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This is a huge, eco-friendly tote that can serve multiple purposes. Made of sturdy material, it's likely to hold over 25 pounds! Use it inside or outside the house, but be wary as it has the website name on both sides.

In essence it's a great sturdy bag! The advertisements on the bag and a lack of closures make it difficult for public use if your environment doesn't allow it.

If you want a strong adorable shopping bag, or even just something to hold your extra stuff, look no further. Just grab a few of these and you are going to find more uses for them than you think.

Overall, the Edenfantasy's tote bag is a fantastic tote. Groceries, hiding those 'little secrets' in them. It makes a fantastic bag for sex toy storage if you need it. I personally take mine everywhere!

If you get this free, then you'll be pretty happy, but if you did pay for it you may not be so happy about it due to how thin the martial is. I would not recommend using this bag for really heavy stuff because of how thin it is; I don't think the handles would be able to take it. This would be best for a light shopping or just something to keep stuff in (e.g. plastic bags, maybe a few books, etc.).

I received this free in my order and was very surprised by the quality of this bag. However, the large logo over it renders it fairly useless to me, unless I want everyone in my family to know I buy sex toys from edenfantasy.com

This was a useful piece to add to my collection. It holds everything that I do not need to get to right away. This is also a very durable bag.

The Edenfantasys tote bag is your basic reusable tote, it is nothing too fancy. It is super handy to have around for storage or porting things though.

I think this is an ok bag as a freebie. For 2 dollars though, there are better reusable grocery bags elsewhere. The lack of reinforced bottom, weak handle, and thin material makes this a poor choice for heavy groceries. As a storage bag this works ok, but again, cannot be filled with heavy objects if you want to lift it by the handle to move around.

This is just a great tote bag to have around. It has so many uses and is super sturdy. With a cute, discreet design, you'll be comfortable taking this anywhere and using it everywhere.

I love my Eden Fantasys tote, and I would recommend it to anyone who uses the reusable grocery bags, needs a swimming bag for towels, or storage for just about anything that will fit in it!

I use it for everything, it just makes me so happy and excited! There are just endless things you can use this for and I am very happy they exist. They are stronger than the Publix ones.

All in all if you are looking for a cheap bag to either store light things in or just to use around the house this will do the job. But if you are looking for more bags to take shopping look elsewhere.

This bag holds a lot of stuff and is very durable. I recommend everyone to get one. Or two. Not only would you be helping save the planet but it's great way to promote EdenFantasys!

As a free gift it wasn't that bad but I would never buy this or take this out in public anywhere. It's more for home and even then if you live with people I would use something else unless they know about your toy stash.

These are a good free gift, but it's a shame that they're so obviously from a sex toy site. They're sturdy, large enough to hold as much weight as you would want to carry and have a waterproof exterior. If you're trying to convince people to join EdenFantasys, passing them one of these bags would be a great way to start.

The Edenfantasys Bag is handy for storing toys or other stuff, carrying groceries, bringing to the beach, etc. Reusable bags help the environment and I like free stuff: a win/win situation for everyone! I was not disappointed by the quality of this bag.

I was surprised at the sturdy, roomy, reusable tote bag I received as a free gift with my order. Because of the obvious sex store logos on both sides of this tote bag, I will only be using it in my home. The uses are practically endless, but my favorite use is for storing all the toys I have accumulated! I favor the idea of hanging this on a back hook in my closet to keep my toys out of sight. Even if it weren't free, I can easily see myself purchasing a few more.

This isn't one of those really cute tote bags that you're going to carry everywhere. But if you feel comfortable walking around in public with this, it's a good buy to haul some books or groceries.

You can never have too many reusable bags, and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s well designed, waterproof, and durable, as well as a great size for a multitude of uses. However, blatant branding limits this bag's usefulness for me.

This reusable tote bag could be used for a wide range of reasons. You may use it to store your toys, to hold your toys while you travel, or you could use it for something not even sex toy related. Whatever the reason may be, you can not beat the price to just have another reusable tote bag on hand.

This is a great reusable bag. In some areas of California we're having to carry reusable bags every where we go, or else we have to pay extra. This bag makes a statement and is a nice change up from some of the more generic bags out there. I love using my bag as something to toss my towel, sunblock, and magazines in, to go hit the beach.

