How do you tell the difference between urine and female ejaculate?

How do you tell the difference between urine and female ejaculate?

Lulia Lulia
As far I as know, I've never had a g-spot orgasm or squirted. Today I having a self-love session with my first g-spot toy, the swirled glass dildo by Don Wands. I didn't feel anything particularly impressive and the orgasm I had felt like your run of the mill clit orgasm from the bullet I was using. When I was finished, I noticed a small puddle on my desk chair. It doesn't smell like urine, but everybody describes squirting and g-spot orgasms as fireworks and the best thing EVAR.

Is it possible I just got to relaxed and peed a little or did I squirt? How different do g-spot orgasms feel from clit orgasms?

Apologies for the newbie question and if TMI, but I honestly have no idea.
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Ghost Ghost
Simple: If it smells like pee, it's pee. Ejaculate is somewhat thicker and should be tasteless and odorless. Sometimes one or the other comes out, sometimes both.
Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
Ejaculate smells slightly sweet and is clear. Word of advice is to always pee before you get to playing.
Beck Beck
Smell it and taste it. If it smells like pee or is extremely salty tasting that is pee. My ejaculation smells similar to my vaginal juices and taste sweet, but salty too.

When I get a G-spot orgasm my vaginal walls contract/spasm. When I have a simple clitoral orgasm just my clit throbs. However, I can squirt from clitoral stimulation alone. I have an easier time squirting compared to most women.
Double Analysis Double Analysis
Yep, exactly, smell. I find my cum smells sweet, sort of like waffles, which makes sense. I usually have a pretty sizable puddle going on, even before I finish.
Lulia Lulia
Thanks so much for everyone's responses! It smelled sweet and I really didn't feel comfortable tasting, but I haven't be able to recreate it, so I guess that's all the fun, right?

Waffle smelling cum? That's awesome.
prettynpink prettynpink
I thought mine was pee the first time too! lol
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