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Icicles No. 24 reviews

54 reviews
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54 reviews

This unique creation isn't for everybody, but it is a worthwhile addition to any collection if you're looking for something outside of the norm. In addition to the design you don't see every day, it can be used multiple ways.

This must-have toy is an excellent addition to the discerning sex toy collector. Tentacle toys, tongue-shaped toys, and extremely textured toys are relatively rare, even today. Although it is not perfect, it has a lot of offer and is very pleasurable. I highly recommend giving this unique dildo a try.

Icicles 24 is a gorgeous glass piece that will add variety to any glass collection. This unique toy is whimsical and made of body-safe glass. This tentacle is versatile, the different textures are great for G and P spot stimulation and all over body massage.

I had to have this item as soon as I saw it. I went on to browse other temperature play toys, but kept coming back to this until I finally put it in my cart. I was not disappointed when I received it. I spend far more time just looking at it than I do using it, but I enjoy it nonetheless and would buy more creatively-styled toys. I really am very pleased with my tentacle-tongue.

I really do adore everything about this toy. It is relatively easy to take care of and it feels amazing. Combined with all the fun of imagining that it's part of some real tentacled monster, this means that this dildo has never failed to please. It works fantastically for g-spot stimulation, and I find the intense textures to be particularly enjoyable. In my perfect universe it would be a few sizes larger, but regardless, it is a fantastically pleasurable toy.

This beautiful icicle is seriously beautiful, and amazingly textured. I love how this toy can be warmed up in some warm water before play. This dildo is also perfect with any sort of lubricant. And not only is this toy great for getting off, it's great for back massages too!

At $30+ for this toy, I cannot say it is worth it at all. If you're a really advanced user, or you happen really really enjoy tentacle shaped things, this might come in handy. If this slipped and broke/chipped, I wouldn't bother to replace it.

From her: I cannot say enough about how much I love this toy. It is unquestionably the favorite out of all the dildos in my toybox. From him: You don't have to be a Fisherman's Wife to enjoy this treat from the sea!

Are you in search of a new toy experience? Do you love tentacles and tongues? Are you a fan of temperature play? Both thrilling in bed and visually stunning, this sleek, hand-blown glass massager from Pipedream is a nautical novelty you're sure to love.

This Icicle is fantastic for anyone who wants to experiment with glass or texture. The different textures on both sides offer two very different, pleasing sensations.

If you want a toy that stands out, gets you off quickly, or looks like a paperweight that you can leave out ALL the time, buy it. If you're tough on toys or drop them a lot, avoid this one, since it may chip easily.

Overall, great for external use on genitals and other body parts. Not ideal for penetrative use, unless you desire lots of texture (the bumps and ridges). The design is novel, but not very practical. I personally feel like there are many other toys I would rather use over this one.

This item is worth its cost. It is a G-spot's best friend, takes water, temperature and although not all do like its hardness gives an intense experience. This toy can be your best friend and give you the orgasm you dream about but it can give you several orgasms in an intensity you never ever imagined.

This toy is definitely worthy of your collection and a must have. Intense orgasms await you. Be prepared to have to change your sheets!

Unique in both visuals and sensations, this gorgeous toy provides a very singular experience. Despite the dimensions, it feels absolutely significant when inserted thanks to the high level of texturing, and it's a total dream for temperature play.

For those with a taste for aquatic type toys, this is definitely a buy. It has nothing mind-blowing about it but is definitely an interesting change of pace. It's not a regretful buy but nothing to bust down the doors for either.

For many people, this toy will absolutely blow their minds. Its beautiful exterior, the smooth, pale pink glass, the exotic design, and the intense sensations make this an incredible toy- it verges on a work of art! However, for those that prefer longer toys or G-spot toys, this toy is NOT going to hit the spot. It's great for teasing, but chances are pretty good that it's not going to get enough into you to give you an orgasm when you need one.

The artist who designed the Icicles No. 24 deserves kudos not only for creating a visually pleasing toy, but also for sculpting this artistic little octopus arm into such a functional shape. While it performs a wide variety of functions quite well, its specialty can produce an intense, hands free g-spot orgasm with surprisingly little effort from the lucky user.