This is a great product either for free or 2 dollars it doesn't matter. You always have a use for this no matter what. I recommend everyone to get at least one!

This is a great bag for a free gift with a purchase. It can carry a load of different things and has a lot of space for toy storage. For the price of two dollars each it isn't bad either. If you aren't afraid to use this in public, it's a great option for carrying groceries or trips to the laundromat. Pick one up for yourself in your next purchase. I'm sure glad I did!

Edenfantasys tote bag is a wonderful free gift option that is ongoing. Whether you’re the “throw caution to the wind” type of person by bringing it to the grocery store, or you are just using this bag for storage around the home, all buyers will have use for this cute little shoppers tote!

The tote is great because I can use it for so many different things. I can use it as a grocery bag, beach bag, etc. It is stylish, large, and very sturdy, I do not see it falling apart any time soon. The only thing I want is more size options. I would love if they offered smaller bags as well in the same pattern.

This is a great $2 purchase and an even better free gift. It is a spacious, strong, reusable bag that I promise you will get a ton of use out of. If you don't like carrying something with the Eden logo on it, you can still use it around the house or in the car to keep things neat and contained.

This item is worth the $$ and definitely worth getting if it is offered for free. You can haul groceries, go to the gym, and spread the word about an awesome site that has a community unequaled in friendliness and nice people.

A reusable bag is green, unfortunately not if you don't use it. If you're a bit shy, this bag is not for you.

The EdenFantasys tote bag is a great way to show you support for the store. It has proven far superior to any other reusable bag that I own and the price of $2.00 is absolutely amazing. Keep an eye out though, because the bag is currently offered as a free gift with purchase!

Looking for an affordable way to organize your toys, add this to your shopping cart next time you head the the check out. This usual freebee is a great way to keep all of your toys in one handy location. It is strong enough to tote items back from the store if you are brave enough to take it there in the first place.

This bag is absolutely amazing. It is functional, Well-made, Reusable, and very affordable. They are so versatile and could be taken just about anywhere.!

This bag is a great deal for all of your storage needs and can be used for other purposes, including using it as a travel bag, or using it at the grocery store.

This tote is sleek in design, and serves a wonderful purpose. Bring it on trips to keep your toys separate from your luggage, or to store at home in a dark space. Does lack discreteness, but definitely more discreet than keeping toys in plain view!!!

Whether you pay for this bag or receive it as a free gift with your order there is always a way to put this nifty bag to use.

Do you need a simple tote bag ? Or maybe you want to gear up with some Eden Fantasys pride? Then this product will fit the bill. You have to keep the performance of this bag in perspective, it is $2 not $20. It functions as it should and looks good, exactly what a good bag should be doing.

You can use this as a gift bag, as a beach bag or as a storage bag. It worked awesome for all. It's cheap, water resistant, strong and versatile. What more could you want in a bag? All I can think of to make this better is a variety of sizes. I would recommend purchasing it.

How exciting can tote bags be? I must say that they really are a lifesaver, and they definitely come in handy.

Everyone needs a reusable bag, and everyone needs a reusable bag that is sturdy and supportive. Too bad you won't be getting both with this one. Eden's bag may be free, and it may be adorable, but in terms of functionality it falls a bit short. Still, it never hurts to have an extra bag lying around, so go ahead and grab it, but only if it's a free gift.

This tote bag is a great option as a free gift! You can use it for a lot of things. Take it in public to the store, store food, put your tanning products in it, store your make-up and shower products, etc. It's made of tough material, so I don't see it breaking anytime soon.

I really think this tote bag is well worth its price. It can be taken anywhere from the beach to the store or just for storage around your house.

These totes are just great. It can be used for storing your toys, trips to the supermarket or other stores, or simply for an overnight travel bag. It is very strong and very well made. For a free gift, you really cannot beat it. Although I did actually purchase my bag, I felt even the $2 price was a great deal. Why not give one a try, especially as a free gift; there is no reason not to!

This is a great tote bag with none of the cons that I've found in other reusable totes! These are great to keep around the house and have a variety of uses. This one's durable and very nice-looking.

If I could redesign this tote, I just might. I'd like for the bottom to be wider and to have some sort of support, the inside material to be washable or spill-resistant, and I'd add an inside pocket at the very least. "For $2?!" you say. For 99 cents I can get a washable bag with bottom support and that is wide enough at the bottom to fit a gallon of milk, so YES. Reusable bag snobs unite!

