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If you're looking for a whole new adventure with texture, then grab the Icicles No. 24! This little tentacle looking glass wand is great for texture lovers and is covered in raised nubs on top with veins on the bottom. The loop handle makes it easy to hold on to. You can thrust with this, use it for g-spotting and also get clitoral stimulation from it. Use it for a body massage if you want. Only the cautious and experienced should attempt it anally.
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Icicles No. 24 is quite the interesting glass piece by Pipedream. The manufacturer doesn't specifically state exactly what it's supposed to be so that interpretation is all up to us! An octopus or squid tentacle? An alien limb? Sea monster member? Who knows?! One thing that's for sure is there is no other quite like it out there. I think it looks like a tentacle. I had been lusting after this one since I first tried glass 5 months ago but I was SO intimidated by it and kept putting it off. Now, I have it and I've tried and I like it!

With that being said, this glass dildo is better left for those that have experience with glass and/or firm textures. If a newbie tried this out it would probably scare them away from glass forever. It looks pretty intimidating but once I got it out and held it, it didn't seem THAT bad. Experienced users may or may not enjoy this one; it's either a hit or miss and isn't for everyone.

No. 24 is meant to be a vaginal toy but if you are REALLY adventurous, you could try this anally due to the loop end of the handle. The same applies using this anally, do not do it if you're a beginner, go with something more forgiving and less textured. The curved tip could be used for g-spot stimulation and the curled end can provide clitoral stimulation. You could use it as a massager as well by flipping it on its back and massaging your partner's sore muscles with the nubs.

You can play alone or with a partner but I suggest you tell them to take it nice and easy with this one as to not cause much discomfort or bruise your vagina.

This doesn't look like the typical sex toy but I would still keep it hidden with company over due to the questions it would likely get. It isn't a purse toy but could be added to your suitcase or overnight bag.

Material / Texture

Icicles No. 24 is made of Borosilicate glass, which is 100% body safe and rates a 10 on Eden's safety scale. It is also non-porous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.
This glass it thicker than your every day kitchen drinking glass. It isn't going to crush in your hands when washing and is pretty durable. If this should be dropped on a surface and break, it will break into chunks rather than shatter into a million pieces. You do not need to be scared of this break or chipping inside your body as long as you take care of it. The glass is hard, firm and has no give at all. It is sleek and smooth to the touch.

Obviously, this isn't realistic in the sense of looking like a penis but it does look like a realistic sea creature's tentacle.

This guy is covered in texture. It has 34 nubs in two rows of 17 that starts from the tips and goes all the way down into the looped handled. There is an indent straight down the middle between the rows of nubs. The nubs are pronounced enough that you will feel them internally but they aren't painful (to me).

Underneath, you have a sort of veined looking texture that covers just slightly below the middle and stops. This was felt externally but not so much internally (for me) but it may differ depending on how sensitive you are to texture.

Glass is also great for temperature play. The safest ways to heat it up or cool it down are to put it in a sink or bowl of hot or cold water. There are other ways that you can look up but this is the safest and the what I feel comfortable recommending. It will eventually warm up to your body temperature.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is very unique. It looks like it belonged to a sea creature, or perhaps, an alien. Have it be whatever you think/want it to be.

The loop on the end is a great handle to use by slipping a finger or thumb through it. It is slightly curved for g-spot stimulation. The end that starts to curl down into the handle can be used for clitoral stimulation. the texture may be too much on the sensitive g-spot so use caution.

The size looks a bit intimidating on the product page but once I got it out and placed it in my hand I wasn't so "scared" of it anymore. It isn't as wide as I thought it would be. The size is good for any user (though I don't recommend a beginner getting this due to the texture) but size queens may not be satisfied. But if it's the texture you're going for then it should do.

The measurements are:
Length: 6 1/4"
Insertable length: 4 1/2"
Circumference: 4 1/2"
Diameter: 1 1/2"

Here it is place in my hand (which is small/petite):

and compared to the Deep Water G:


If you are looking for a new adventure with texture then this is the route to go. This thing is covered in texture. As I mentioned, I have wanted this for quite some time but have been to scared to get it. After seeing recent reviews I finally made the decision to finally get it and I am not disappointed.

The nubs are pronounced just enough that you can feel them while not being painful. You can hold it with the nubs pointing up and thrust that way, bringing it to a tilt up so the handle part can hit the clitoris for stimulation. You can also use it for g-spot stimulation and tilt it as needed to hit the right spot. You can turn it upside down so the nubs are hitting the bottom of your vagina and the veiny texture stimulates the top of the inner vagina. You can turn it side ways and experience the nubs on one side and the veins on the other!

The glass allows this to glide in and out with ease. You can use lube with it if you choose. I tried silicone thinking it would help things more but instead it made the first time a little crazy because it was slipping all over due to me getting just a tiny bit on the tip of my fingers to rub it in. I prefer using the water based, thicker lube with it. Lube and a lot of natural vaginal lubrication can cause it to turn while using it so you will want to keep a firm grip on the loop.

This wasn't painful for me and I enjoyed the sensation of it, especially when being slow with it as to feel each little row of nubs.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for glass is easy. This toy is dishwasher safe or you can use mild soap and warm water, toy cleaner or wipes. This one requires a little extra care because you will want to get in between and around the nubs, down into the crease down the middle and around the veins underneath.

Store it in a place where it won't get bumped to avoid chipping. The box it comes in is great for storage if you have the room for boxes.


There is nothing discreet about this packaging at all. It is very nice though and I wish I had the room to keep my Icicle's boxes for storage since they don't come with a storage pouch.


I really am glad I finally got the courage up to try this piece out! It did take months of trying out different less textured glass before I got the nerve up. I do think that if I got this as one of my first few toys that it would have turned me off and that is why I don't suggest it to beginners.

It did require extra lubricant for me to be comfortable as well as using a bullet for external stimulation to help me relax. I also found it easier to relax the first time using it with my partner, but only use it with a partner you can trust because of the firmness of the glass and the heavy texture.

The texture is very noticeable but it is a pleasurable sensation and not a painful one. It did feel weird awhile after I used it but it wasn't pain or discomfort, I guess just my body reacting to something so weird and new.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this one, it is full of texture and not for a beginner. It is unique looking and one of the more crazy textured glass toys out there. If you are sure that you like glass AND texture, this is worth a try.
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