You work for penetration, but can't keep up with this girl's needs!

A great lubricant for penetration, but Toyfluid just isn't quite enough for me. It certainly doesn't measure up to my favorites: Aqua, Liquid Silk and Maximus. It's lacking in some ways, but also has great qualities as long as you need a lubricant just for penetration, and not for things like clitoral massaging. Toyfluid dries too quickly, and isn't enough for a good foreplay session.
Great for simple penetration.
Ingredients aren't awful.
No residue.
Dries quickly.
Doesn't do the trick for long clitoral stimulation.
Too thin/watery.
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Toyfluid is a water-based lubricant manufactured by FunFactory. FunFactory is the creater of the Layaspot and the Smartballs as well as many others. I own the Smartball Uno, and it came with a sample packet of Toyfluid.

Toyfluid is condom-friendly and since it is water-based, you can use it safely with your silicone toys as well as other materials.

So Toyfluid is a great choice for those with a large silicone collection as well as those who are looking for an easy-to-remove lubricant for other solo play or intercourse, provided those people do not need a lot of lubrication.

While I have to warn those who are prone to UTI's and/or yeast infections to be careful or not use this at all due to the glycerin being in it, I am happy to say that it is paraben, L-arginine and petro-chemical free! I personally am able to use glycerin without issues --thankfully since my two favorite lubricants contain it.

Aqua, Glycerin, Ethoxydiglycol, Guar Hydroxypropultrimonium Chloride, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone

Glycerin: A sugar alcohol. Found in everything from soaps to toothpaste and is one of the leading causes for UTI's. I personally avoid toothpaste (using natural soap instead) because of the effects glycerin has on your teeth. However, since I'm not sensitive other places to glycerin, it's not a deal-breaker for me when used as an ingredient in most products. Glycerin is used as a humectant, hair & skin conditioning agent, skin protectant and it decreases viscosity.

Ethoxydiglycol: Used as a solvent and viscosity decreasing agent. Has been evaluated by CIR Expert Panel and deemed safe for use in cosmetics and personal care products. CIR Expert Panel re-evaluated the studies on this ingredient in 2004 and found nothing different from their previous conclusion.

Guar: Viscosity increasing and viscosity control agent, antistatic agent, skin conditioning

Hydroxypropultrimonium Chloride: Another name for Guar. Derived from Guar Gum. Thickening agent.

Hydroxypropylcellulose: Found in cell walls of plants. Used as a binder and a film former. Viscosity increasing agent.

Citric Acid: Organic acid found in citrus fruits. Chealting -- it complexes metals to preserve cosmetics and personal care. Also helps adjust acid balance.

Benzyl Alcohol: An organic alcohol found in fruits and teas. The CIR Expert Panel considers this ingredient safe for use in cosmetics. Used as a preservative, viscosity agent and solvent.

Methylisothiazolinone: Used as a preservative to prevent or stop the growth of bacteria -- keeps product from ruining, protects product from being contaminated by bacteria from the consumer during use. Has been evaluated by CIR Expert Panel and deemed safe for use in cosmetics at concentrations up to 100 ppm.

Methylchloroisothiazolinone: Another preservative. Often used in combination with the above ingredient, Methylisothiazolinone to double up on prevention of bacterial growth in personal care products. The mixture of the Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone has been evaluated by CIR Expert Panel and deemed safe for use in rinse-off products at a concentration that does not exceed 15 ppm, and in leave-on products shouldn't exceed a concentration of 7.5 ppm. The CIR Expert Panel considers this ingredient safe for use in cosmetics at up to 100 ppms when used alone, not in combination with Methylisothiazolinone.
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Toyfluid is clear in color and runny. It feels slick and slippery, and is effective in lubricating the area you wish to be lubricated. When I have a drop on my index finger, and rub it and my thumb together, I can feel slipperyness, but it's not enough for downstairs.

The super-runny and thin nature of it keeps it from staying in one place though, but that's not a huge issue for me. However, this is truly watery. It will get all over clothing and such when trying to use it. I guess Toyfluid is just a little faster than me. When I used it to insert my kegel balls, there were times where it'd slide right off and onto the floor or on my blasted skirt!

