Devoted Slave

A friend invited me to go to a party with her. I didn't know anyone else going, but decided to tag along. We arrived at a very large house, and wandered around a bit before I settled on the couch in the living room.

This absolutely gorgeous woman, in a leather skirt and matching bustier, sits down next to me. We introduce ourselves and chit chat for a bit. She places her hand on my knee and leans in. She whispers in my ear, "I want you to go upstairs to the second door on the right. Take all your clothes off and place them in the box on the bed. Beside the box are some toys. I want you to explain to me how much you want to be my slave, through the application of those toys."

I pulled back from her and stared into her eyes. The look of absolute certainty and control she gave me knocked out any resistance I had. My eyes dropped. She said one word, "GO", and I did. I got up and found the stairs, my heart was racing a mile a minute, and I was sure everyone in the house could hear it. I climbed the stairs with my mind in a whirl.

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I found the room and walked in. There were candles illuminating the bed and a single straight back chair beside it. I quickly removed my clothes and folded them neatly in the box. She hadn't been explicit in the instructions, but I knew she meant everything, so I took off all my jewelry and placed it all in the box and closed it. The metal box lid clicked shut with a resounding finality. I didn't have the key, so I couldn't get my clothes back.

I looked at the toys laid out. First I buckled a pair of cuffs around my ankles, then another pair around my wrists. I cinched a matching leather belt around my waist and locked it in place.  Next, I placed a collar around my neck, then added a ball gag. I grabbed the blindfold, but didn't put it on yet. I sat down in the chair and locked each ankle to a chair leg. I then locked the waist belt to the back of the chair. I placed the blindfold on my head, but not over my eyes. I locked one wrist to the arm of the chair, pulled down the blindfold and then, with difficulty, managed to get the other wrist locked in place. I was now completely helpless and at the mercy of my new mistress. I waited...

What seemed like an hour later I heard the door open, someone came in and shoved a vibrator deep in my vagina and turned it on. Then they left. The combination of the restraints, the complete surrender of control, and the vibrator had me cumming in mere minutes. I moaned and screamed behind the gag, as wave after wave of pleasure shook my body. My vagina convulsed around the vibrator, but it continued relentlessly. I lost count of how many times I came before she came to claim me.

I have been her devoted slave from that point forward...

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