Size Matters; The Uno v. Duo

On the fence between the Duo and the Uno and can only afford to put one in your cart? Let me help you decide! Smartballs will allow you to improve your sex, make childbirth easier, and make you feel incredibly sexy! There's just something hot about knowing you have a little secret workout happening at all times...don't miss out on the fun! Fun Factory really out did themselves on this one!
-easy to use!
-easy to clean!
-may be too large for some users
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Being the proud owner of a the Fun Factory's Smartballs Kegel Kit, with both the uno and the duo in my toy box, I can do nothing but rave about this phenomenal product! I've been using my duo about a week and a half now, and I do honestly notice a difference in the power of my orgasms. I'm just so much more aware of my body now! This, plus so many other benefits, make this a must have kit!

The Teneo Duo is a fun, functional option for kegel balls! It's high grade silicone material, slightly textured spherical design, innovative loop removal system, and finger insertion area, I really don't think teneo duo can be beat as far as kegel balls go.

Kegel balls are used to tighten and strengthen your vagina. This occurs by encouraging you to remember to do you kegel exercises. Doing this builds up muscle on you vaginal walls, tightening your vaginal canal. It also intensifies your orgasms, make childbirth easier, and so much more.

A quick note on kegels for real beginners: For your first acquaintance with your PC muscles (the ones that strengthen your orgasms, make you feel tighter, and strengthen your vagina overall), it is suggested that you stop your urine stream while going potty. Feel those muscles? Learn to isolate them. Learn to squeeze them. Learn to be aware of them. You'll likely notice them when you orgasm once you are aware they exist. Not quite ready to buy something to get these muscles in shape? You can exercise them with reps just like at the gym. Squeeze your newly discovered PC muscles for 10 seconds at a time, then release and repeat. The greatest part about PC exercise is they can be done anywhere and no one will know. All the while you are going to be improving the quality of your orgasms, childbirth will be easier and your vagina will be tighter as the muscles strengthen and add bulk. You will feel super sexy knowing you are improving your sex life.

Some women find it really hard to remember to do their kegel exercises. Others can find it difficult to isolate the muscles necessary to do their exercises. Fun Factory has created Smartballs, and the Uno, to help women remember to isolate and strengthen their muscles. The balls come in cute, fun colors. What more could you want?!
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Material / Texture

The Duo is a silicone toy, a 10 on the Eden safety scale, and you can totally sterilize it with a quick boil! The most useful feature Fun Factory has developed on their Kegel Balls that really make them stand out among the rest is the stretchy attached loop. This loop allows for easy removal. There will be no losing your Duo inside of you, or struggling to grab on to a single little wet string.

All Fun Factory Toys are odorless and come in a variety of cute colors. The Uno is firm and slightly weighted at .3lbs. At the end of the looped removal string, there is a spherical ball. The sphere shape easily stays in place and will not accidentily falling out. The slight amount of ribbed velvety texture provides for additional sensation when you are moving about. I find this to be exceptionally nice when I am working out with my Fun Factory balls in place.

The texture that is added to the sphere portion of the ball is sometimes a complaint when cleaning, but as your vagina strengthens, or if you have a smaller vaginal canal, you will notice the texture more, as an added little sensation.

Kegel balls are generally firm and weighted. The Duo is velvety, soft to the touch. It's adorable, and functional. The two spheres are connected by a small, flexible piece of silicone, allowing the balls to move around independently.
    • Flexible
    • No odor

Design / Shape / Size

For me, Fun Factory takes the cake with design. From the silicone removal loop to the small indentation on the end of the toy for you to place you finger for insertion, you just can't beat it. Fun Factory also has innovative technology that makes the Uno incredibly smooth inside of you. Adding just a tiny bit of lubrication the Uno will easily slide inside of you and stay in place throughout your daily routine.

Both the Uno and the Duo are extremely discrete, perfect for traveling. When inserted, no one will even know you are wearing them. It will be your sexy little secret. I do suggested buying a little traveling case for your Uno, as it does not come with one. Some people like the idea of storing in a satin pouch, a condom box, or anything else that strikes your fancy!

I really feel that it is beneficial to buy the Uno and the Duo together. You don't really know what you are going to like better until you've tried them both. However, if you are on a tighter budget, I feel the Duo is likely the better choice for the average woman. I feel this because I do more kegel exercisers with the double ball style, causing me to believe that the dual ball system is a better fit for most. Fun Factory has been innovative enough to create the Uno for those who aren't a fan of the double balled system.

On a budget, I suggest the Duo. It is noted that these are larger then some kegel balls on the market. There is a small amount of discomfort upon removal of the balls due to their size, but just discomfort, not pain. Double balls will no doubt provide more sensation than a singular one. I will warn those looking for a huge sensation that it is not instantaneous with either the Uno or the Duo. Be prepared to work your muscles regularly, and don't be discouraged, keep going! You'll feel the sensations eventually!


Sensational. Sexy. Super.

