Smartballs Teneo uno - exerciser for vaginal muscles by Fun Factory - reviews

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Smartballs Teneo uno reviews

39 reviews
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39 reviews

Basically, the Teneo Uno is one of the best kegel exercisers out there in my opinion. He's easy to care for, a body safe material, a perfect size for insertion and wearing, works your PC muscles all day long, and is adorable to boot! He's so perfect that I had to WORK to find 2 insignificant things just so I had something to complain about! The "string" can be a little uncomfortable until you figure out how to wear it so you don't sit on it.

This is a great ball to try. Some women may not feel comfortable with two balls, and this one is single. This is probably one of the safest I have seen, but still one size does not fit all. You may have to try several to find the ones that fit you.

You all know how important Kegel exercise are, right? Agreed! The Uno is a Kegel exerciser that works best because it makes you think about the exercises you are supposed to be doing every day. However, if you forget about the ball, you definitely won't be exercising subconsciously like some may think. This is a tool you can use to help, but it is not a means to an end by need remember to squeeze!

Teneo Uno is small to have the desired effect, it felt like wearing a tampon, I did not feel very much. This is a very well-made, quality product it just did not work for me. I would compare the diameter and circumference of toys that you personally feel fit you and comparing it with Uno's dimensions before purchasing this product.

The Teneo Uno is a neat little egg with an entire rainbow of brothers and sisters; you'll have no trouble finding your favorite color. While this tool is designed to help you with your Kegel exercises, keep in mind that the optimal word is 'help' here: as with any exercise regimen, no effort = no results.

The Teneo Smartball Uno is a kegel exercise that you both can benefit from. She gets a toned set of PC muscles and intesifies orgasms, he gets a to enjoy the benefits of a toned set of PC muscles. Win Win!

As far as Kegel balls go, I think I've found a keeper. Smartballs Teneo Uno is comfortable, functional, and very cute. Not all will think so, but I find it to be just the right size and weight for me. The only way you can know for yourself is if you try it out! I hope you like the Uno as much as I do.

I really enjoy the Teneo Uno. It's definitely my favorite Kegel trainer, and I see myself only using the Uno from my collection. The weight is excellent, and they are wonderfully made. I think they'll be great for beginners and advanced alike. I highly recommend them, but the only reason I'm not giving these the best rating is because I wish they were a bit smaller. I still want more of a challenge, though.

I'll be holding onto (get it?) this one for a long time! This was my introduction to Kegels and I found the Uno to be very pleasing in comfort, use and design.

Alright, so my final word on this is that: It's a great product to better yourself, keep an open mind and think about the scientific dynamics, not whether you get off with this product or not. It's very easy. It's easy to clean, hide, carry, whatever. It's very sporty, and for good reason. It's a tool, not a joy ride. I love mine, will you?

In a drawer full of Kegel toys, I find myself reaching for this one quite often. It's cute, easy to use and comfortable to wear. If you're looking for a great first Kegel Exerciser, this one will make you smile!

The Teneo Uno by Fun Factory is great for any girl wanting to tone up her lady bits. This is perfect for women that just gave birth or any woman that just wants a tighter vagina and stronger orgasms. Make this investment and commit to doing your kegel muscles everyday with the uno to approve your overall sexual health!

Almost everything about this exerciser is fantastic. Great size, shape, and colors, but the removal loop is simply too long. Even with that flaw, I still recommend it.

These vaginal balls from Fun Factory definitely keep the reputation up for the company: fun! The weight of this ball is great, and its hidden surprise really worked with my body! However, with a thick removable loop, my labium was not happy, but internally, I was thrilled!

Do it for your sexual health, increase the strength of your PC muscle, make orgasms better, stop leaking when you cough or sneeze. I believe these are a few of the great benefits from using the Uno ball. The ball itself can provide some pleasurable sensations while it vibrates in you vagina but the end result is what it is all about.

Despite the Smartball's uncomfortably large size, I don't think anything could entertain me as much as jiggling downstairs. Unfortunately, I experience a good bit of pain and urethra-dragging when inserting and removing the ball, and I fear it's too large for my needs. I don't have to use my muscles to hold this in at all, so I've ordered a smaller ball for this purpose. I can continue doing kegels with it inside, and that's always going to add something extra, but the pain is dreadful.

This item can benefit you if you know your vagina. Is it big? Small? Tight? Tilted? Pay close attention to the dimensions before you buy. I am young and have never had a child so I experienced a great deal of pain. This will not be the same experience you have because we are all different.

For some, the Teneo Uno can be too big, too small, too bumpy, too rough or too mild. If you are looking for a ben wa ball under 5" diameter and with mild stimulation, you will think this product is JUUUST RIIIGHT!

I love the Teneo uno. This is my first ever vaginal exerciser. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced alike. I was worried about it being too big, but when I actually used it. It was perfect and wasn’t even nearly as large as I thought it was going to be. With so many reasons with how working your vaginal muscles can help you, I don’t see why every woman doesn’t own one.

