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I was surprised at the sturdy, roomy, reusable tote bag I received as a free gift with my order. Because of the obvious sex store logos on both sides of this tote bag, I will only be using it in my home. The uses are practically endless, but my favorite use is for storing all the toys I have accumulated! I favor the idea of hanging this on a back hook in my closet to keep my toys out of sight. Even if it weren't free, I can easily see myself purchasing a few more.
Free, reusable, surprisingly roomy & sturdy, flat bottom stands bag upright
Not discreet, can't close it
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One of this things everyone loves about Eden Fantasys is the free gift with purchase! I have always chosen the Edenfantasys' All-Purpose Wipes, but decided it was about time I try one of these tote bags. I was only able to find my photo of the one side of the bag, along with a package of the Edenfantasys' wipes on the lower left hand corner as a reference for scale. The other side is shown in the photo taken by Eden and is located in the upper left hand corner of this review page.

This tote bag is made of a non-woven, synthetic material with a plastic-like feel & a shiny black surface sporting pink & green graphics and print. On one side, there are 3 rows each of 6 leaf logos, under which it says "edenfantasys.com." The other side says "edenfantasys" on the top and then, in larger letters, it says, "Sexy & Smart" in the middle, while on the bottom are the Facebook and Twitter addresses. The measurements are a generous 15" tall by 15-1/2" long by 15" wide, with a side depth of 4-1/2". I was not expecting the expanding side depth, nor the squared off base, which allows it to sit upright instead of having to lie on its side or hang on something.

I have amassed quite a collection of toys and accessories in the five months I have been a member. Unfortunately, I did not have the foresight to plan for dedicated storage and just left everything in boxes on my bedroom floor. That was fine at first, but now I have stacks of boxes up to my knees and I can't open the bedroom door all the way without crashing into some of them! So, when I read some reviews suggesting that people store their toys inside the bags and then hang the bags on a back closet hook, I took notice. I have to say, I was skeptical that a full bag would be strong enough to support the weight and not have either the handles break or a seam tear open. Then there was also the issue of just how much one of these bags can hold.

So, I began stuffing my tote bag full of items grabbed from my stack of toys. On the bottom I placed the 6 glass dildos in their red velveteen bags, plus one in its box. Then, I put in 15 packets of Eden wipes, as well as 11 insertable vibrators, 5 bullet vibrators and one boxed packer dildo. I also fit in 2 different types of vaginal balls, a pair of nipple suction devices and a towel.

It was fairly heavy when filled with all of these toys, but I did not feel as if that were straining the handles or the tote itself in any way.

I can hardly believe the amount of stuff I was able to comfortably fit in this tote bag! If I had not included the original packaging, I would have been able to fit much more, but what I did manage to fit in it is pretty amazing. Here are some photos of everything from the bag, spread out for you to see.
28 items & 15 wipes
I even have some closer shots, so you can see items on the left side of the big picture.

This is a close up of the right side of the big picture.
I was pleasantly surprised at the number - as well as the combined weight - of the toys that I was able to fit inside the Edenfantasys tote bag. For me, this is the most practical and anticipated use for one of these bags. However, the other ways I can see using this bag are for toiletries, craft supplies, mail, magazines, laundry and other uses inside my home. I am not yet comfortable enough to use this as a reusable shopping bag, although if I didn't already have a bunch of reusable shopping bags, I could be tempted to use this one.

I used to choose only the free wipes with my orders, but now I am going to start collecting more of these surprisingly sturdy & roomy tote bags for use around the house! I would even recommend these at the $2.00 regular Edenfantasys' price, as the tote bag that isn't flimsy & weak. So go ahead and grab one on your next order - after all, who couldn't use more bags?
Follow-up commentary
I never thought I'd ever say this, but I like this bag enough to have selected it for my last few orders as the free gift! The over-stuffed bag shown in the above photos, has been hanging on a back hook in my closet for over a week and it is still in one piece. I expected the handles to have pulled out by now, or the bottom to blow open. But no, it is doing fine and I have to admit this is actually a pretty good way to get my toys stored away until I can work on a better long term storage plan. At least for now, they will be up off the floor and out of sight of prying eyes.
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  • Contributor: surreptitious
    Fantastic review! It's great to have a practical idea of the volume of these totes, since it's difficult for some of us to adequately visualize the space as represented in inches. Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: PropertyOfPotter
    Thanks for the review! Your photos are awesome!
  • Contributor: Pandwhora
    Awesome review!
  • Contributor: Wicked Wahine
    Thanks, people!
  • Contributor: sunflower
    Wow they fit a lot of stuff! Wow you have a lot of stuff! The pics were great. Thanks!
  • Contributor: Wicked Wahine
    Thanks! Look where you will be in just a few months time! That's only a fraction of what I have, Lord help me!
  • Contributor: sunkissedJess
    Thanks for the review!!
  • Contributor: Virgingasms
    Wow, I added this to my last order so I'm glad it can hold so much stuff. Thanks!
  • Contributor: Missboomxo
    Great Review! Thanks~!
  • Contributor: ImaGodiva
    I was wondering where this week's "Flash Your Stash" was! Here it is, hidden in Wicked Wahine's review! Great pictures and review. I just got the tote bag for the first (and second, third, and fourth) time, and I like it too, and I'm also going to hang them in the closet to put toys in.
  • Contributor: Wicked Wahine
    Thanks for all the positive comments, everyone! I know there are a lot of reviews about this item, but I think mine was useful because I really show how much they fit & that they are far more sturdy than you expect!

    @ ImaGodiva, Ha, ha, yes, it does look like a Flash Your Stash submission. I am slightly chagrined to tell you this is just a tiny fraction of all I have bought from EF in 6 months! Eventually, I would have liked to do the Flash Your Stash, but it looks like that is on hold, or over for good.
  • Contributor: unicorn64
    I got my free tote bag also. Just didn't think to write a review.
  • Contributor: LoveReImagined
    I have this bag in my cart and ready to go and am so happy you did a review! I was pretty hesitant about ordering it (even though it's free) because I was unsure of the quality. Now I know that I definately NEED to order it! Great review and I love the pictures!
  • Contributor: Wicked Wahine
    I hope yours holds as much stuff and it as sturdy as mine! I really was stunned to see it hold so much and it has not broken from the weight either and it's been over a year!!

    Thanks for the compliments! I used a crappy cell phone camera, so I am relieved to hear the pix are not bad.
  • Contributor: LoveReImagined
    Even after seeing how big it is in your pictures, I was shocked at how huge this bag is! I also use my cell phone camera!
  • Contributor: Wicked Wahine
    I know, right?! I had to take everything out the first time and lay it out just because I couldn't believe it, not to necessarily photograph it. But then that dim bulb went off in my mind, and I knew I had to include them in the review.

    I am going to have to get my act together and use a real camera because my cell phone is cheap. You can barely see the 6 individual glass dildos lying on the right edge in their red velveteen pouches unless you know what to look for. Oh well, at least they are in focus and helpful.

    I wonder how many people use cameras vs cellphones to take the pix for reviews? I find that a cellphone is always nearby, so I can understand just going with that instead of finding a camera.
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Your pictures tell a thousand words.
  • Contributor: LoveReImagined
    true! I think you should just upgrade your phone. I bought a super awesome camera about 3 years ago...and now I never use it. I don't even go on our brand new laptop or desktop unless I'm making a review. It's just easier for editing and holding my place.
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