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Toyfluid reviews

29 reviews
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29 reviews

I really like this stuff. You get quite a bit for the price and it'll last you forever. This is my new favorite brand.

I've loved just about every product by Fun Factory that I've had. Unfortunately, I really didn't like this one and due to a reaction, I'll never be able to use it again.

If you are looking for a long lasting, goo free, scent free, pretty much tasteless lube, easy to dispense, pump action lube all for a fantastic price? This might be what you are looking for. However; if you have ANY sensitivities to various commercial lubes, you might want to skip this lube.

A great lubricant for penetration, but Toyfluid just isn't quite enough for me. It certainly doesn't measure up to my favorites: Aqua, Liquid Silk and Maximus. It's lacking in some ways, but also has great qualities as long as you need a lubricant just for penetration, and not for things like clitoral massaging. Toyfluid dries too quickly, and isn't enough for a good foreplay session.

I feel that for the money this lubricant is worth using with the only draw back found being the early break down. I would tell my friends to try this with all their toys and condom play.

If you're looking for a lube that will last, isn't expensive, and works with any toy then the Toy Factory Toyfuid brand is for you.

This seems to be a great all around lube, but since I have a severe reaction to Glycerin (and did not read the ingredients before using), it is not one I will be using any longer. It has a nice glide to it, stays in place pretty well and is easy to remove. However, if you are allergic or have a reaction to Glycerine--this product will give you fire crotch!!

Feels natural, fantastic for couples or solo use! The fact that it's compatible with most (if not all) toy materials is fantastic! This lube can be used for anything and everything. Quite versatile.

This is an excellent lube for almost anyone who needs some assistance during a hand job or vaginal sex. This does contain glycerin, so those who are sensitive to this should steer clear of this product.

It doesn't stain, smell, have a color or a taste. It is very hypoallergenic, easy to dispense and does not get sticky at all.

The bottom line is that we will be looking for another lube. Overall, Toyfluid is great, just not for us. Due to how thin the lube is, it doesn't last as long as we would like.

I am really glad that I gave toyfluid a try, it provides a stellar hand job and at the price vs amount it tops some higher priced competitors.

Toyfluid is a very nice and very natural water-based lubricant. It has no taste or smell, and is both condom and toy safe. It is definitely one of our favorites to use with silicone toys! The thin, slightly watery texture is perfect if you're looking for a natural, slippery and non-sticky lubricant.

This is a nice water-based lube that is great to use during sex or with toys, especially silicone ones. It has a handy pump dispenser for ease of application, and the bottle is discreet enough to be left out on your nightstand. It contains glycerin, which some people may have reactions to.

Toyfluid is a toy-friendly lubricant that provides exactly the right kind of slickness, lending a silky, natural feel that will enhance any number of intimate activities. Packaged in a stylish, discreet bottle with a handy pump dispenser, this is water-based lubricant at its finest.

I am very satisfied with this lubricant. If you're looking for a simple, no-frills lubricant that does not have any "extra" features such as flavor or warmth, this will definitely work for you. Especially for girls who wish to use it for toys- water-based lubes are the best!

This item was definitely worth it. It held up during sex and made my bullet glide all over my body much smoother than when I don't use it. I definitely will be buying a bigger bottle of this.

If you own silicone toys, this is a lube well worth considering, as it actually improves the performance of some toys.

Toyfluid feels natural, has no smell or taste and comes in a sleek, travel-friendly, discreet packaging. Good water-based lube for toys that are incompatible with other lubes. Excellent lube for a woman who doesn't need much lubrication and has no problem making enough of her own. Unfortunately, that woman isn't me.

Toyfluid is a quality water based lube made by a well-known company. While I do occasionally have reactions to glycerin, I didn't with this product. It's slick, and mostly body safe. Doesn't flake or get sticky. Reactivates and washes off easily. Over all, this is a really great lube.

Toyfluid lubricant is among the best water based lubricants I have tried. FunFactory toys are often silicone and so they created a lube safe for their toys. It is water based, but has the performance of silicone based lubes. It works well for sex as well.

Toyfluid is a slick, long lasting water based lubricant. It is by far the best water base I have found on the market. Toyfluid is ideal for men and women seeking a non-tacky water base lubricant for use with their sex toys. It does contain glycerin, but is L Arginine, petro chemicals, and paraben free.

A great product for someone who wants one lubricant that does it all and is easy to clean up. Also very affordable for the amount you get.

All in all, this is a wonderful lubricant that I recommend highly for body massages as well as clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration or even handjobs. However, it did not pass the consistency test for me; when it came to anal this lubricant was not too thin to reduce friction. If you're looking for the perfect anal lube, this is not it.

Toyfluid from Fun Factory stands out above the rest, when close to 80% of lubricants fail this little lady! With a long list of things that normally disqualify a lube from ever being used again, Toyfluid makes the grade with an even longer list of pros!

ToyFluid is great with any toy, or a partner. It makes a great investment, as it doesn't cost much; more than cheaper lower quality lubes, and is like a bottle of pure luxury.

Toyfluid is a terrific choice for any type of sex toy. It remains slick for an extended period of time without the need for reapplication, mixing beautifully with one's natural lubrication.

Fun Factory's Toyfluid lubricant is an amazingly slick and slippery product that lasts and lasts on a single application. It is water based, so compatible with all materials, and easy to clean up after use. This is definitely one of the best lubes for toy-play that I've tried!

The texture is great; this lubricant definitely does the job. With some lubes, if you keep applying more, after a while you end up with horrible crumbly bits of dried up fluid; this isn't conducive to hot sex or masturbation. There was none of this...

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