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Mr. Limpy extra small reviews

48 reviews
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Average review rating
48 reviews

I can't speak highly enough of this toy, and it's affordable, so if you are just curious and want to see what it might look like to pack, this is a good place to start.

This item is worth it. It's cheap and efficient. It's not always fabulous, but not disappointing for me. It does the job it's made for, and does it well.

Completely worth it if you're limited in resources, but I'd advise going with the Mr. Limpy small instead of the extra small if you don't want to battle a dick that won't stay in a flaccid position.

As with all packers, it feels awesome in boxers, but this particular one doesn't look very real which is a shame.

I would definitely recommend this as a starting packer, and also as I've said, you can't beat the price. I'd suggest starting with this one, before seeing if you want to move up in size, as I have.

This item is 100% worth it for all small users. It is just the right size and won't make you feel or appear fake for having an appendage that's too large. For the cost, this toy is very, very worth it. Give it a try. You may have found your perfect packer.

This packer is wonderful for occasional use, but for daily use it may not be up to par. This guy feels extremely realistic, but it can be a bother to clean.

If you're looking for an EXTRA SMALL, limp, useless pink dick, then this toy is for you! Mr. Limpy Extra Small would make a great gag gift for that special someone. It can also be useful as a stress ball or paperweight in your [home] office.

This was perfect for my needs. It would be nice if I could clean it easier. I wouldn't need anything else. It is affordable and serves its purpose perfectly.

An excellent packer for those new to it, this is a great way to see what might work for you if you don't want to risk too much money. However, it's definitely just for wearing under your clothes and it's not very realistic.

In my experience Mr. Limpy is a good starter packer. The price is great and can be made into a "stand to pee" which takes on a new way it is intended. However like every product it does have its flaws. The balls makes it too bulky, the texture is sticky and when used everyday the color is completely off and you can not use it for penetration.

For the price, Mr. Limpy is a must buy. Even if its not for packing, the pure hilarity of having a pink penis you can throw around and play with is fantastic! Since day one, I have not been able to keep my hands off it, and neither have my friends; so go buy yourself a Mr. Limpy!

Overall, a very good choice for a first packer. It may not be a realistic color, but the size, texture, and details are spot on. The Mr. Limpy won't last forever, but at the price it certainly can't be beat.

All in all, this is a great packer for the price, though you have to make adjustments when wearing it if you don't want to look like you have a constant hard-on. If you don't mind the size of the Medium version of this packer, that one actually seems to be more unobtrusive.

I think that this packy is worth it for the money. Though it is stretchy no and does not seem life like no one will notice because it is hidden by your pants. You will need to invest in a harness too because it would be really awkward if it fell out of your pants while in public. I would try it out for sure.

I know dicks, and the Mr Limpy XS is my favorite choice for a soft packing cock. It is inexpensive (you won't find a cheaper commercial alternative) and is very realistic for the price. It fits well in tighter fitting briefs, or can be packed with a soft packing harness such as one of the SpareParts Pete harnesses. All in all, this is a great, inexpensive packing choice for anyone who wants a bulge.

This is a good and cheap packer for everyone who wants to sport a bit of a bulge. It can go without needing it to be super detailed or realistic.

Overall, this is a comfortable and affordable packer with a pleasantly realistic look and feel that is easy to wear and care for. My one wish would be that Fleshlight start making it in a wider range of colors so that non-white trans* folks and packing enthusiasts have some more cock options.

I think this is a great packer for first timers and general gender play. It's easy to handle and learn how to use, but not so great for everyday use.

This packer is a great starter for FTMs, genderqueers, genderfucks, drag kings, and anyone interested in packing. It looks and feels realistic, and is one of the cheapest packers out there. I highly recommend it.

As they say, it isn't the size of the stick, but how you use it. The same could be applied to the Mr. Limpy Extra-small (or more like average). Depending on how it's used, it could make for good laughs or the average sized packer for the beginning FtM or Genderplay.

Though it collects some wear and tear pretty easily, the Mr. Limpy is cheap, soft, realistic, and gives you that much-desired bulge! What more could you ask for?

An excellent choice for a first packer, but there are better options out there if you're willing to spend more. The size and material creates a bulge that looks and feels realistic under clothing, but the color is a bit off-putting. Probably the easiest packer on the market to make into a stand-to-pee device, which is a huge plus. It won't last forever, but for the price it is a pretty good buy.

Mr. Limpy is an excellent packer for the price. The material — despite its drawbacks — is really the best for a packer. I couldn't have asked for a better packer to start with; it has made every packer since seem so much more unrealistic — and has made me feel more complete as my strange-gender-queer self.

The Mr. Limpy was a fabulous buy. It's easy to use for beginners, as well as the expert. Makes a great STP or Packer for any FTM. Fits perfectly in a harness or good fitting briefs. Comfortable against the body, and definitely highly recommended.

