Dying a Mr. Limpy (or equivalent packers)

Dying a Mr. Limpy (or equivalent packers)

fizzygato fizzygato
Mr. Limpy extra small
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Does anyone know any good youtube videos (or have personal advice in general) to share about dying Mr. Limpys/etc packers, and if it would even be safe to do so?

I mean, I've heard their type of material holds dye well, so it's easy to dye them, but I've also heard their material is porous in a bad/hard to clean way, and I wondered if dying them could actually make them even less safe (in terms of cleanliness) to use.

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There was a tutorial from Tumblr posted somewhere on this forum.
fizzygato fizzygato
Ah, found it, thanks!

I just googled "dying your packer tumblr" or something to get link for anyone who reads this thread in the future.

Still, if anyone has different/ additional advice, that would be appreciated.

I'm not sure how recoloring a pink Mr. Right from here would go. I ordered one recently and am waiting for it to come in, but whatever I do to it I could try to upload somewhere for future personal experience/ advice to all
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