Most Unusual Items You've Used Anally

Contributor: assman1953 assman1953
Been fucking my ass for abt 35 yrs. and have used lots of unusual items anally! It's fun to see something cylindrical and wonder if I can fit it in my ass & how it would feel!

My very first anal toy was a plastic wiffle ball bat that I sawed down to 10". Have also used anally:

an aluminum Little League BB bat (still have it);

a 12 oz. beer bottle (upside down);

a 30 oz. plastic, round shampoo bottle (also upside down);

a leg of a foldable hotel luggage stand (the kind that are straight for about 6 inches and then bend at abt 45 degrees);

the handles of a toilet plunger and a brush;

the long handles of screwdrivers and hammers;

the 3" post with a little round top that looks like a chess pawn & sticks up at the top of the side of a wooden chair;

but the most satisfying unusual item I"ve used anally is the 9.5" rubbercoated and ridged handle of a rubber mallet. The ridges feel delicious as I slide the handle up my ass to get all 9.5" in. I can even walk around with the mallet in my ass hands free cuz the ridges keep it in place securely. Have had many explosive an explosive cum with the mallet!

Has anyone else used an unusual item or items for anal pleasure? Hope so or guess I'm just an anal freak, LOL!
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Contributor: andrewg andrewg
This was an absolute pleasure of a read. Love the creativity and excitement.

Although it may not be the strangest, a post I made on another topic seems rather fitting here:

"My first vibrator was one I made out of the dual shock motor with a offset weight I pulled out of a ps2 gaming controller and secured into a cylindrical toothbrush holder, then wired up to a usb cable. My age way back then didn't exactly afford me the luxury of purchasing one online. Let's just say I have certainly made up for the time lost with this site. "

It didn't look the strangest, as after fabrication it.looked very similar to a classic vibe, however the thought and effort that went into it especially at the age I was then makes it particularly unique of a memory for me

I have mostly stopped with the use of anything beside dedicated and body safe sex toys nowadays, but way back when I can say i have used:

-a large armenian cucumber (covered by sock and condom)
-a stainless steel chinese meditation ball attached to rope (think a jingling ben-wa ball)
-a wooden penis I whittled (sanded, in condom)
-hairbrush handle
-waterbottle (16.9oz)

...and more!

That being said, although I had my fair share of anal exploration, I'm context with dildos now. Huge variety, multitude of sizes, and all body safe.

EdenFantasys has been a source of many .
Contributor: assman1953 assman1953
Thanks, andrewg, glad you enjoyed my post!

Wish I was as mechanicaly inclined as you! Could open up lots more possibilities for unusual anal toys, LOL!

I have also used a cylindrical travel toothbrush holder as an anal toy, although just in its nonmechanized state!

An Armenian cucumber sounds intriguing, just might have to go grocery shopping, LOL!

Always wanted to try my hand at whittling, wish I had now!

Using unusual items for anal play does add a little excitement, pizzazz and sense of naughtiness to the endeavor! Would strongly recommend to all anal players to use your imaginations!
Contributor: CuriousFun CuriousFun
I've never put anything especially unusual up my own butt, but when I was with my ex, we used on him the neck of a wine bottle, a beer bottle, a zucchini, and one of those yellow summer squashes up his bum, haha. The veggies were covered in condoms to avoid any unpleasantness from those little hairs they tend to have. In hindsight, none of those were especially safe to use as anal toys, but thankfully nothing bad happened (and eventually we invested in some actual sex toys for him so we didn't have to put tomorrow's dinner up his ass whenever my finger wasn't enough for him, haha).

Just remember to be safe while being adventurous! Nobody wants to have to go to the ER and have to try to convince the medical staff that they "accidentally sat on" a cucumber.
Contributor: ToyLover99 ToyLover99
I once used a golf club I put a condom on it first though. I did it on webcam for some random guy on the internet. When I was younger and just starting to explore the ecstasy of anal play I used quite a few different things, including but not limited to a condom wrapped hotdog and a sausage only used the condom so it didn’t break off inside. Also tried using everything that I thought might fit. Maybe that’s what made me like bottoming more than straight sex. Don’t get me wrong I love both of them.
Contributor: Shark09 Shark09
I've used quite a bit of different things, like a baseball bat, glass and plastic bottles, bowling pin, billiard balls, round rocks, fruits and vegetables, street cone, pool stick and a baseball.