Mr. Limpy extra small - packing dildo by Fleshlight - review by deceased

Mr Limpy Extra Small - and a trip to the urinal

One of the most convincing and least expensive packers. If you are a FTM, Drag King, or transgender person you will find this a must.
Soft, life-like, comfortable, hypoallergenic. Beautifully detailed.
Soap is its kryptonite.
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I realize some of you have read my other packer reviews - Mr. Right by Vixen Creations and also Mr. Limpy Small. Most readers find all this gender bending reviewing not applicable to them and grade it "not useful". That's ok, because for some, the information is vital.

For a female-to-male who has not had a surgically constructed phallus - which happens to be most FTMs, as the operation is risky and not perfected. FTMs face a lot of anxiety "passing" and also using urinals in public. Packers become as important to FTMs as having breasts for MTF. FTMs also want a convincing looking product.

Mr. Limpy Xsmall is realistic down to every detail, it has wrinkled testicles, a lovely shaped glans and corona, and when pinched through clothing feels a little less squishy than its bigger brothers.

Mr Limpy is made by Fleshlight, it's phthalates-free and made of food grade polymers that are covered by a patent. I found out in my research that Fleshlight products are mostly an elastomeric gel with styrene ethylene and butylene styrene polymers among other things. Soap can destroy these bonds holding the polymers together, but washing in hot water or isopropyl alcohol will do the cleaning trick, and of course it can only tolerate water based lubes if you lubed it for some reason.

It's soft and squishy and life-like, but not insertable. It fits Aslans Mr. Right harness perfectly, or you can put it in a sock or a velvety pouch, cut a window for its cock, and safety pin it to the inside of your briefs.

Nothing could be more embarrassing than a small pink penis falling out of your pants leg to the floor.

The phallus part is 2 and a half inches long and four inches in circumference. The whole rig is only 3 and a half inches long on the posterior side from top to bottom, the back of the testicles are flat, they also are plump and hang evenly.

You can maintain its softness with a sprinkle of corn starch to keep it nice and fresh.

An interesting fact, Fleshlight was designed by a SWAT team member, Steven Shubin, in 1988 when his wife was going through a high risk pregnancy. (The artificial vagina) If it makes a good artificial vagina, it makes a good artificial penis out of the same material.
I wear this little guy a whole lot!
I also made a stand to pee device out of him. If you are interested, you will need a children's bulb medicine dropper, a lighter, a knife, and a metal rod or chopstick.

I heated up the tip of the chopstick and ran it through the urethra to the back of the product a few times. I inserted about 5 inches of latex tubing (from a latex exercise tube!) onto a chopstick and fed it through the faux urethra I made. I removed the chopstick. The polymers seemed to seal nicely around the tubing. I heated a knife and sawed off the medicine dropper quite short-to the 4 ml mark (these hold 5mls filled to the top, so you can see, most of it was cut and discarded.
I cut the rubber bulb on an angle, so it looked like a flexible scoop. Then I pushed the tubing into the plastic part of the medicine dropper . You can make the tubing as long or short as you need to fit your body. I've also seen latex tubing in the fishing department.

Besides the Mr Limpy, all you need to make a cheap stand to pee device can be purchased at an ultra conservative store like Walmart for a couple bucks, total. Tuck the little tail you made to pee through somewhere in your briefs.

Practice first in the shower.

Feel free to contact me with questions.

I had been shopping for an STP, but most of the companies take months to deliver and are over priced.
Follow-up commentary
I have made a little pin in sock with a window type pouch out of sateen for pinning in briefs. Look realistic and not "hey look at me" in jeans.

It's also working very well for me as a stand to pee home made device.
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  • Rhiulan
    This was an excellent review! I like the idea of an stp though as a first time packer I haven't decided weather or not I want to use the small or extra small mr. Limpy. Thanks for your review!
  • viserys4king
    thanks for this, this is the one i have. xx
  • Leo.boi
    Thanks for including what it's made of. That can be a major concern for me.
  • neffingnuts
    thanks, definitely getting one.
  • kenny.the.dinosaur
    I love it
  • Ouroborean
    Excellent review. Thank you.
  • Rawst
    Very helpful, especially the part about the soap.
  • Rawr4483
  • cryinglightning86
    This review is really helpful. Thanks for posting.
  • goodiegoody
    Your instructions on making this functional for peeing were so helpful, thanks!
  • LadyKaye
    I'm not a FTM or packer, but I happened to come across your review and I thought it was excellent. Thanks for what you're doing for others. I think it's fantastic. Have a great day!
  • ginainohio
    good review
  • alex2371
    thanks for the review
  • TheirPet
    Too bad you didn't take a picture tutorial of how to make an STP out of this.
  • DoneWithAlltheLies
    It never even occurred to me to run a STP device through a packer. Brilliant! I'm totally trying this. Thank you.
  • amberf83
    thanks for the review
  • tony
    very helpful
  • babygirldd4you
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