Just get one! Where could you go wrong? It's cheap, good for recycling, reusable, washable, dry-able, and stylish! You can also get it free with purchase right now. Try one today, dude. And support EF in style.

I love my Eden tote, and I think everyone can find a use for the durable, lightweight bag. I will continue to get more of them as need be.

This makes an excellent tote bag or gift bag! It's super affordable, durable, and holds an unbelievable amount of toys in it. I have no qualms with this bag. For the price, I definitely got what I paid for and more. Now I have a place to store my goodies without them falling out of a dresser drawer. I can just shove anything in that bag and not have to worry about storage.

$2.00 for a reusable bag is not only a great deal, but its perfect for so many different things. Whether you want to store it, carry it or just have a place to toss stuff, the Eden bag is for you.

I really love the EF tote bag. It's inexpensive and well made. It can be used for grocery shopping, an overnight bag, toy storage, gift giving, whatever! The bag is sturdy and can hold a lot. I've used it for a variety of purposes already. I think I may have to pick up a few more since I find them useful for basically everything!

This bag holds a lot. Mostly I use it for items that are too big for the lockable storage containers that I have and it works great. The down side of this item is that it doesn't close, so anyone can snoop in the bag.

I'm sure this bag will last a lifetime. I think I would need to try to destroy in order for it to tear. The only bad thing I can say is that I wish it came in more colors besides black. I think it is an excellent bag.

This bag is great, it's cheap, and I'd recommend it to every fan of EF. If you're looking for storage space for a cheap price, you can't beat this deal.

For two dollars. this is an easy buy and well worth it. Buy more than one, you will defiantly not regret doing so. You can use it for so many things. Enjoy!

This bag does not scream I was bought from a sex toy site. I think it is a great way to get the EdenFantasys name out there. I know I have been asked where I got it and I send them to www.edenfantasys.com with my affiliate code. I plan on buying a few more.

The Eden Toto bag screams cute, for only $2.00 or free. It is stitched with strong threading as well, making it pretty durable.

This bag isn't discreet enough for me to use in public, but it is excellent for storage. I just find myself wishing that it had some sort of closure, so that I wouldn't need to worry about things falling out of the bag. Still, as it's priced at only $2.00, this is a bargain.

This is a great, large, re-usable bag that has many uses. It is sturdy and carries it's weight without straining the seams. The bag has many uses and depending on where you live, you can use it out in public and at home.

This is great reusable tote bag. I love that Eden offers it as a Free Gift with any order, but it also a good deal at $2. It's large size makes it suitable for a wide range of uses.

Want to take Eden with you on the go? Now you have the option to take their tote wherever you go. It is very easy to carry and is quite sturdy.

I am so glad that Eden offers this tote as a free gift with purchase. Even if they didn't, at only $2, it is really worth it! It is the perfect place to stash all your sexy goods.

These make a great choice as your "free gift" from EF or you can just buy some. At $2, they are quite a bargain. Not only are they incredibly useful but you can fold them up and then pull them back out for later use.

This bag will help in the crazy life of a college student, and many other things that may come my way in life.

The Edenfantasys tote bag is a useful bag to have around. It can be a great conversation starter if you want it to be, or you can just use it in your own home for storage and transporting things around.

This is a great bag and a great option as a free gift. There are so many options as to how to use this bag. I love it and I think others will too, but if not it's cheap so it's not a big deal.

I love my tote and will be getting more. Such a great reusable item and so versatile that I think everyone needs to have at least one. Besides you don't even need to pay to get it, it can't get any better than that!

This cute, shiny, black tote bag from EdenFantasys is awesome in every way. You can use it for shopping, storing toys, or even as a gift bag for an EdenFantasys purchase for someone else. For only $2, this bag is definitely worth having at least one of. Sometimes, you can find these for free with an EdenFantasys order too.

This is a great little tote. It's roomy, durable, and really cute with EF stuff emblazoned all over it. A great option for a free gift, or as a little something extra in your order!

For a pagan like myself, who is an unashamed tree-hugger, the Eden Tote is the perfect bag to take shopping. It can hold my purse and is comfortable to sling over my shoulder. I love that it can hold so much and doesn't ever seem to fall apart. I would suggest throwing one in your cart with your order, for $2 you can't beat it. The bag is colorful but not indecent, and if you have an affiliate code and some coupons you could make back your $2 investment in no time!

