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Silk lube reviews

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20 reviews

Great for animal-friendly products, made by women, high quality lube. Verrrry natural feeling and great with toys and latex. However, goes away quickly and needs to be reapplied often. Not great if you need continual lubrication.

I don't want to ever use any other lube again. In fact, because of this lube I will always be sure to buy products that are compatible with hybrid lubes.

I had picked this up and it was for only one reason only until I tried it. I actually got it because it is close to resembling cum and I had a squirting dildo that I was using to try it. The liquid happened to be to thick for that but it worked out great for using on my toys and glass pieces.

I found this hybrid lube to be natural feeling, hypoallergenic and free from the ingredients most likely to irritate women, such as glycerin. There are only two drawbacks. The first is that it leaves a flaky white residue upon drying & the other is the chemical sensitivity reaction I had from the formula.

This product is an excellent addition to sex when you just need a little help getting wet. It is very similar to natural lubrication and does not burn or sting. You can use it with your partner(s) or on your own. Either way, you'll be satisfied. If you want the slickness of silicone-based lube but don't want to deal with the messy cleanup afterwards, then go with Silk. It's the best of both worlds.

The clumpy residue kills it for me. I also find that it needs frequent reapplication. Honestly, I expected a better product from Sliquid since their water-based lubes are so great.

This lube is nice if you're just looking to lubricate. If you're looking for an all-over good experience, you will not find it here. Sliquid silk, performance-wise, is a bit of a dud.

This is a wonderful product that is healthy and free of chemicals. To me that is worth the price. I find the texture and consistency to be top notch compared to others that I've used.

I would recommend Sliquid Silk to anyone who wants a good quality lube for sex or toy use. It is long lasting, glycerin and paraben free, close consistency to cum, easy to clean off, and a little goes a long way. My only beef is that it is such a small bottle (4.2 oz) for such a big price (15$). Other than that try it out.

"...But When I Do, It's Sliquid Silk." Sliquid Silk is not sticky, smooth, thick and slippery. It feels quite close to my natural lubrication and it enhanced play time with several toys. I only wish Eden carried the larger bottle!

Sliquid Silk is a great lube for everything and it keeps me and my partner happy. A great gentle lube for sensitive women. Well worth the cost to keep things going!

If you are someone who doesn't need a whole lot of lubricant, this may satisfy you. But if you need a lot of lubricant, this will let you down so I'm gonna let you know ahead of time. And honestly, 4 ounces is all Sliquid can spare or what?

This lubrication is fantastic for the eco-conscious buyer. It's vegan, body-friendly ingredients are good for the earth and for your body! Despite the high price tag, a little still goes a long way. The eco-friendly version of Liquid Silk!

This is a water and silicone hybrid lube that is very similar to Liquid Silk, without the parabens that some people find irritating. Unfortunately this lube is also much stickier and tackier, and tends to get gummy as it dries out. This is a great choice for people who need a hypoallergenic lube, but I still prefer the original Liquid Silk.

This is a hybrid lube, containing both silicone and water, but you may find it doesn’t last longer than most water based lubes. The thick consistency and silky texture still make this a find lube to use. It also has a white color which might bother some.

Sliquid Roundup #3: Silk and the other fine things in life

Next to it's organic brother, this is the best lube I've ever used. They just need to make this in bigger bottles with a pump and then I'll be in lube heaven.

Sliquid Silk is a fun lube addition to play time. Great to use, a little hard to clean off of my body but that was after I was done.

Overall, I must say I was highly satisfied by this product. It is well worth the value and will last forever! I always have it close at hand in my night stand!

Silk is my favourite lube for everything except oral. It has a great texture, I don't have to reapply it, and it doesn't contain any problem-causing ingredients.

In summary my wife and I have not found a better priced product that delivers for us as a couple during playtime and on our own individual playtime.

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