Icicles No. 24 - dildo by Pipedream - review by Jul!a

Hot Ice

This unique creation isn't for everybody, but it is a worthwhile addition to any collection if you're looking for something outside of the norm. In addition to the design you don't see every day, it can be used multiple ways.
Unique design and shape, easy to care for, multiple uses
Glass may be too much for some, others may find the design off putting
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Icicles 24 is designed primarily for G-spot stimulation. It's firm and rigid, but also curved slightly and features some wonderful textures that provide extra stimulation both inside and out. It also has what almost seems like a small handle in the form of a curved tail, which would give it some leverage if you wanted to use it anally. If the thought of inserting this textured tentacle into your backdoor seems a little off putting, you can always use it as an aid during a massage. The firm material will really help work out tough knots.

Material / Texture

Like most of the rest of the Icicle series, 24 is made of glass. This makes it, obviously, pretty firm and unforgiving. It's pretty sturdy and may survive a fall off the bed or nightstand, but I would try to avoid testing that theory if you can. Glass also has the added benefit of being completely nonporous. That means that it won't hold onto scents, and you can sterilize it to share it with a partner.

Design / Shape / Size

The design was the biggest thing that drew my eye, and probably many others, to this particular toy. Shaped somewhere between a disembodied tongue and a tentacle, it's definitely a unique addition to any collection. Unique enough, even, that you could probably leave this out and "sex toy" wouldn't be the first thing to come to most people's minds. From end to end it's just under 6" long, with just over 4" being insertible. At its widest point, it's about 1 1/2" across and just over 1" thick.

The end with the tail curves around leaving enough room for you to snake a finger through the opening and use that as a handle for leverage. If you follow that curve across and down the top side, you'll find parallel rows of studs in the glass with a ridge down the center, culminating in a slight upturn at the slightly narrowing tip. Flipping it over to inspect the underside you'll find a series of wishbone shaped veins.

It's a size and shape that should work for most people looking to try it out. The thing to keep in mind with glass though, is that because it's so firm and unforgiving it can feel bigger than it actually is. If you're looking to make your first foray into glass, you may want to start with something a little smaller, but this still isn't a terrible choice for a first impression.


As a decorative paperweight and general display piece, performance is knocked out of the park. It lays around and looks awesome like nobody's business. Both anally and vaginally it provides a firm, full feeling and a small amount of texture. The smoothness of the designs blends everything together from a tactile standpoint so you can tell that it's not just a smooth shaft, but you can't overly pick out too much besides the studs sometimes. The curve makes it great for stimulating either the prostate or the G-spot, assuming yours is in reach, and the smoother underside makes it great for massages.

Another really cool thing about glass is that you can add temperature play to the mix, which can really spice up any aspect of how you choose to use this toy. Be safe about it though; don't go straight for the microwave or the freezer. Instead, gently place it in a bowl of water that's been heated or cooled to the temperature you're looking for. Drop in some ice cubes to really cool things down, or heat up some water. Just make sure that if you boil that water first, you wait for it to cool back down before you start using the toy.

Care and Maintenance

Glass is probably one of the easiest materials to care for, which is another reason why it's so great. You'll probably want to give it a quick wash before your first use with a body safe soap; whatever you use to clean your more delicate toys should work here just fine. If you find you need some extra lube internally (and if you're using it anally you should definitely use some extra lube), you can use anything that's body safe. If you're only using it externally for massages or the like, you can use pretty much anything you like the glide of, just be sure to clean it before you insert it anywhere. Glass can also be cleaned properly to safely share between partners. I, personally, would be leery about boiling it, although you can test that at your own risk. Or you can soak it for a short while in a diluted bleach solution, and then make sure you clean it very thoroughly afterwards.

Instead of just tossing it in a drawer, you may want to wrap it in a small piece of cloth or even get it its own toy bag. It does seem pretty sturdy, but you never know what might happen accidentally.


I've had this toy for years; purchased ages ago when I was more active on the site as something that intrigued me physically and as something that I just really liked looking at. I've used it quite a few times as a vaginal toy over the years and really enjoyed it every time. It's very smooth if I use the right amount of lube, but not overwhelming for myself with the texture. Anally I've experimented once or twice and found the same feeling, but it wasn't as comfortable for me there. That being said, anal is still something I enjoy from time to time, but not regularly.

Even if it had been a huge flop sex wise, it worked well for massages. And to be perfectly honest, even if it had sucked at everything, I personally would have loved it anyway just for the way that it looked. Once upon a time I had wanted to get a large collection of glass toys that looked like not toys and have them on display. I've since given up on that, but I won't be giving up my Icicle anytime soon.
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  • November
    Nice review. I feel the same way about mine pretty much. It's nice to see you back.
  • Jul!a
    Thank you
  • unfulfilled
    I love how it feels during massage as well and just looks neat.
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