Simple question, in a private poll.

Adnerbmw Adnerbmw
it even has sex in the name "oral SEX" yes it is sex
libbyv libbyv
Originally posted by Beck
After reading something, where a women said that she only counted her male partners, but had sex with women also. I got to thinking, clearly this women only considers sex as sex and oral is not sex. So I searched the forum and could not find this ...
oral sex is sex!
Jenny Swallows Jenny Swallows
Im sitting here with a mouthful of semen. He's lying back with a silly grin saying "fuck, that was wonderful.". His balls are empty and he won't be getting his dick hard again for however long. But no, that wasn't sex. We were just playing checkers.

Better question... Does it count as a swimsuit if you only wear it when you're paddling?
Rokmai Rokmai
I am on the conservative side; I consider sex to be anything I would call cheating if my girlfriend did it. So, yeah, oral sex is sex. It's in the name.
Bme Bme
It is sex. Why it is called oral sex.
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