Icicles No. 24 - dildo by Pipedream - review by MidnightStorm

He slithered into my heart, but didn't leave me squirming...

For many people, this toy will absolutely blow their minds. Its beautiful exterior, the smooth, pale pink glass, the exotic design, and the intense sensations make this an incredible toy- it verges on a work of art! However, for those that prefer longer toys or G-spot toys, this toy is NOT going to hit the spot. It's great for teasing, but chances are pretty good that it's not going to get enough into you to give you an orgasm when you need one.
Temperature play capable
May be too high-intensity for some
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Icicles No.24 is my first glass toy and I was extremely thrilled to receive it in the mail recently. I had heard some complaints about No. 24 not being "as pink" as it was portrayed in the pictures on Eden, but upon removing mine from its beautiful packaging, I had no complaints about the pale-but-dense pink coloring. All in all, the toy was completely perfect and I was ecstatic that I had finally gotten it.

I should begin by saying that this dildo is just that: a dildo. You may be able to use it as a massage aid, but frankly, the slightly curved shape would make that a little difficult. Even attempting to roll the toy over my own skin was awkward because, after all, this toy is made to go inside you. No. 24 could be used anally, but due to the intensity of the nubs and hardness of the glass, it would not be a toy for the anally-faint-of-heart. I don't quite fall in to that category, so I did not try out No. 24 anally! Although I have not yet had a chance to try it out yet either, the toy can also be used for temperature play. Because of the properties of glass, it can easily be put in a freezer or warm water before use to heat up or cool down the toy to more extreme levels than a toy of another material, (such as silicone).

In the end, No. 24's main dream in life is simply to be a dildo. It focuses on intensity of texture rather than vibrations, size, or even G-spot hitting curves. Although I suspect the glass is much stronger than it looks, I wouldn't necessarily kick this toy around, but because it lacks in vibration, it would likely survive very nicely wedged between a few pairs of pants or skirts in a suitcase without alerting anyone you were toting around one very lovely sex toy. Likewise, again because it does not vibrate, it is 100% waterproof and can be used in any aqueous environment you can imagine!
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
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    • Safe
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Material / Texture

No. 24 was my first glass toy and material-wise, I absolutely LOVE it. I've never had a problem with toys being too hard, so I had little worry about the glass being too unforgiving for me. That being said, this may not be the case with everyone, so keep in mind before picking up an Icicles toy for yourself, that glass has absolutely zero "give" to it. This is not a toy that will curve mercifully to fit your anatomy.

Although I knew that the toy was made of glass upon ordering it, when I found out that Borosilicate Glass is actually Pyrex, I felt much more reassured about the sturdiness of the toy. Pyrex glass is known for being resilient to extreme temperature changes (meaning it can go from extremely cold to extremely hot very quickly without cracking or breaking), being very easy to clean (this is often the type of glass used in laboratories, after all), and being really sturdy. That being said, you will never have to worry about this toy breaking or showing signs of age - as long as you don't drop it off a building, of course. But why would you do that? Be nice to your new friend and it will be nice to you. (Very nice).
    • Bumpy
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The design of No. 24 is a deal-maker and a deal-breaker for some. The first thing you notice about the toy is that it looks much more fantastical than most toys available via companies like Pipedream. To some, it looks like a tentacle, or perhaps some exotic sort of under-sea penis.. In person, the "split" down the center of the toy combined with it's pink color make it look much more like a sort of bumpy, delicious tongue. The "shaft" of the toy is wider than it is tall, which adds to this illusion. It features small, vein-like ridges along the underside of the toy and a number of intense nubs along each side of the ridge that splits its top. Near the base of the toy, the glass tapers to a point which curves around the bottom of the toy to form a pseudo-handle.

Because the texture of this toy is so unforgiving when translated into the hard material of glass, I suspect it was designed to be comfortably small and short, so as to discourage people from bruising themselves in the course of the senseless screwing that will inevitably follow the acquisition of No. 24. In case you didn't take note of the overall usable length of the toy before buying it (like me), allow me to toss in a quick reminder that this toy has usable length of only 4.5 inches. Even with this thing buried in me as far as it will go, it doesn't touch my G-spot enough to satisfy my urge to be "full." Although the measurements of the toy are available on the main page, I measured the toy at its widest point (between bumps) to be at about 4.25 inches. Since it is wider than it is tall, for me that's about 2.5 fingers wide and slightly less than 2 fingers "tall."

