Mr. Limpy extra small - packing dildo by Fleshlight - review by Kayla

Packing with my Fun

Mr. Limpy is one of my favorite packing cocks. It's squishy, soft, and leaves a really slight bulge during wear. It has a nice heft that makes it feel realistic while still being discreet.
Soft, very real texture, heats up to body temperature, squishy
Slight imperfections, semi-hard
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Mr. Limpy Extra-Small is a superskin packing toy made from Fleshlight. It's amusing - when I first remember seeing the Mr. Limpy series quite a few years back, it was packaged as a gag gift. It also used to be offered in multiple skin tones. Now it's become one of the better packing cocks out there. The Mr. Limpy series is (so far) my favorite packaging cock series. The extra-small is a little over three inches in length with a diameter of an inch and a forth. It comes in a plain plastic bag that keeps your toy safe from harm during shipping. I wish it came with more permanent packaging options.

What I enjoy about superskin is that it looks amazingly realistic. Granted, the pink is a little too pink to be the color of healthy skin, but it feels pretty realistic. (I keep meaning to try a Mr. Right at some point, but I haven't yet.) Fleshlight paid attention to details with the Mr. Limpy. There are slight creases in the testicles, some slight ridging around the head, veins along the body of the packing cock, and (I was impressed) that slight feeling of the muscle on the underside of the penis. The testicles look very realistic, and the only downside is that the backside gets cut off in order to make it fit comfortably up against the body. This makes the testicles look a little bit unrealistic.

Along with the texture, Mr. Limpy also has a good amount of heft to it. I honestly can't say how much a penis weighs (I don't have one, or I wouldn't want a Mr. Limpy.), but I imagine it probably weighs about the same as what Mr. Limpy weighs. He has the perfect weight that makes him produce a slight bulge in your underwear that will make you aware it's there, but at the same time, it isn't so heavy that it really droops your underwear. It's a pretty realistic weight. I wish the pink of the packing cock was a bit more realistic and resembled a skin-tone more, but it still does a good job. According to the other reviews on Mr. Limpy, the color does get more realistic the longer you own it though.

I have previously owned the Mr. Limpy Small. However, the "small" seemed pretty large to me, so I decided I wanted to try the extra-small. I want that slight thrill of packing without really letting everyone else in the area know that I'm packing as well. In the six months I've had my Small Mr. Limpy, it's held up amazingly, and I was expecting the same quality from this extra-small. So far, it looks like I won't be disappointed. I will make mention of that, like my Small Mr. Limpy had a slight chunk of his head missing, my extra-small has a small part of the ridge missing. Poor penis. It doesn't affect the use at all, but it does make me think Fleshlight needs to be more careful during production if both of my toys had imperfections. Again, not a big deal though. It just make me pet my poor penis.

I tried the GoodVibes packing cock, and I was a bit disappointed because the cock seemed to be semi-hard - no matter what I did. I seem to be having this problem with the extra-small Mr. Limpy too. My small seemed a lot more flaccid - this one doesn't rest against the balls like a flaccid cock should, but instead, sticks up at about a 45 degree angle. It's a slight annoyance since I want my packing cock to look flaccid. It's not horrid, but it does leave me slightly annoyed at the extra-small compared to the small.

I don't have any sort of packing strap or anything for use with this. EF does sell one for those who are interested in that. I just stuff the Mr. Limpy into a pair of panties and do it that way. You just have to be careful your "penis" doesn't flop onto the floor (or worse! in the toilet bowl!) when you go to use the restroom. It works well in my undies and fits fine. I haven't tried the extra-small in my Spareparts Joque harness though I think I remember my Small fitting just fine in there. It's worth mentioning that Mr. Limpy - even if it's cold when you first put it down your pants - adjusts to body heat amazingly, so it will get warm really quickly.
For cleaning, you have to use some warm water to rinse down your cock. No soap - that degrades superskin. Warm water really should clean it all off. To keep it feeling soft, I recommend putting corn starch on the cock - though I rarely ever do it to be honest. It will get sticky if you don't do it once in awhile though. Since this is not intended for insertion, using lubricant is not recommended.

I have to say that I'm impressed with my Mr. Limpy Extra-Small. It's another high-quality packing cock from Fleshlight. I honestly wish that it wasn't quite so firm and stood more flaccid, but it still is a nice quality packing cock that makes packing more fun and realistic. It creates a very slight bulge that is visible if someone really stares, but isn't obvious which is exactly what I wanted. If you want something more pronounced, go up a size to the "small". Either way, if packing is your thing, I recommend Mr. Limpy.
Follow-up commentary
I like Mr. Limpy Extra-Small; it's a much better size for us than the Medium that we also own. I've used it for packing on a couple occasions since the review, and while the material isn't as soft as it was in the beginning, it's still soft and life-like, and it's one of my favorite packing cocks.
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  • Selective Sensualist
    Poor little penis missing a little chunk from him! He's still really cute.

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    Great review!
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    yeah that happened to me to, but it seems to be working now
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    I keep hearing that it gets harder over time, how much harder does it really get, I wonder?
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    Does look pretty stiff
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    You can make your penis "Mraaawr!" Love your review and great video. How has your Mr. Limpy XS fared in the year-ish since your review?
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