The extra-small Mr. Limpy is a great packer, especially for beginners like me who don't want to feel self-conscious about a large bulge and aren't planning on whipping it out of their pants for bathroom use/showing off. The soft material is comfortable to wear and the details are very nice!

It has more stretch to it than a rubber band, so I didn't find that too realistic. It gets really sticky after washing it, but once you put cornstarch on it, it is better than new. It works great for beginner FTM's that want to start packing, and its very affordable. Overall, though it has its quirks, I love it and would recommend it to anyone needing their first packer, gender play, or who has a low budget.

I really enjoy this product, and it's worth it for it's low price, I would recommend this toy to any packer looking for that extra bit.

Just the right size for packin' my panties; no special strap required. The small size allows it to fit in a much larger range of underpants which makes this far more versatile than I had expected. Easy to situate, easy to maintain, easy to clean and care for.

Awesome piece. Just needs a harness to complete the job. Although it is pink, its always put where no one can see it. The clingyness can be washed off after a while and its easy to get a harness, so all in all its worth it.

This packer is an inexpensive, realistically sized penis. It's a good go-to for FTMs, genderqueer people, or anyone else who might want to sport a bulge. I don't think, however, that it's a packer most people will stay with long-time. It's a bit of an "introductory", "beginner" or "budget" packer. Its size and texture are its biggest pluses, but its oddly sticky nature and proneness to tearing shorten its lifespan in a person's jeans or toy drawer.

Mr. Limpy Extra Small is the best packer on the market for a realistic male bulge. Its size, shape, and feel all lend to the creation of the perfect packer, and the price isn't bad either!

This is a supremely touchable packer with realistic size and detailing. Enough to get the right kind of attention from the right people, not so much that it looks like you stuffed a kielbasa down there. Definitely adds a little extra spring to your step.

Soft, subtle, sexy, and realistic. The Mr. Limpy extra small is an amazing packing cock complete with realistic balls, looking and feeling like the real deal. It's easy to take care of and wonderfully low-priced with no lacking in quality.

Mr. Limpy is a great packer because it's petite and doesn't give a bulge that looks like a constant erection. It's made of superskin though, so it requires a lot of care and a lot of upkeep. Extremely low-priced and perfect for everyday packing, Mr. Limpy needs to be in your closet!

Mr. Limpy, in my opinion is definitely worth buying. It doesn't cost much, would be good for a beginner at packing, is the appropriate size for a medium sized man, and its also very realistic.

Cheap, easy to use, realistic to touches through the pants. Treat it right and you'll have a packy that'll last you a good few years.

Mr. Limpy is one of the most popular packers for Transmen, Butch Women, Drag Kings, and all manner of gender variant individuals for a reason. The price is economical, and it fulfills its purpose well. Be mindful in your size choice and you will be pleased.

Great packer, especially for the price. Other packing methods are either not as realistic; such as a condom filled with hair gel, or hefty and expensive like the Mr. Right. This is really the most ideal packer I've found. If you're concerned about looking like you have an erection, opt for the small, which seems counter-intuitive, but the small has smaller balls than the XS and lays flatter.

Mr. Limpy Extra Small is a great packer for beginners or someone who isn't egotistical about size. He's very realistic and has a nice soft feel. 'Extra small' does not always mean 'tiny.'

Mr. Limpy is one of my favorite packing cocks. It's squishy, soft, and leaves a really slight bulge during wear. It has a nice heft that makes it feel realistic while still being discreet.

While the material is tacky and it cannot be used for penetrative sex, if well taken care of the extra small Mr. Limpy is more than enough for gender play by smaller framed people who just want to feel that bulge in their pants.

Mr. Limpy is an excellent packer. The look, size, and feel is extremely realistic. Mr. Limpy is great for beginners and more advanced users. The price is well worth the quality of the product.

If you are looking for that little extra "umph" in your pants while you're out running errands, going to the opera, being a super awesome gender bending soccer mom ninja or whatever, this little dude is the packer for you. Supreme grope-ability.

A realist packer at a phenomenal price! Comfortable and convincing. It is fairly easy to convert to an STP (Stand-to-Pee) device with some slight modification. The only downside is the unnatural pink skin tone which, thankfully, dulls with age. Overall, I'm satisfied with the product. Definitely worth purchasing!

One of the most convincing and least expensive packers. If you are a FTM, Drag King, or transgender person you will find this a must.

Definitely worth the buy! If you're looking for a packer that won't hurt your pants or your wallet, this is the one for you!

Overall, this item stays true to its description, and my girlfriend and I are thoroughly pleased. Again, the material might not hold for as long as we'd like, but definitely worth the purchase.

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