Overall, the toy is incredibly beautiful and honestly, I love just looking at it. In use, however, I found the size to be a bit discouraging.
    • Whimsical / artistic


For those that are extremely tight or sensitive, those who find it particularly teasing to have a toy slide in and out of them slowly, or those who want more intensity in a smaller, non-vibrating sex toy, this is likely the perfect solution. This toy is virtually made for those with sensitive openings and between the smooth glass, the nubs and ridges, and the ability for temperature play, this toy has something for everyone in that department.

What this toy does not have, however, is length. With this in mind, if what you are looking for is a lengthy, unique glass toy that will hit your G-spot or cervix (for those who appreciate that), this is NOT the toy for you. This is what I expected from this toy and I found myself a little disappointed. When using the toy, it creates a very intense sensation, that much is sure, but I require length to have a vaginal orgasm and this toy was not an orgasm-inducing toy for me.

Although not everyone may have this problem, another thing I did notice about this toy is that it's a little.. Noisy? Not in the expected way, but if you get to using No. 24 fast/hard while you're very wet (and/or tight), it does make a lot of squelchy noises. This is due to the fact that there is so much texture to the toy and so many small places for air to come in and out of you while using it. This isn't exactly the sexiest sound in the world (although some people may like it), but the toy does generally make up for its noisiness with sensation. If being used slowly, because the toy doesn't vibrate, it's pretty much silent.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Because No. 24 is glass, care and maintenance are a breeze. It does not really collect dust or hair and washing it is as simple as running it under some water and whatever soap suits your body and sex toys best. It can also be wiped down with any kind of sex toy wipe, which is my preferred method of cleaning. Although I should note that it's rather difficult to get into every nook and cranny of the toy with just a wipe, so I would still recommend you actually wash it in the sink every couple of uses.

Although it isn't necessary, I chose to keep mine in the box it came in, as the box is pretty and heavily padded with a thick foam that reassures me my toy is safe.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


At this point in my life, I'm pretty used to sex toys that come in bags or tacky plastic cases, so the packaging for the Icicles No. 24 was a pleasant surprise for me. This isn't to say that the box is discreet by any means - it certainly looks like a sex toy box, but it is classy and beautiful.

The front of the box has a nice picture of the toy in front of a white background on it, as well as the words "Icicles Hand Blown Glass Massager" (which appear on just about every side of the box). The two smaller sides of the rectangular box have the same image on a black background and the back has a closeup of the handle and talks about the sturdiness and safety of the toy, even throwing in that No. 24 is completely dishwasher safe. (Maybe it's just me, but something seems a little strange about tossing my dildo in the dishwasher.)

The front of the box opens to reveal a cutout in the shape of the toy that reveals it nestled inside a piece of thick foam within the box. The "flap" that opens up on the front also reveals the same text which is on the back of the box and a closeup of the "head" of the toy. I love the open-front/flap design of the box and because it looks so classy and is moderately bump-proof, I've chosen to keep No. 24 in its box for storage.


Since I live in a shared room in a college dorm, I don't always have the utmost of privacy.. Waiting the several days until I knew my roommate would be gone in the evening for work nearly killed me with anticipation. I was so excited to try out this toy! I had received several other things along with No. 24, nipple clamps among them, so I spent a little while relaxing and getting myself ready as I tried out the newer additions to my toy box.

When I was finally wet enough, I began by gently teasing myself with the cool glass. I slid the toy in and felt in awe of the sensation of sliding it into my sensitive body. Once the toy was fully in, I began to realize I had a problem, though. I'm the type of girl that has vaginal orgasms, but only from feeling a toy hitting just the right spot deep inside of me.. And this toy was no where near that. I slid it in and out a few times, slowly, teasing myself before attempting to use it a bit more roughly. Once again, it came no where near the spot I needed it to be in. Gently, I shifted positions and tried to see if I could possibly get the toy deep enough by letting go of the handle and pushing it in as far as it would go. The answer was "nope." Thinking perhaps I'd be able to cum from the sensation alone, I tried using the toy more quickly. After all, it wasn't that it wasn't doing anything for me, just that it wasn't doing the right things for me. The sensation built until it was literally too much for me - but no orgasm was in store for me. This toy, it turns out, is completely capable of driving me crazy in the worst possible way, but not of providing any relief from its teasing!

After several minutes, I retired the toy to the side of my bed as I resorted to my good friend the Fairy and finished off.

To say that I was disappointed in No. 24 is almost an understatement. I was SO excited about it that even the slightest difficulty feels like a crushing blow. However, I do still think that I'll get some use out of this toy, and I'm certain my boyfriend will find plenty of ways to torment me with it. I don't think it'll get the every night use I was hoping for out of it, though.
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