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Toucha, toucha, toucha burn me...?

If you are looking for a long lasting, goo free, scent free, pretty much tasteless lube, easy to dispense, pump action lube all for a fantastic price? This might be what you are looking for. However; if you have ANY sensitivities to various commercial lubes, you might want to skip this lube.
Long lasting, scent free, easy to clean up, water based
Some might discover over time they are sensitive to an ingredient
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Lights! Camera! Action!

When it comes to lube, I've been all over the board. I've bought silicone based, oil based, water based, glycerine free, glycerine included, paraben free, paraben included, 100% all natural, 100% fake- or whatever you'd call a combination of ingredients. And everything in the middle.

My biggest issues with lube came from living in a desert climate so everything dries out quickly. 100% natural dried out much too quickly and had to be reapplied every few minutes. The majority of lubes and personal moisturizers left an yicky goo residue which... well.. just was not all that attractive to see, taste or feel. Any lube with a flavour made my snatch smell like the flavour for days and days afterwards no matter how many times I washed (try public toilets in China with that one; many Chinese women pointed and stared at me as I left the bathrooms to their friends that even foreigners urine smells good). Silicone lubes left a slick almost grease like slick feel to my body that took some not so gentle rubbin' to remove. Not to mention some silicone lubes and some silicone toys is just a no no. Then there was the oil based commercial lubes. And I just shake my head at them. They just are not sex friendly. And then there is the issues with infections, reactions/sensitivities to various chemicals in the lube.

Enough said? Can you tell I've done my homework here?

I've tried so many various lubes and potions trying to find a product that I could use on my own and with a partner... but I quite literally had no luck.

And that was including, ToyFluid by Fun Factory.

My issue with ToyFluid was I seemed to develop a sensitivity to one of the ingredients that I cannot seem to pronounce (Aqua, Glycerin, Ethoxydiglycol, Guar Hydroxypropultrimonium Chloride, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol / Methylisothiazolinone/ Methylchloroisothiazolinone). The sensitivity I seemed to have was a very slight burning sensation along my labia and vaginal canal. At first I thought it was a little tear, so I stopped playing and waited a few days to let it heal. When I resumed my regular play time, I thought it was a reaction to the lube and condom. Then I played some more and continued to feel a little more intense burning sensation.

That is when I realised that it was the ToyFluid.

Let's go back in time shall we? When I first used ToyFluid it was a sample size with my first luxury sex toy purchase way back when. I loved it!!! It just made everything and I mean everything feel so much better. Then I decided that I really enjoyed the slickness of lube while playing either by myself or with a partner. So I decided to buy a bottle. The bottle was a 3.4floz metal pump bottle which was just so cool!!! Everything else came in plastic, it was just nice to have and a metal bottle to play with! No slippage here! And the pump action? Literally, one pump was all I needed for a whole entire solo session.

That first bottle lasted me for about five to six months, playing or sex once to twice a day. Then I bought my second bottle. After about two months of use into this second bottle, that is when I started to realise something was wrong. It started to burn when I used it. I did the "elimination" thing and removed everything trying to figure out what could be causing the burn sensation.

Now you are hearing a lot about this burning sensation I experienced with ToyFluid, I know. When really I should be talking about the lube here and not my experience. (But it just flowed so well how could I not???)

Ok back to the lube:
Average humidity where I live: 20-40%

Length of average solo play: 20-30 minutes

Use: one pump of ToyFluid (two pumps was a fun sloppy mess, three buckle my shoe) I did enjoy two pumps or more when there was any backside fun going on.

Did it last the whole session: yes, no need to reapply

Would you recommend this to a friend: certainly! I would recommend this to anyone who has no skin sensitivities. However; I would also mention that they might grow to experience some sensitives in time.

Did it leave goo like or any residue: nope. Clean as a whistle!

Use with toys: ToyFluid is safe enough to use with any type of sex toy and with condoms
Feels Like: once applied, it felt very similar to my natural juices and mixed well with them without any off putting scents. We did notice a very slight bitter taste.

Suggestive alternative uses: Apply one pump to the head of the penis and apply a condom, about five pumps applied between the breasts for fun breast play.

Bonus features: because of the metal canister, I'd toss it into the freezer for about fifteen minutes (I would take a sopping wet towel and wrap the bottle in it before throwing into the freezer) and have an icy fun time, or toss it into the bowl of ice cubes we'd use in the summer. In the winter, I'd let it sit for a few moments in some hot water for a warming sensation.

How to clean up after: hot water and soap. For you, for him, for her, for them, for toys.

Star rating: perfect score!!! The price is good in my opinion for this product. The container is just swanky. For the majority of people out there, won't have an issue with sensitivities, only unfortunately, I did.

You might be asking yourself, "Woman, with all the lubes you have tried and did not work for you, what do you use now?" I am glad you asked yourself that question! I now just use plain and simple, coconut oil as my personal lube for sex and masturbatory fun. (Please note here: oil and latex condoms are a bad idea)
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  • SneakersAndPearls
    Great review! I'm actually about to open mine and see how it is. (Side note: It's nice to have you back. )
  • FieryRed can you give it 5 stars when it burns you?? Crazy Woman. It's probably the glycerin, you know--your natural yeast may be feeding on it and multiplying, causing your irritation!
  • FieryRed
    Oh, and great Rocky Horror reference!!
  • Woman China
    It is a quality product darling Red of the Fires!!! I was going to knock off one star for my own reaction to it... But the container so totally made up for it!!!!
  • LoneOokami
    Thanks for the info.
  • unicorn64
    Great review. I been using grapeseed oil lately. Sure I have to reapply but then so do I water-based lubes. And KY jelly.
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