The squids penis with pimples is one of those toys you first recoil in horror from, but then you look at it again, then again, then again. And then? You have to find a way to get it. It is just so intriguing. It is a fantastically and uniquely designed sex toy with oodles of texture that can be used to massage you from the inside out or the outside in.

If you're looking for a whole new adventure with texture, then grab the Icicles No. 24! This little tentacle looking glass wand is great for texture lovers and is covered in raised nubs on top with veins on the bottom. The loop handle makes it easy to hold on to. You can thrust with this, use it for g-spotting and also get clitoral stimulation from it. Use it for a body massage if you want. Only the cautious and experienced should attempt it anally.

It's a fun toy that is exciting to use. It is very versatile and can be used in many different ways; perfect for the texture lover. It could probably be used by beginners or with just a little warming up to it. Also, the cute design could probably pass off as room decoration, especially if you leave it somewhere where natural light can hit it.

Texture and glass, what a combination! Temperature play and lots of stimulation to the nerve endings is what the #24 offers. While it's looks are slightly out of this world don't hold that against it because it loves to play and is actually very sweet! Glass lovers will want to display this most unusual piece shamelessly if they can get it out of the bedroom.

This toy is beautiful, and feels amazing to use. It does have a lot of texture though, so if you don't like that a lot then this might not be the toy for you. I personally think tat the texture really adds a lot of stimulation. I'm extremely pleased with the quality of this toy.

The Icicles No. 24 is a gorgeous glass toy with loads of unique textures, and much potential for everything from temperature play to body massage to traditional stimulation. It's a great introductory glass toy with amazing artistic style that looks almost organic.

The interesting shape makes this toy less intimidating than its size would suggest and the texture is very stimulating even without much motion or effort.

Icicles No. 24, or as I call it, "The Tentacle" is an amazing and whimsical glass toy with extreme texture, firm material, and multiple ways to use! Each side provides a different sensation, and when combined with temperature play and different motions, the possibilities are limitless. Most people will find a way to use this toy that brings them oodles of pleasure!

This tentacle is a great addition to any sex toy lover's treasure trove. The bumps and ridges give waves of pleasure as they are passed over the skin and the unique design of the dildo makes it perfect to reach those 'hard to hit' places. The tentacle may be silent, but I was far from it as each bump and ridge caressed my pleasure spots. Easy to clean, endless uses and decorative too ...what more could you ask for!

If you've had a toy or two and are looking for something a bit more intense, this is a lovely step up. It's got a multitude of possible uses and sensations to play with, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain. This, however, may not be a good first-timer toy.

I really can't think of anything negative about this toy. From the execution of the design to the practical use of the toy it's fabulous.

Number 24 is a very interesting and different kind of dildo. It's straight out of Japanese hentai, and it will take you for ride unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

An overload of texture on a beautiful glass piece; while the texture may work well for some, it was dangerously unpleasant for me. There is a thrill I get knowing I have a glass tentacle dildo, though, despite its failings.

I honestly bought this toy because I thought it was pretty, but I am glad I did. It gets me off in ways I never even knew about before! I just can't say anything bad about this glass devil.

The Icicles No. 24 is an amazingly versatile, all-in-one dildo. It's uses are limited to your imagination. It's really broad so it may be too large for some but it has a curved handle that's easy to hold onto and has multiple different textures that make up for it's larger size.

This toy is lovely to behold and has an amazing trick to play on a clitoris. For hentai, cephalopod fans and those who are not, Icicles No. 24 is unusual and great fun.

This toy is super fun. I recommend it for anyone who has any interest in tentacle-based play, but as a penis-shaped toy it falls short. If that's what you're looking for get something else.

This is my favorite toy out of all the ones I own to date. It's pleasing to look at and so very versatile! Makes a wonderful conversation piece with friends or other interested people.

I applaud Pipedream for their presentation, creativity and quality, but I do not like the actual toy. For use as a massager it is lacking in features. For internal use, it's too hard and too inflexible for my enjoyment.

