's too loud for that! Her strong vibrations, great size, and feel are really a plus, despite the noise.

You really can't go wrong with this vibrator for the price. It's a great addition, especially if you are on a budget or aren't ready to drop big money on a fancier vibrator. You do not want to compromise for a less safe material or something that will break quickly. This is perfect for this price range; safe, reliable, simple, powerful.

This item gets me there every time, even if it skips a cycle once in a while. It is definitely worth it for the price and I think it would be a good introduction to sex toys/vibes if your partner is new to the experience. Plus, it's really cute!

All in all, for the price and power, the Speeding Bullet is a good purchase. I have had multiple orgasms from this little vibe and plan to have many more. However, if you want a toy that will let you switch modes fluidly without a stop in the action, or something that is entirely waterproof I may head in another direction. For a beginner, this vibe is very nice, and its non intimidating looks and packaging could make it a great gift for friends!

This is the cutest, strongest, little bullet I've ever tried. The colors are vibrant, the texture is velvety, and it has 5 different functions.

The Armor Piercing Bullet is small in size but don't let that fool you! It packs a big punch with five different levels of vibration that hit all the right spots. It's cute in size and shape and comes in several pretty colors. It's discreet, inexpensive, powerful for it's size and a lot of fun to play with. Great for solo play or for teasing and playing with another person.

The Armor Piercing Bullet is a discreet little powerhouse with five functions that are super easy to use, packed in a tiny portable body that comes at a low price. It's also very, very quiet, making it nice for use in any situation. Beginner or advanced, it's sure to please the majority.

Speeding Bullets is a line of bullet vibrators designed by Evolved, all models packing an intense punch for their small size. Armor Piercing is one of these models, with a pointed head that tapers onto a thin shaft and a larger base. It is a normal-sized bullet, but don't let its size fool you—it's a powerful little thing that has the capability of giving great orgasms. It has five functions, three of which are varying pulsations, that will leave your knees weak and leave you satisfied.

The Armor Piercing Bullet from Evolved Novelties is a powerhouse of vibrating ecstasy in a small, discreet, convenient toy. Because it has easy to use controls and strong vibrations, this toy would be ideal for a beginner to sex toys as well as the experienced buyer. Also because it's waterproof and made from non-porous and phthalates-free material, I would recommended this toy to anyone looking for a good bullet vibrator.

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