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Smartballs Teneo duo reviews

64 reviews
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64 reviews

I enjoyed using these throughout the day, in preparation for a fun evening and enjoyed how easily they were removed by the string that extends outside. I primarily used these on my own, and I did not engage in a couple play during the time that I wore these, but I did use them in preparation for couple play later.

I would not buy these again, as they were quite anticlimactic. I would look for a set that didn't have a layer of silicone over another layer. It's too much, and you lose vibrations.

These smart balls are a great product. I learned a lot about my PC muscles and how to contract them. Very worth it, and I would definitely recommend this product.

I love this product and would suggest it to anyone who needs to exercise their pelvic floor muscles for pregnancy, or health reasons, or would just like a more exciting and pleasurable sex life.

I overall like this product, it did help me tighten up a lot. I did not feel overwhelmed by kegel's which is a huge plus.

The greatest sensual benefit of using the Smartballs was knowing that you had them in and nobody else would be any the wiser. Lingerie would achieve the same effect and make me feel sexier, so I think I'll stick to lingerie.

While these work very well as a Kegal exerciser to help strengthen the PC muscles, some may find that they are a little too filling. Thankfully for those who can use them they are made from a body safe material and are very easy to insert/use.

Smartballs Duo caused my PC muscles to contract and were heavier than the Teneo Uno. These worked better for me than Uno which I barely felt. Unfortunately taking them out is a pain and they feel like they press on your bladder constantly. Duo was too long for me but the diameter of the balls was good. They accomplished their intended purpose but are uncomfortable enough for me not to want to wear them.

I don't plan on ever using the Duo again -- they're rough, large and painful for me. If you know you need a larger size, then these are for you. The Duo is thoughtfully designed, made of body-safe materials and quite attractive, but the entire point of this toy is to be a Kegel exerciser, which I found impossible. Even as a sex toy, Duo pleases only slightly.

I absolutely love these exercise balls. They are great to strengthen the vaginal and PC muscles while you do other things. They are very easy to keep clean. I love that they are latex free and have no pores to get all crusty, in other words they are very smooth.

I would do more research and make sure you read lots of reviews. This might work for some people but it has not worked for me.

As a beginner, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Teneo Smartballs. As I am a beginner though, the mild stimulation that's perfect for me may not cut it for advanced users of Kegel-cizers. As it stands for me now, this is my absolute favorite thing in my toy box. Absolutely get this product, if for no other reason that to see if you want to get something more intense in the same line.

As with any workout plan, you're going to have to commit to these. But the results are very, very well worth it! And working out is actually fun!

I do think this is a very nice product that does exactly what it says, but I think the sheer size of the balls make it a bit cumbersome to insert and use. If you are smaller size internally, these would be downright uncomfortable! These were my first experience with Ben Wa balls, so I don't have anything to compare to yet, but I have still enjoyed them thoroughly.

These may be wonderful for women who want a quality product to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, for women who have given birth or are not as tight as they want to be. If you have a smaller vaginal canal, don't like toys that are larger or firm with no give; these are not for you. If you're looking for something to get you in the mood or to make work more fun I'd recommend passing on this set.

Fun Factory made a good move changing from Elastomed to Silicone, but the design on the removal end still needs work. Even with that, Teneo Duo is great for working Kegel muscles and it's pros out weighs its cons.

Well, I don't think that these are actually good for what they are marketed for. The duo balls together are just too big for me to use as a Kegal excersizer. I tend to have more of a workout at getting both of them in my vagina, and once they are in it is pretty full and actually hard to get out. I don't have to work at keeping them in place like I do with the ben wa balls.

I love this product, it is affordable and does what it says it will do. A fun thing to do while using this is to tug on the string; it gives you a great feeling while also making your muscles work to hold it in. It is a well-made product that is made from silicone to insure cleanliness.

I wish the inner ball rattle was stronger so I could enjoy it more often. Other than that I absolutely loved these balls. They are a great size and stay put once in. They come in a wide variety of colors & will win over your heart the first time you use them.

Despite its shortcomings for me personally, this item is worth it. Going back in time, I would have rather bought either the Uno instead of the Duo or slightly smaller or softer balls from another company. However, if you have tried those and find them not to be enough, or if you don't have problems with too much pressure on your pubic bone, SmartBalls Duo are a great choice.

Although these feel great while inserted and are a great way to tease yourself all day, I worry that they are too large to be actually helping to exercise my Kegels. They are very fun and would be great for beginners but I will definitely be upgrading soon to something smaller.

