If you had just one wish this holiday season...

If you had just one wish this holiday season...

spiced spiced
I just ran across this gem from years ago: link

It got me thinking... if you could have your favorite sex toy company custom-make any toy would wanted, just for you, what you you wish for?

And since it's almost Christmas, you can also talk about any other wish you might have. You're welcome.
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spiced spiced
Well..OK, I'll go first.

I'd have Vixen Creations make a Vixskin dildo just a little bigger than Johnny, with the same curve, 360° balls and a harness mount like the Goodfella, so the balls sit outside the harness. In caramel, please!

If I can't have that, I'll go for Peace on Earth.
My sex toy wish would be for a double-ended Vixskin toy.

My everything-else wish would be the usual peace on Earth. It's needed pretty bad right now.
spiced spiced
Yeah, Peace on Earth is always the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it?

A double-ended Vixskin toy would be awesome! Realistic?
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Well winning the lottery would be nice and solve about 90% of our current problems...but Santa must have heard me last night when I was walking the dog because I had been mulling over how it just isn't a proper Christmas without a bit of snow on the ground.

...and when I wake up? Yup, snow, a good inch at least so far. c:
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