Liberator Thoe Absorbant?

Liberator Thoe Absorbant?

Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
Hello, I was wondering if anyone who has one of the Throes could tell me if the fluids stay on top of the fabric or are they absorbed and held.

I was looking for something that would absorb but not leak through the otherside.

If it does not absorb, does the liquid or fluids run off when you move the throe?

Thanks so much,
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Positwist Positwist
Yes and no. The throes will absorb the fluids, but it takes a few seconds (maybe 10 seconds? it's slower than you'd expect).

I think there's a video on one of the throe pages that shows how they absorb, if you wanna go to poke around and find that.
Ansley Ansley
From reading the reviews, I can see that it does both. If you use fabric softener on the material, the fabric will have a film over it and be less absorbent than if you'd just washed it with a cup of vinegar and a really light detergent.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Stormy is right. It depends on how you wash them (with or without softener) and the liquid involved. We don't challenge them in terms of a lot of fluids - but we've found that they work great for the fluids that we generate during our sex play.
Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
Thank you so much everyone! I read sevreal reviews and was kind of confused about it.

Great info Stormy. I'll be sure to remember that when I was mine. I"m so going to order one today!

@Gunsmoke; That is exactly what I was wondering without really coming out and saying it.

For some reason I feel more comftorble revieling stuff in my reviews; but in here i get so worried about what I say and how I word it. Silly I guess.

I am learning more and more about squirting and from what it seems so far maybe i can produce an extra abunt amount of fluid numerouse times in one night. We were worried that when we get done playing the fluid would just run off and get on the bed anyways. Or be a hassel.

I'm definatly getting one after reading everyones comments. HUGS, thanks so much for the help.
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