I love it! I just wish they were an interchangeable system like Lelo Luna. I would have loved to decrease or increase the weight as needed.

Really made my trip to the grocery store exciting! Will definitely be using these again. While it's not an overpowering sensation, it's a turn on. By the time I got done at the store I was ready to go.

Overall these are absolutely amazing. They make me feel comfortably full and I've even noticed an increase in bodily liquid when I use them, wonderful if you have problems with dryness. They nearly effortlessly strengthen your kegels, improving sex and ward off incontinence while you go about your day! I'd recommend these to absolutely every female out there, and make great gifts! With only pros, and a rather large variety of color choices, there's no reason not to own these!

I'm giving this product 3 stars because it wasn't heavy enough for me. It is still a good product for beginners and anyone wanting to have something safely inside of them all day.

These are worth it - hands down. It's a small investment for anyone, but I especially recommend it for women (like myself) who may have had a few kids or need some kegel training or awareness of your vaginal muscles.

On the fence between the Duo and the Uno and can only afford to put one in your cart? Let me help you decide! Smartballs will allow you to improve your sex, make childbirth easier, and make you feel incredibly sexy! There's just something hot about knowing you have a little secret workout happening at all times...don't miss out on the fun! Fun Factory really out did themselves on this one!

A girl that hates running is totally okay with running when she has her kegel balls in. I believe the desired time to leave them in is for about 30 minutes, give or take. I usually have them in for as long as I work out which is an hour or hour and a half. I can definitely feel them when I do squats and ab work, giving meaning to the term coregasm.

I highly suggest this to anyone wanting Ben Wa Balls, give it a try and you'll see why I love it so much! Just make sure you don't wear out your carpet in the process!!

I really wanted to like the Smartballs Teneo duo and was excited to try them as my first Kegel balls. Unfortunately, they just didn't seem to hit the mark for me. I guess if your anatomy is shaped right these balls would be great. If you're on the small side, they might pose a challenge for you, but don't let that necessarily stop you. You won't know until you try them, and they may just have you rolling with joy!

For the naughty Easter Bunny in all of us, these eggs are just right for vaginal exercises for average to bigger-sized vaginas. It's a great price for excellent materials, quality and durability and is both easy to clean an great to look at. Go plant some in your yard for the woman in your life today!

These were a little disappointing because the reason I bought them was to wear them out and about, but that doesn't seem to work for me. We will use them in the house instead. So it is not a total failure.

Highly recommended! The high quality materials make them far superior to cheaper Ben Wa balls (which often use hygienically questionable materials like string and may be too small for beginners). A very fun way to perform kegel exercises.

These are fun to wear, but not necessarily a great Kegel workout. If you have a low cervix or particularly tight vagina, start out with the Uno.

Everyone with a vagina needs these. Strong PC muscles make all the difference, and these balls will help you start strengthening, recover from damage, or take your kegels to the next level. They are high quality, body safe, and long lasting. Sizing options or a squishier texture would make them more accessible for more users, but they provide plenty of pleasure regardless.

These balls are worth it. If you are on the fence about getting them, don't waiver. It was the best investment in my toy box bar none.

These textured silicone balls are great for exercising your kegels, wearing during masturbation or inserting vaginally during anal sex. I really like this product, but I found the dual balls to be too long and a bit irritating for regular wear, although the girth is fine. I wound up cutting mine in half and wearing only one, which has helped. If you're concerned about them being too big, I'd suggest buying the Uno instead (or both types using the deal to see which works better for you!)

Smartballs are a great investment for tightening your vaginal muscles and helping with arousal. They are discreet and can be used anywhere without impacting your activities

Heard about Kegel exercises but could never find the time to practice them with your busy schedule? Well, your problems are solved! Smartballs are discrete and wearable anywhere, anytime. Best tool I've found yet and the results may bring tears to your eyes.

This toy is great at what it's advertised as - a kegel exerciser. But if you're looking for something to tease your g-spot while you do housework, keep looking; this one disappoints.

These balls are an amazing part of my daily routine. They help with incontinence if you have had that issue after giving birth. Great for strengthening the muscles stretched by child birth. So discreet you can wear them anytime anywhere.

Overall, if you are looking for a vaginal ball, these are worth a try. You may want to consider starting with the Teneo Uno and work up to the Duo. Once use to the design and feel, the Smartballs Teneo Duo are comfortable and have pleasant results. Great for play or "working out", I recommend the Fun Factory Smartballs to any woman.