The Duo will give you a discrete way to remember to do your kegels. Your orgasms will be stronger, even more effortless. You will feel sexy with the full feeling inside of you. My smartballs keep me dripping wet and horny as hell all day long as I am much more aware of my vagina.

If you're looking for a cute, fun reminder to do kegels, tightening up your vagina and improving the quality of your sex life, I suggest Fun Factory kegel exercisers whole-heartedly. You just have to decide which size is for you.

I suggest the Duo for a woman on a budget, unable to buy the whole kit. As it is more likely to give you a noticeable sensation. Keep in mind, kegel balls are designed to move with you as you move, not move and create the sensation for you. That being said, you will enjoy the Duo most when you are on your morning jog or at the gym. Perhaps that's a win win, getting more exercise for your body and your vagina.

Sensation from your smartballs will not be instant. If that's what you're looking for, your hopes will consistently be crushed. You have to work for the tingly vibrations, becoming more and more aware of your body. Be prepared to put in the time before writing off kegel balls, especially the duo!

Size matters to me in this case. For me, the Uno simply lacked the sensation I was seeking, so I quickly moved on to the double ball system. After a week or two of using my Duo daily, I have tried the Uno again, and I do feel more sensation then I did originally, however, the Duo is still my preferred choice.

Fun Factory Smartballs may not be the cheapest kegel balls on the market,but in my opinion they out-weigh the competition. Your extra money gets you: high quality silicone material: safe for your body and the world, a loop removal design, a finger insertion divit, a lovely selection of colors, and tons of five star ratings about the product success.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

The slight grooves and texture will require a more thorough cleaning than a completely smooth toy but the cleaning is worth the added sensation! Simple soap and water and a little bit of scrubbing is all that is needed. However, silicone can be boiled for cleaning. Water-based lube only if you want your exercise buddy to last a long time!

Your Duo is completely body friendly. It is hypo-allergenic and non-porous as well as latex and phthalates free. It will also be delivered to you odorless, tasteless, and perfect in fun, informative packaging!

As suggested earlier, a cute little carrying case would be a smart storage idea for your toy. Be sure to wash your Uno before your first use and after every use.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Duo comes in a lovely and informative red and silver package. There are directions, explanations of the parts of the toy, and more on this box! It's gift quality almost! It's unfortunate the boxes cannot be used for storage (it's difficult to get it back in the box just right). The outside of the box provides information on the product as well as how to use it and the different parts of it. Instructions, a free lubricant sample, and additional Fun Factory toys information was included in this adorable little box.
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative

Personal comments

The complaints I commonly find with kegel balls is that women do not feel the desired sensation raved about in reviews, well ladies, keep working! Make your Duo a part of your daily routine if you want to feel the lovely, sexy rumble inside of you. You would keep pushing and working to make your body bikini ready, so why not be working for the best sex of your life with kegel balls???

The Big Question: Uno or Duo?

Choose the DUO if:
-you are looking for more sensation
-you want the best bang for your buck
-you are unsatisfied with the Uno
-you are on a budget and can only pick one (and the two statements below do not fit you)

Choose the UNO if:
-you have felt other kegel balls were too large, intimidating, maybe even painful
-your anatomy is smaller (be it a small vaginal canal, a tilt within you, or some other thing)

DO NOT only pick the UNO because you are a beginner. You may be left unsatisfied.

DO NOT expect a change if you aren't willing to make kegel ball use a part of your routine

Be sexy ladies. Embrace everything you can be. My suggestion for you is to pick the Duo, purely because it is more common for a woman to use the double ball system, that is why the Uno is one of the first single balls designed. Fun Factory did a great job with the design of this product, but the results are up to YOU!!
Follow-up commentary
Love it! Love it! Love it! One of my favorite purchases. Smartballs really have increased the power behind my orgasms, and the orgasms come easier too! Maybe they don't work perfectly for everyone, but I have had incredible success with this product, and I really would suggest it to others!
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    Glad you liked the duo! I have uno and love a lot about it, but I absolutely cannot use it without a good deal of pain. Huge disappointment. It's so large that it drags my entire urethra in with it! Lol. I ordered the Mini Luna beads after I kept using the Uno and realized that the ball was not going to shrink and my pee-hole was not going to magically move up just to allow easier use of this dang ball. Lol. Plus inserting and removing is in general something I dread each day because it hurts! I wish I'd have been able to use this. I feel so... deformed! Lol. The smartballs seems like better quality than the Luna, although I still haven't received Luna, so I can't be sure. But they're also much nicer colors. Lol. I'm pretty sad to have to switch to them. Maybe FF will end up making a ball just slightly smaller

    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading your experience with the Duo and Uno. I agree, the sensations are not extreme and I like that you mentioned the notice in sensation between duo and uno. Uno sometimes slides just a little further in and I'm unable to feel much rolling around. That's another thing, the luna beads look like harder plastic and it seems to me that the inner ball might just clang against the outer shell a little harder and hopefully more noticeably. I cannot resist that feeling. It's not a turn on for me, but it's so dang entertaining. Lol. That's the only thing that's kept me using the painful Uno ball.
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