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Dona body mist lotion Dona body mist lotion

Body moisturizer by System JO

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Dona body mist lotion reviews

27 reviews
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27 reviews

If you want a lotion that is simple, light, and easy to use, look no further. Long lasting and not overpowering, this lotion is great for everyday use. I want every scent.

The body mist lotion spray is wonderful it leaves your skin feeling moisturized and it works great as a body lotion and a perfume,you can use it as needed anywhere.

I think that the names need to be changed to fit the scents a little better. In addition to that, this product is not one of my absolute favorites.

While I loved the smell of this product and the ease of just being able to spray and go. This felt really sticky to me and that turned me off and the thought of being ashy again within hours.

The mangosteen body mist is a nice smelling addition to your morning routine. It is not for people who need heavy duty moisturizing. I still like it enough to give it 4 stars, I did receive it as a gift and do enjoy using it some mornings.

This is a pretty good product. From what I can tell, it does what advertised to to; keep my wife's skin soft. And on top of it, it leaves her skin with a fruity scent. We have never been let down with JO products, even the silicone lubes that were not to our liking; they were still good products.

Despite wanting to love this product, it is clear that I will most likely cease using it altogether. Even though the smell is absolutely amazing and you can escape the plague of heavier creams, the cons are too many. Between occasional skin irritation, problematic ingredients, and the lack of moisturizing factor, Step #3 in Dona's self-care line may leave you needing more nourishment than when you started.

The Dona Acrai mist lotion smells so good. That is the best feature of this lotion for me. I would have given it 5 stars but my hands were left slightly sticky. But I can live with that because I love the smell.

If you are looking for something to help the dry skin while having too busy of a schedule to rub lotion on yourself, this may be something to look in to. It's easy to use and does not take a lot of effort and leaves your skin soft and well scented. Perfect for any busy schedule.

The body lotion in this line of products is nice, however this mist is too tacky and sticky to the point where I hardly use it and really don't want to.

This DONA acai body mist lotion is a great buy. So far I have this body mist lotion, the plumping lip balm, the body butter in acai, and the massage candle in mangosteen and I LOVE them all! I would highly recommend products from DONA by JO, and I plan to get many more myself!

Light and sweetly fragranced the Dona Mist Lotion is perfect for just about everyone. Not too sweet and not too woodsy it will please most wearers. It penetrates the skin and creates a nice barrier to skin drying winter or summer air. This is a great product for all over body use.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this body mist lotion by Dona. It was entirely too sticky and the heaviness of the product does not do well in the Florida heat. On the plus side, it smells amazing and the scent will last for a long time, whereas the stickiness is just temporary.

Dona's Body Mist Lotion is such an amazing product. It is a light mist that is sprayed, then once it is rubbed into skin, it moisturizes like a lotion. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also acts as an aphrodisiac. It is such a great addition to an after-shower routine, that I'm gonna make it a permanent part of mine!

I love the convenience of a spray lotion, and I do agree this moisturizes a BIT, but it doesn't replace a regular slather on lotion. The scent is sophisticated and complex and lasts a really long time. It's a much better body mist.

This is an awesome body mist/lotion. The smell is wonderful and long lasting. There is no sticky residue after it is applied. It can be used as an all day body spray or reserved for those intimate times with your significant other.

This Body Mist Lotion by Dona will leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling beautiful! The floral/fruity aroma isn't very overwhelming and it lasts a long while, with no need to reapply often.

This interesting new product is a body moisturizer that is sprayed on as a thin liquid and rubs in to leave your skin soft and silky-smooth. It is great for moisturizing those "hard-to-reach" places like the back, and leaves shaved legs feeling touchable!

The Body Mist Lotion from DONA smell really good and I love that it absorbs quickly. The only thing I dislike is the light tacky feeling it leaves on my skin. Other than that it's a good product and you get a large bottle for a good price. It's paraben free and made of natural ingredients like passion fruit oil and actual aphrodisiac ingredients. It's exotic and fruity and makes my skin smell and look fabulous! The tacky feeling is a real turn off for me though.

This is the second body mist lotion that I've gotten and I love the fragrance and that it is inexpensive.

I ordered Camu Camu when I meant to grab the Blue Lotus. After I realized my mistake, I was still excited to try the body mist lotion and the new scent. The only line of Dona I have ordered is the Blue Lotus. I quickly realized that the Camu Camu and I were not going to get along, it is too sweet and unique of an aroma. I am doing a short review and the follow up will include information about the Blue Lotus lotion, you will have a comparison for the two lines of Dona aphrodisiacs.

This body mist lotion is fantastic for soft skin, and the fragrance is light but very long-lasting. It works great for very dry skin and seems like it will last a good, long time.

The Dona Pomegranate Body Mist Lotion smells wonderful as well as moisturizes skin. The entire Dona line provides one the ability to layer your favorite scent in different forms of enjoyable and exciting beauty products.

This has simply been one of the best experiences that I have ever had with bath and body products. I would honestly buy this product even if it cost a little more than it does now. It is spa quality without the hassle of driving to the spa and paying an outrageous price. DONA is simply wonderful.

The only reason I'm giving this only four stars is because it can feel a bit tacky when you first apply the lotion. I don't notice it, however, my daughter did when we did a test of two different brands/products. The oil helps to carry the scent very well but I wish the scent lasted longer. My second favorite mangosteen product from DONA. (My first favorite is the body polish).

this is a fabulous and convenient spray on body moisturizer in lucious superfruit scents that also contains aphrodisiacs to turn the heat between you and your partner! Leaves skin feeling soft, silky, and extremely hydrated!

The Dona body Mist Lotion is one of the best spray lotions that I have ever tried over the years. It is light and fresh smelling and holds on the skin just like a good body spray. It also works wonderfully as a body lotion.

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