This item is worth it to anyone who wants to try strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. Having better orgasms to me is way worth it.

The Smartballs Teneo Duo were disappointing not because they were unpleasant, but because I couldn't make them work. Using only the first ball is very pleasant and works out well enough.

Highly recommended as a staple for overall sexual functioning to most. If you have a small canal or problems inserting toys, I would pass. If you can get past the uncomfortable insertion process, these will pay off in a short period of time. Fun to wear while going about your day-to-day business.

Give your vag a workout with Fun Factory Smartballs Teneo Duo. These body safe, easy to use vaginal balls are great and will have your bits in shape in no time at all.

If you can take the size, these balls will reward you with tighter muscles. The jiggly vibrations are fun (and feel really good), colors are pretty, quality is fabulous, easy to use and clean-up. The only reason I didn't go 5 stars is because I wish the retrieval loop were smaller. If you're on the fence, trust me, SmartBalls are a must have item.

Although this exerciser does not fit my personal anatomy, there's no doubt that it performs the job it was designed to do. It is visually and sensually appealing, safe, and easy to use and maintain. If you need a gentle, subtle, but noticeable stimulation to help with your Kegel exercises and can accommodate the length of the Duo, this might just be the perfect choice for you.

I think the Smartballs Teneo Duo are a very quality made kegel exerciser that would be great for a woman wanting to strengthen her PC muscle after delivering a baby or for someone who just doesn't feel tight enough, but if you are already very tight with a smaller vaginal canal, these may be too big to move comfortably or lounge around using.

I own the Teneo Uno and really enjoyed it (until the retrieval cord snapped, that is) and wanted to see how the Duo compared. I really wanted to give these cute vaginal exercisers a second chance to impress me, and I’m glad I did.

While of superior design and construction, I found the Tenuo Duo possibly too large to exercise my pelvic floor effectively. It may do just fine for women on the upside of average size, or women looking to strengthen their pelvic floor after giving birth, but it is just too big for me to be effective.

I highly recommend getting yourself a pair of Smartballs if you don't already own some. Whether you just want to build up your pelvic muscles or you want a little extra something you can enjoy throughout the day, the Fun Factory Smartballs will deliver!

I believe these Smartballs are great for anyone who wants to tighten their pelvic muscles. They are quiet, discreet and work great. I find that they are helping me and will continue to use them. Well worth the money and I can not think of a single way to improve on them.

Overall its just a great product. The benefits outweigh the tiny problem with the size of the balls. I highly recommend the smartballs for anyone who is looking for kegel exercisers.

It's an exciting sexy secret to carry around with you during the day, invisible to everyone else. Yet you can always disclose the fact and heat up foreplay in a restaurant or bar, for example. Barring that, they nicely work your pelvic floor muscles and don't let you forget that you're a woman.

This toy kicks ass if your looser and need to tighten your pussy muscles. It is what every toy should be; if it could be made smaller, that would make this toy perfect

If you don't have these your missing out on the benefits of kegel balls. They can help make you wet and aroused, the help make you tight again, and they intensify your orgasms. But most of all they feel orgasmically great! What's not to like about these babies! there phenominal!

The new and improved smart ball set by Funfactory is worth every extra penny. They have made positive changes to a few parts of the design and not decreased the comfort at all. This toy will help to strengthen your vaginal muscles whether you are I need of it or not. They will also arouse you without even knowing it. They are a great piece for maintaining sexual health.

These are a great addition for any woman looking to get a tighter feel, spice up her day and also may be helpful for medical reasons.

I used a coupon code, otherwise I probably wouldn't have shelled out the dough for this product. I stand by that resolution. I am not disappointed, but not completely blown-away. However, I would recommend this product to my girlfriends.

This product is much more than advertised. It's a vaginal muscle tightener, with the added bonus of doubling as a delightful sex toy.

If you're looking for a toy that will help improve a female partners sexual satisfaction, look no further, this is it!

This silicone vaginal exerciser is meant to strengthen PC muscles. It is great for people who have recently given birth, or anyone who just wants to have more control over their orgasms and vaginal muscles! I recommend putting them in and then going for a long walk. Or put them in and then go run your daily errands. Hell, you can even wear them to work (not that I've ever done that, of course)!

These next generation smart balls are body-friendly, easy to use and provide both stimulation and exercise when used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

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