Dona body mist lotion - body moisturizer by System JO - review by Peggi

A pomegranate delight!

This interesting new product is a body moisturizer that is sprayed on as a thin liquid and rubs in to leave your skin soft and silky-smooth. It is great for moisturizing those "hard-to-reach" places like the back, and leaves shaved legs feeling touchable!
Everything from the scent to the ingredients to the performance!
Some may be allergic to products which contain "fragrance"
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System JO created a very unique, wonderfully smelling, futuristic body lotion. This amazing product is none other than the Dona Body Mist Lotion!

This unique skin-hydrating liquid comes in 6 fantastic scents and a guarantee that you will love it to the very last spray! It can be applied to all external areas of the body aside from the mucous membranes. Both men and women are welcome to use this spray, although it does leave a "perfume-like" scent, so men who do not appreciate smelling pretty may not want to use this product.

Because this is beautifully scented, it can also be a type of perfume in addition to a moisturizer. It works very well for both! It is not meant to be any type of lubricant, however, as most of the ingredients should not be inside of the body. It could cause a terrible reaction!

    • Massage

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The liquid inside of the bottle is almost completely clear, a slight yellowish tint to it if you look very closely. Once sprayed on the skin, you can not see any color at all, and it rubs in without leaving any trace of color on your hand. It also should not stain fabric.

It is very thin, about the same consistency as water, so of course it sprays on with a fine mist. Once on the skin, however, you can see it is more oily than watery. It feels as though it would be very greasy as you try to rub it in, but as you begin to rub, it spreads well. Once rubbed in fully, it does not leave any type of residue, oil, or sticky feeling at all on the surface of the skin.

It leaves a very smooth, velvety feeling on the skin and leaves a hydrated feeling.

Here are two pictures of before and after rubbing the product in. Notice how it is running down my leg in the first picture, and then rubs in very well to where it can't be seen!

    • Smooth
    • Thin
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

This spray comes in acai, mangosteen, goji berry, camu camu, pomegranate, and blue lotus. The only two scents that really caught my eye were the pomegranate and goji berry, but the goji berry was not in stock when I placed my order, so I chose the pomegranate. I hope to eventually try the other scent as well, but I love the one I received!

The pomegranate isn't too fruity, and really did turn out to be what I'd expect from a pomegranate scented perfume. It is strong when you first spray it, however as you rub it in, the scent does die down a bit. It is not offensive to the senses at all, though, and shouldn't cause a headache if you are sensitive to certain fragrances. You are just left with a beautiful, sweet smell. Because everybody has a different scent to them, this spray may not be for everyone, but if these types of perfumes work for you, you should be just fine!

Because of the ingredients in this product, it should not be ingested. It may make you sick if you do, though if you just get a slight mist on your tongue, you should be fine, though you may gag from the taste! I would imagine it would probably taste much like a perfume would when you accidentally get a mist in your mouth somehow, which is a bitter taste!
    • Bad taste
    • Smells good


I was honestly and truly surprised with how well this product worked. I caught this item when it was on sale, because I didn't think it was worth risking the normal cost of the product, when I didn't honestly know if it would even work. I was so surprised, that I decided to buy more even once it is no longer on sale, and even try some of the other scents!

As a moisturizer, this is easy to rub in and your skin drinks it right up! It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a gross, sticky feeling behind. It moisturizes your skin for a good 4-6 hours, depending on how much you may rub the area with regular, daily activities. The entire duration, your skin will have a velvety feel to it, making this perfect for when you step out of the shower! Nothing feels more comfortable than taking a shower and shaving your legs, then applying a nice moisturizer and slipping on your most comfy PJs!

As far as the scent goes, that also lasts for about the same amount of time. The longer you wear it, the more it wears off of course, but it does last for quite a while! This would be excellent to put on your neck for your daily perfume!

The ingredients list consists of a lot of oils and typical moisturizing ingredients, but it also contains "fragrance", which some may need to avoid if they have sensitivities to certain fragrances. This didn't irritate my skin, however, and I have very sensitive skin, especially after shaving.

I did discover an interesting ingredient on the list, though. Though this should not be placed on, in, or too near the vagina because of the oils and fragrance, I was interested in "Ethylhexylglycerin", thinking that it was a typical sugar or "glycerin". Some women do avoid glycerins even if it is not to go near the vagina, so I did research it. Apparently, this is good stuff! It is a skin conditioner and is derived from glycerin, but is an alternative to parabens! That is great news! Because parabens are also known to be pretty bad, and this is synthetic, so those who avoid glycerin and parabens, this is great news!

This means no parabens, no glycerin, all natural, and, as stated on the bottle, cruelty free!

To wash this product off, you can simply use a washcloth with soap and water or a toy or baby wipe. If it should get on your clothing or fabrics, you can use the same method to clean them off, or throw your clothes/blankets in the washing machine.

    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting


Your spray will come in a 8.5 fl. oz (that's 250 ml) spray bottle. The bottle itself is clear plastic with a twist on/off black top that you press down on to spray the product. There is a clear cap to seal it, and your product will come tied up in a plastic bag, just in case. This product has not leaked yet, and it has been both shipped and placed in my purse. If you take this with you to travel, you may want to consider placing it inside of a plastic bag, just to prevent leaking.

The bottle has the product label wrapped around it, and does not indicate this product could've come from a website like Eden. It lists the product name and information on a yellow background as well as the scent on the border of the yellow and black backgrounds. On the black portion of the label it lists more product information, ingredients and company information. It does state that you may reapply this moisturizer as often as needed.

The cap can be removed with one hand, as well as the spray button able to be pushed with the same hand. It is very easy to use and apply!
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak
    • Would make a nice gift

Special Features

This would be excellent for a gift-giving idea, because aside from listing that it is an aphrodisiac-infused product, there is no indication that it is anything other than a nice spray. It has a beautiful, elegant label and is easy to use and dispense! It can also be recycled when you are finished with it!

What I really love about this spray is that I can spray it on those hard to reach areas, like my back! It makes it easy to moisturize your back when you simply can't reach! A must have, especially for those who might have shoulder or back problems, like myself!


After stepping out of the shower and drying my body off, I gave a nice spray down of my entire body and began to rub it in. I felt it quickly absorb into my skin, as it drank it up. It smelled wonderful and I instantly fell in love. It rubbed in so well and left my skin feeling so smooth and silky. My hubby really loved the scent as well, and thought my skin felt really nice. He kept rubbing my arms a lot, and my legs felt extra smooth and soft during sex!
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