Smartballs Teneo uno - exerciser for vaginal muscles by Fun Factory - review by Arabella Eve

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Teneo Uno: To Have & To Hold.

The Teneo Uno is a wonderful Kegel exerciser for a beginner or a woman on-the-go looking for motivation to squeeze her PC muscles and work her way to stronger orgasms! It's unassuming enough for the beginner and well-made enough for the more advanced user. As a single ball, the Teneo Uno provides a great alternative to the normal pleasure ball system of two balls. Try it out--you just might love it!
Ideal for daily-use; great alternative to dual pleasure-ball exercisers; silicone.
Some women may have trouble using it to tone their PC muscles.
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Fun Factory's Teneo Uno is an ingenious modification of the standard vaginal pleasure balls, meant to both provide sensation and aid in the strengthening of women's PC muscles. The purpose of the Teneo Uno remains the same, though there is only one stimulation ball instead of the regular two. This design shift proves helpful for women who may be tighter or smaller, perhaps as a result of having well-toned Kegel muscles, or just 'cause that's how one is built. The Teneo Uno is also a great introduction for beginners to the pleasure ball method of working those PC muscles. "Teneo" is a Latin verb that means "to hold" or "to grasp" and in this case, it's your Kegel muscles that will be doing the grasping. (Note: This is strictly a toy for vaginal insertion/use; do not attempt to use it anally.)

Once inserted, the Teneo Uno provides a slight feeling of fullness, and definitely gave me the reminder I needed to remember to squeeze my PC muscles. Toning your PC muscles has the potential to make your orgasms stronger and more effortless, your vaginal walls tighter (as more muscle mass adds some bulk), and also to make childbirth easier and less of a strain on the body. Working out your Kegels can also help women regain tightness after giving birth vaginally.

Generally, it is recommended that you try to stop your urine stream when peeing to first get acquainted with your PC muscles, as these are the muscles responsible. If you've never done Kegels before, this is a great way to isolate the muscles and let you know where they are in your body and what they feel like when you squeeze them. With a little practice, you may begin to notice them during orgasms or intercourse, or even when playing with your favorite dildo or insertable vibe. These are the muscles that can squeeze against your own fingers inside your pussy or grip your partner's fingers, strap-on, or cock. I learned to strengthen my PC muscles by squeezing them and holding for a count of ten, then releasing for a few seconds and resuming. It's kind of like doing reps at the gym; just a different kind! And actually, the great thing about strengthening your PC muscles is that you can do it anywhere--in the car at a stoplight, at the gym, sitting at your desk in the office, in bed, wherever! And nobody has to be the wiser!

Many women find it difficult to isolate and work the PC muscles on their own. This is where Fun Factory's Teneo Uno comes in and works its magic!
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Material / Texture

The Teneo Uno is a silicone toy. It is odorless and in a pretty pink color. It has a bit of weight to it, and is firm in your hand (or pussy!), but has a stretchy silicone loop attached for easy retrieval. No losing this pleasure ball!

It is slightly textured with grooves in its spherical shape and there is an inner ball inside of the sphere that moves around as you move, and provides additional sensation.

Beginners and advanced users alike can find pleasure from the Teneo Uno, as long as they be vagina-wielding folk! It all depends on what you're looking for from your Kegel routine and your pleasure balls, or ball in this case.

Design / Shape / Size

I like the design of the Teneo Uno, and find it an unobtrusive, easy aid for strengthening my PC muscles and getting me on the road to better, stronger orgasms! Once I lubed it up with water-based lube, and popped it inside my cunt, I was met with a pleasant feeling of fullness, and I definitely experience increased body-awareness of my pussy and my PC muscles when I use the Teneo Uno.

The increased body-awareness this toy gives me, reminds me to squeeze my Kegels and work them out all day long! For me, it was the perfect size and I appreciated that it wasn't as distracting as some other pleasure balls I've used in the past. I can totally put the Teneo Uno in while getting dressed in the morning, and go about my daily routine without worry.

It is shaped in such a way that I don't think the average woman would have any issues with it slipping out or popping out unexpectedly. And remember, ladies, if you do have that problem, working your PC muscles will prevent it in the future!

Teneo Uno is small enough to pop into a little pouch or case in your purse or take with you on a trip. Just know that it does not come with an included case, just a molded plastic box, so you'll have to hunt down your own storage case.


I love how Fun Factory provides customers with an alternative to the usual duo of pleasure balls as Kegel exercisers. If you're a beginner to Kegels, or simply want a choice of workout or a change from your regular Smartballs, the Teneo Uno may be just what you're looking for.

For me, the sensation provided when inside me was enough to keep my pussy dripping wet and my PC muscles clenching again and again and again... If you have previously given birth vaginally or know that you're pussy is above-average, the Teneo Uno might not give you the sensation or work out desired.

Care and Maintenance

Fun Factory's Teneo Uno is silicone and extremely easy to care for. It can be disinfected by boiling (make sure you boil for at least three minutes if you choose this method) or it can be sterilized on the top rack of your dishwasher. How easy is that?

The Teneo Uno's silicone body (and connected retrieval loop) is hypo-allergenic, non-porous, phthalates free, and latex-free for all of you women looking for body-friendly toys.

Please use only water-based lubricant with the Teneo Uno, as other lubes can react with the silicone and harm the longevity of the toy. There is a sample of Fun Factory's ToyFluid included with the Teneo Uno, and this is a great quality water-based lube that's safe for use with this product.
Follow-up commentary
The Teneo Uno has been a great Kegel exerciser for me. I find myself grabbing it and popping it inside on days that I need an extra pick-me-up. And you know what? It works. Every single time. The Teneo Uno unfailingly gives me something positive to focus on, and leaves me wet and happy and horny.

Plus, I get to feel good about getting some kind of exercise throughout my hectic days, and who wouldn't want that self-confidence boost?! I like the Uno. A lot. Still. She's held up well, and appears that she's going to keep lasting. Hooray!
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