Mr. Limpy extra small - sex toy by Fleshlight - review by Cunlinguist

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Makes Me Forget She Doesn't Have One...

Overall, this item stays true to its description, and my girlfriend and I are thoroughly pleased. Again, the material might not hold for as long as we'd like, but definitely worth the purchase.
Color, it looks pink but actually it was fairly close to my girlfriend's pale skin.
Superskin material, the fact that it isn't offered in colors for other skin tones.
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My girlfriend bought Mr. Limpy extra small a few weeks ago, and I've got to say we're thoroughly pleased with it. Upon her slipping it into her briefs and then pulling up a pair of jeans, I immediately forgot she didn't have actually have a penis. It's a very subtle protrusion, definitely not a prominent in-your-face bulge, and in cupping my hand over it, it felt extremely realistic.

My girlfriend also liked that it didn't become displaced or rotate very easily, and commended the little guy for sticking right where she put 'em. (Except when she's sleeping, she did experience waking up and finding it in the incorrect place entirely.) She was also able to reach an orgasm from the pressure of me grinding against it, and it pressing into her clit, which was a major plus. She said that it feels excellent against her clit, and nice pressure to the vaginal opening. As stated in the description, it can't be used for penetration. It looks excellent in underwear, and as I sated previously, it looks very realistic and not silly at all.

The single and only thing that we wish was different is what Mr. Limpy is made out of. It's superskin, which would be a problem if we bedded anyone else or had STDs to worry about. As is, we just wash with warm water and allow the packer to dry before putting it away. There's some contradictory info out there about using soap but if you need a stronger cleaner, isopropyl alcohol is recommended. Though we've yet to get any, the product info also recommends dusting Mr Limpy in cornstarch, which seems like a good idea given that the material doesn't look like it will hold up for as long as we'd like. Just make sure not to use any baby powder or talcum.

There are many good aspects to the superskin however, and my girlfriend really likes that within a short time of having it in her pants, it heats up to the temperature of her skin. It doesn't irritate her skin at all either, even shortly after shaving, which was a definite plus since it doesn't take much to irritate short pubic hair. This packer was an excellent investment and I recommend it to anyone interested in any sort of role playing, cross dressing, or just trying to bend the gender rules a tad in the bedroom.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Nice review. I usually use gentle soap to wash as needed. Alcohol might degrade the material faster. Dusting with cornstarch after washing/for storage will definitely keep a packer in better shape for longer, but they're all pretty temporary items due to the material.
    Also, some people do experience irritation/yeast infections from direct skin contact with this material, so something to keep in mind for anyone shopping these--there are definitely packing methods that allow for a cloth layer between packer and skin.
  • Cunlinguist
    Any idea about how long they do last with care?
  • Splendwhore
    Good review! It was nice hearing your perspective. I was also reviewing this product for my partner, who purchased it. We both shared similar likes and dislikes concerning the product.

    As far as durability of the product, it's obviously not made of a particularly strong material. I will say that I've heard of other FTM's who use this particular packer who have had theirs for a good year or more. On a positive note, they're extremely cheap so even if you have to replace it every few months, I think the benefits outweigh the small cost.
  • Tart
    Wonderful review!
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