Is your current partner The Right One for you, or are you dreaming of another person?

Contributor: Chatter Chatter
We cannot know the future, but do you have such a feeling now that your current partner in love relationship is "The Right One" for you, with whom it will be good to live probably the rest of your life?

Or do you have some specific person in mind, who would be a more suitable "The Right One" for you than your current partner, and who you are secretly dreaming of, to be in a love relationship with this other person? (In that case: what in this other person is assumed to be better than in your current partner?)

Is your current love relationship dating, cohabiting, or marriage?
Jan 5, 4:49 am
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Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
We are definitely right for each other. That said after so many years of marriage having fantasies that we won’t act upon is a spice of life.
Jan 9, 6:25 pm