After struggling so long with trying to find an exerciser that worked for what I thought was my strange anatomy, it was a joy to find the Uno fits me to a tee. If you have had trouble with standard two-ball designed exercisers, I really recommend giving the Uno a go. It does the job and is quite comfortable.

For someone who is normally too busy to remember to do Kegel exercises, I found the Uno to be exactly what I was looking for: a body-safe material that is discreet and easy to use.

The Teneo Uno is a perfect kegel exerciser for some, but will surely leave others lacking sensation. The smaller size of the Uno is the biggest benefit and simultaneously the greatest downfall for this exerciser. It is beginner safe but not necessarily beginner satisfying. I would suggest the Duo as a first kegel ball unless you are worried about the size or if you know you are incredibly small vaginally.

A great first time product for those just starting to do kegels with a ball. As the pros state, it is very mess free, easy to clean up, and quite discreet when inserted. Once you get used to inserting and taking it out, it can be quite comfortable.

The Teneo Uno is a great purchase for many women for a variety of reasons. If you have a desire to strengthen your muscles and do kegels, and/or you are not a fan of dual ball systems, the Teneo Uno may be a good choice for you.

I really like this product, and have high hopes for it. It's easy to use, comfortable once you get used to it, and easy to clean up afterwards. You can wear it all day without it interfering with whatever you're doing, and it helps to exercise your vaginal muscles, whether you're conscious of it or not.

While I found this particular ball to be too light for my needs, I would go back to Fun Factory for my kegel toys without any hesitation. This toy is wonderfully designed, especially the notch that makes it easy to insert. If it had a bit more weight, it would be a perfect toy.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the comfort and added features of the Uno. The finger area for insertion was ingenious and the looped cord was a great idea. It made the removal easier than just a single cord. The texturing added a bit of pleasure to the exercises but needed a bit more care in cleaning. This is a great kegel exerciser for the beginner and was a nicely made product. Very high quality and comfortable.

I love my Teneo Uno for a daily reminder to do those kegels! It's a great option for those that don't like the double balled exercisers and want something a little lighter or shorter. I didn't really feel any movement from the Teneo Uno when wearing it. That was a good thing for me, but those that like to feel the rumble of their exercisers might not like these as much.

The Teneo Uno is a fun toy that will definitely keep you motivated to do your Kegels and enjoy the process.

Perhaps this would the perfect toy for a woman who is smaller than I am, but I found the Teneo Uno too small to give the desired effect. This was my first ball and I was looking for something to remind me to do kegels. I felt it about as much as a tampon. I'm afraid this just isn't the one for me.

I finally found an exercise ball that is comfortable to wear. The single ball design does not irritate me like the original Smart Balls does. The Uno is a good choice to wear while doing Kegel exercise. I can feel my pelvic muscles contracting wonderfully while I did the "Elevator" exercise with the ball in me.

The Teneo Uno is a wonderful Kegel exerciser for a beginner or a woman on-the-go looking for motivation to squeeze her PC muscles and work her way to stronger orgasms! It's unassuming enough for the beginner and well-made enough for the more advanced user. As a single ball, the Teneo Uno provides a great alternative to the normal pleasure ball system of two balls. Try it out--you just might love it!

This is a NO-FUSS system for exercising Kegel muscles; you don’t have to make time to get naked. Just pop it in before you get dressed. The string being made of silicone was a big deciding factor for me. A lot of Kegel exercisers seem to have nylon strings which I would consider to slightly defeat the purpose of having a non porous or sterilizable product. It was not distracting in the form of noise or radically unexpected pleasure.

I'm very sad to give this exerciser only three stars. The design is beautiful. The item is a pleasure to insert, comfortable to wear, and easy to care for. Unfortunately, this does not provide any noticeable stimulation and is only minimally perceptible when inside of the user. Overall, I was disappointed in the Teneo Uno's performance, though I will continue to use it to remind me to do my exercises.

If you're looking for a Kegel exerciser and not sure if the others are too big for your anatomy, give the Teneo Uno a try. It's a great assistance to remembering to do your Kegels and making the process fun.

This is the perfect introduction to vagina balls. They are made of silicone, with an easy access retrieval cord. This silent ball is the quality toy to get, in order to begin building vaginal strength, without the intimidating style some other orgasm and ben wa balls offer.

I was rather excited to try this out. I was a bit leery of some other smart balls, or ben-wa balls, but this product made the beginner user a lot more at ease with insertion and retrieval. The Teneo Uno is a lot less scary for first time users and, with the soft silicone design, it gives you ease with use and cleaning. The sensation is great, it would be nice if it was a little stronger but was great none the less.

The Teneo Uno helps make doing kegels a bit more fun. While it's not as stimulating as I had hoped, I will definitely use this to help strengthen my pussy muscles.

The Teneo Uno is an excellent alternative to Fun Factory's Smartballs, especially for those who are new to vaginal balls or would like something smaller. It is constructed out of silicone, discreet, and comfortable to use. While the Teneo Uno isn't as stimulating as the original Smartballs, it is a great way to remember to do kegels throughout the day.

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