Can be hot, cold or room temp and is SILENT! Artfully designed glass dildo that really made me cum! Guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. Not the best glass dildo for those who never tried it before. Texture is INTENSE and might be too much so for some. I believe it's likeness to a tentacle might throw some customers off or away, but it is a fantastic dildo regardless.

Just another example of the greatness of the Icicles line. A great addition to any glass collection. Has lots to offer and multiple textures for added stimulation.

The Icicles No. 24 is a unique glass dildo that offers a lot of texture throughout the entire toy. It can be used for internal and external stimulation to provide some very intense sensations that are different from most glass toys. Looking for something different to add to your glass collection? Try this one!

If you want a positive glass dildo experience, it might be worth going for a more simple design with a heavier, higher quality glass.

The alluring beauty is clearly evident, so it will probably be the texture on this one that will be your dealbreaker. If you do love that extra strong feel and tickle while something plays with your pleasure senses, this one is an amazing toy! – But it is a lot of rigid, unyielding texture though, - so if you are a sensitive lass where it matters, it might be a bit too much. The loop gives you a brilliant handle for perfect control, and enough length to reach any G/P-spot.

This is a massager that every glass toy enthusiast should add to their collection. Its design will give you some of the most intense orgasms you have ever gotten from an inanimate object. The shape perfectly fits the vaginal canal, and fits upside down just as comfortably as right-side-up. Perfect for both beginners and advanced toy users, and may be enjoyed by advanced anal toy users.

This multi-textured work of art is very pleasing to both the eye and the vagina when used in a slow sensuous movement. Versatile in function, your mind is its only limitation. So let it run wild and rampant. Highly erotic and highly recommended. Who knew a tentacle could be so sexy?

Perfect fun, beautiful toy, and the great price makes it a good substitute for other high-end toys you might consider (like something from njoy). This toy swiftly became one of my favorite dildos and it will probably outlive me too.

While this isn't a toy that you can be rough with, the Tentacle's double row of nubs provides surprisingly excellent G-spot stimulation anyway. This toy can be used in a variety of ways - nubs up, nubs down or as an all-over body massager. Or leave it in a window and appreciate its beauty because really - its one of the nicest looking toys around.

If you have a thing for tentacles, texture, or having a lover fuck you with a toy, this is a great one to go for. The handle, material, and look of this toy make it a fun addition to anyone's bag of tricks. The bumps may be a little rough, but hey, some like it that way!

As soon as a saw it, I wanted to buy this toy. The reaction I got from my partner was clear that I was more excited than she was once we opened the box. Don't let a funky cover to this book let you make a hasty judgement. Three sessions with this toy, and we both agree it will be in the regular rotation.

The Icicles No. 24 is a dildo which could be used by newbies and experienced users alike in ways which serve each well.

It's pretty and unique; it's a total collectors piece! This little tentacle (or tongue) is perfect for clitoral stimulation or fun temperature play on the nipples or scrotum.

Beautifully made, unique inspiration, endless possibilities. This toy has amazing texture, is easily cleaned, can be shared, and stunning enough to put on display. This dildo is worth every penny.

The Icicles No.24 is a unique glass dildo. I had given up on glass dildos until I tried this one. The unique shape and textures bring a lot to this dildo. As a beginner or someone who wants to try something new, I would recommend this whimsical dildo.

Icicles No. 24 is a tactile explosion of a dildo! Fantastic for stimulating the anus, vaginal canal and clitoris. If texture is your thing, it's hard to go wrong with the 24! Those without experience in textured toys may want to look elsewhere.

The Icicles No. 24, whether you think it's an octopus tentacle, serpent's tongue or squid penis, is a blast. It has varied and multiple textures, can be used facing up or down, has a curved handle that is easy to hold onto which also provides clitoral stimulation if angled right and is a temperature/sensation player's dream come true. Moderately girthy this should be okay for most levels of users. Truly a multi-purpose tool that is gorgeous to look at and exquisite to feel.

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