I really like this Eden bag for storing my personal items in. I don't use it for anything else because I would not carry this bag around in public just because of what is on the tote bag. It's a great way to be eco-friendly and if you’re not sure what to get for a free gift on this website, this would be something to consider.

This is a fantastic multi-purpose bag! The Eden logo is tasteful, and you can feel comfortable using this bag just about anywhere. Well worth the $2 price, and a freebie!

A great reusable bag for just about anything your imagination can think to use it for. Folds up easily to take along for shopping and is large enough to fit a number of things. Perfect for holding toys in as well.

Would you take it on a plane? Would you take it in the rain? If it was this awesome shopping bag from Eden Fantasys, then the answer is a resounding "YES!" This sturdy, well made bag boasts comfortable cloth handles, a water resistant outer lining, and plenty of room to carry around whatever you stuff into it. You know you need an Edenfantasys tote bag in your life!

WORTH IT! You can't beat the quality for this price. You will never run out of uses for a nice tote!

One of my favorite free gifts from Eden! If you have a large collection or toys, or simply want to be green, this is a great tote to have! It also makes a great gift to spread the Eden Love!

All in all, this is a great, reusable bag. It's roomy, sturdy, splash proof, and it can be taken anywhere.

Chances are, you need a reusable tote like this one. You may not know what for, but for $2? You should definitely grab one and be happy. This bag can serve many purposes and holds a lot of stuff, all with a cute, modern design and a durable material. I give this bag five stars because it's awesome.

Whether you get this as a free gift when placing your order or splurging the $2 to buy this cute tote, it's worth it! This bag is strong, cute, and very handy! Store anything you'd like in it at home or fill it with essentials for a day out, any way you use this, it's a win!

For a non woven Eco-friendly bag, this is really cute. There is enough room in here to store things for days before you run out of space, as long as you pack it right. If I am brave I would take this out because it is a very sturdy bag, as much shopping as I do, this would be perfect at the store. If your looking for storage for your toys give this a try and it is free with anything you order, how can you not like that?

Cutest Tote I've Seen

This tote is great for anyone, It can be a caryall for whatever you need. Hold so much both in quantity and weight! I cant wait to buy more.

This representative bag can serve just about any purpose for someone on the go or storage at home! The versatile plastic is almost cloth-like with it's flexibility. The bag is lightweight and great for anyone who would like to store toys for a trip or keep them at home. I carry this bag with me on overnight stays and trips and love it!

This would make the perfect beach bag, or something to bring with you to the grocery store. It's cute, and environmentally safe if you use it to replace plastic bags at the store! It has the lovely EF logo on it, and it's really fun to carry around.

This is a convenient tote bag, with a multitude of uses - and it's only $2.00! Or, you could add it to your order for free, like I did. Either way, the price is certainly not bad, and if you don't mind walking around with the EdenFantasys logo, then you will like this bag!

Eden, who loves you? I sure do and for only 2 bucks, you would too. This bag is great; it is huge, stores a bunch of stuff and it is environmentally friendly. How can you go wrong with that? It is also very pretty with the bunch of colors it has, sure to get a bunch of questions while out and about.

This is a great tote bag for sex toy storage, or groceries if you're not the bashful type. It is pretty girly with the pink. Its a great price and wonderful size that can hold a lot. I give it 5 stars.

A great tote to carry to and from the store , office, or to keep your toys in! Durable and fashion friendly!

The Edenfantasys tote bag is a great addition to anyone's reusable bag collection since it doesn't look too girly. It's eco-friendly and can be used to carry things in so many different situations. Honestly at $2.00 a bag I think it's a steal for the quality and the size!

These bags are amazingly strong and durable and come in very handy at the grocery store. They also save us money and help save the planet!

Who can ever have enough of bags? I can't. This one was just one to add to the vast collection that I have. It is a great pick up for the price.

If you're looking for a great, eco-friendly tote bag, and want to show off your EdenFantasys support, this is the bag for you!! It's is super cute, and very brightly colored!! Could be used for all kinds of things, including toy storage, grocery bag, travel, or just to show off you support to EF!

