Other colors for toys not appearing?

Contributor: ShadowedSeductress ShadowedSeductress
I have noticed lately that the product page for a toy will only show 1 or 2 colors available when I know it has 3 or so.

Example the O2 Max by Tantus is usually available in the cream showed in the link, black, and cocoa. Right now it only shows cream and not just out of stock for the other colors. Just last night the black was there.

Also, the We-Vibe Tango is usually available in rose, blue, and purple, but the purple isn't showing up at all on the main page, almost like it doesn't exist on the site anymore.

Is this a new thing or something? Or is Eden just getting rid of things slowly?

When I click on a Max review, in the left sidebar it says out of stock for the other colors even though they aren't there at all for the main product page.

Does anyone have any idea what this is? I'm sincerely hoping it's just something new and not Eden getting rid of it and others I have seen.
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Contributor: Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
I noticed that too! I was thinking that they're possibly discontinuing some colors/variations of certain items but I really hope I'm wrong.
Contributor: Gone (LD29) Gone (LD29)
I'm not sure what it means, but I've noticed this on a few products too.
Contributor: Zombirella Zombirella
I don't know why it's happening, but I think it is because they are out of stock in that color. Though I could be wrong, considering some product pages still show all the colors even if they're out.
Contributor: eri86 eri86
I'm thinking it might just be their new way of showing things as out of stock.

I bought added a dildo my basket, checked out right away, and then when I looked back at the dildo's page, the color I had just purchased was no longer showing up.

I must have grabbed the last one they had in stock.
Contributor: Ningyo Ningyo
I had noticed this as well. I thought it was a glitch or something...
Contributor: FieryRed FieryRed
Same here--I noticed this on the Sensua Suede flogger from Lelo. I want the purple, and I know it also comes in black, but the page is only showing the red.