Overall, this bag is an awesome way to show your love and support of Eden. It's reusable so you don't have to worry about contributing to waste, like you would if you were using plastic or paper bags. It can also withstand a fair amount of abuse, which makes it great for moms and anyone who needs a durable tote.

The EdenFantasys Tote Bag is a great place to store all your "naughty helpers". The black color of the bag makes certain that no one can see into your private EdenFantasys goody bag! Every woman should have one filled with her favorite toys!

What isn't to love about this tote bag? I would have 10 of them if I had uses for them! They are great and hold a lot, everyone needs one!

This bag came as a free gift when I purchased a massager. I would have ordered one even if I wasn't getting it for free. For a reusable bag, $2 is not a bad price to pay. I think it works well as a promotional gift and it makes me want to order more things so that I can add it at the end of my shopping expedition.

This is a great tote for so many different uses. Use it as a reusable shopping bag, in your trunk for your emergency supplies or use as a tote to carry things to work, what ever you use it for, you won't be disappointed.

This is a tote bag. A tote bag with the EF logo on it. It only has one job: carry your crap in it. Fortunately, it does that just fine.

If you like tote bags, this is a fair one to add to any tote collection. It'll easily hold up to a lot of abuse and can be used for literally anything you might want to carry that can fit in a bag. The only real down side is that you may not want to advertise where you buy your naughty things, but in that case, just use it to hold stuff at home!

This is a very good quality tote bag that advertises EdenFantasys quite tastefully. If you are environmentally conscious, this bag will help cut down on the amount of plastic you bring home with each trip. It is very durable, water resistant, and can hold many items at once.

This is a good item to get as a free gift once or twice. After more bags are no longer needed, it's better to choose a more useful or more interesting free gift.

Need a bag to take to the beach? Something to store your items? A reusable grocery bag? EdenFantasys has got you covered!

For only a couple of bucks, this tote bag is the perfect way to show your support for Eden. Use it in public, or just around the house. With a little creativity, there are countless things that this bag can be used for!

Edens gives to us, lets give back to them! These are great tote bags that have many undiscovered uses. The colors look fresh and classy together, and they are reasonably sturdy. Where better to put your lubes and other miscellaneous products?

Overall, this tote bag is an amazing product to have and a useful item to have with you at all times. It doesn't weigh much at all and it can hold a lot of different things that only you can see!

This handy sack is totally worth the price - it's a well made reusable bag that folds easily to fit in your backpack or purse so you can pull it out, save a plastic bag, reduce, reuse, recycle, and show off your EF pride!

This bag works great for all of the tasks I use it for. Thanks Eden for joining the cute tote bag trend. I love my bag and you will also.

This bag is totally worth the price. You can use it for just about anything. It's a lot higher quality than most totes in the same price range. Even if this were a few dollars more I'd still buy it. I've used it for so many things. It's super adorable, attractive, and has tons of storage space! Everyone needs one of these!

The EF tote bag is perfect for anyone. You can use it to go shopping, or to house some of your toys.

This reusable tote is totally worth $2, take it for what it is and don't expect any miracles. It will carry your stuff, and make you stand out from the rest of the population that use reusable bags.

I think that if you're a fan of Edenfantasys you definitely need one of these totes! Even if you don't think you need it, as soon as you get it you'll think of something to use it for. It's very functional and it looks great! I love the design.

Beautiful Tote Bag

A good bag that's worth the price. Everyone should have at least one. You can use it for anything, and take it anywhere.

I love this bag. It durable, big, and pretty discreet. It makes me feel like it's empowering women when I wear it. I wish I had more, for I would give them to all of my friends to use. Go Green, Go sexy.

Living in an area where plastic bags are the target of people and lawmakers, Edenfantasys Tote Bags is a great way to help cut down on using plastic bags. They fold down and can be stored almost anywhere.

The best $2 you will spend. This product allows you to showcase this community while doing your everyday tasks. Be proud!

This is a cute bag, good for storage, and holds a good amount of toys or items in general. It is most definitely the price of two dollars.

This bag is black with pink, green, and white graphics and lettering. The graphics are cute and sexy without screaming "SEX SHOP BAG!" at people. Still use discretion as to where you carry it both around prudes and around the grammar Nazis ("it is spelled fantasies!" they scream). The bag holds plenty of stuff and is very durable. Overall this is a nice bag to show off your love of EF and for $2 I can't complain.

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