Thankfully, this is clear and dries up clear, so it didn't leave my dress with a greasy stain or anything to show that something had previously splattered there. It will more than likely be on your clothing or bed if you use a decent amount, but it won't stain or show up.

There isn't anything greasy or sticky about this lubricant, and while I don't notice any residue left behind on my crotch, I do feel a slight residue on my fingers. This is due to my being extremely sensitive and aggravated by any residue left on my hands or crotch from a moisturizer or lubricant. I don't think the light residue is something that will be bothersome to most people.

I'm pleased that this absorbs and dries up without leaving my crotch feeling slimey. I despise lubricants that do that to me.
    • Slick
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

Toyfluid has no detectable odor, and is not an edible lubricant. I do not advise actually ingesting this, but the slightly bitter and artificial sweetener-like taste is not horribly unpleasant when the dried product comes in contact with your lips through kisses and nibbles. Those who are really bothered by this lubricant taste should probably avoid using it before oral sex.

I've found that pretty much all lubricants have this taste, for instance Aqua, Intimate Organics Hydra, and more. It's not unpleasant to me or my partner when it's already been dried on the skin, so having a small amount on before oral isn't something that sends us running to the sink to gag. Once it has dried, if only a small amount was used, it isn't totally noticeable to the tongue.

This taste isn't strong, but noticeable.
    • Light taste
    • No smell


I would say Toyfluid is effective enough for simple penis-in-vagina intercourse. A quarter sized amount is applied to the vaginal entrance and/or penis before penetration, and that amount is enough to ease discomfort upon first inserting and reduce the grabby-pull effect of penis going in vagina. However, it's not a lubricant I like using for clitoral play or massaging. It dries up too quickly for that and isn't as slick and friction-reducing as my favorite Aqua. So I've really limited the use of this to kegel ball insertion or to ease discomfort of sex at the beginning.

If you're someone who requires lubrication more than just once right before penetration, I would recommend going with Aqua, Liquid Silk or Maxmius over Toyfluid. It's comes in close to Aqua, but just isn't quite as lubricating as those are. If I weren't able to produce plenty my own natural lubrication, I would not prefer this over any of those above choices. This is just a runny, thin lubricant that does the trick, but isn't much more than that.

For those of us who like clitoral massaging, this is not going to last as long as needed without several applications. However, it's a really good lubricant for someone who doesn't require much at all or for someone who only needs a dab upon insertion and only that. It's a good choice for daily kegel ball insertion, but I'm really far more fond of Aqua, and just can't put my finger on exactly why I preferred it over this.

As for anal penetration, you could use Toyfluid, but I do not recommend it. I've never experienced any kind of anal penetration, so I can't be certain, but I would think this would be too thin and runny for proper lubrication. Aqua, Maximus and Liquid silk are a little "gloopier," so I would have to advise against this for anal penetration since you have lubricants specifically made for that purpose, as well as other water-based lubricants that would do a little better for lubricating the hiney.

As for a handjob, neither me nor my partner thought this was a good lubricant for that. If you're stroking slow and light and not for anymore than a few minutes, it'll do the trick. But for vigorous thrusting away with a hand, this absorbs like a towel does water. It does not reduce the friction enough for a decent chicken chokin'.

Keep in mind this is water-based, so it's compatible with all toy materials, it's latex safe and won't damage condoms.

Made in Germany.

Now, let's do a little comparison to sort of dig down deep and find why this just doesn't do it for me like the fabulous Aqua, Liquid Silk or Maximus.

Above we have the contestants in the lubricant comparison thingy. From the left, we have Aqua, Maximus, Liquid Silk and then last and definitely least, Toyfluid.

Take a look at the photo below. I've put a drop of each lubricant directly on the counter in front of their bottles. It took me forever to get a photo that didn't capture the blasted glare off the counter top, so hopefully you can see this. The white drop is Liquid Silk, and the rest are clear, but you can see who is who by looking at the bottles. Toyfluid is the last drop on the right, beside it is Aqua, then Maximus, then Liquid Silk.

I'm not sure how noticeable this is just by looking up there, but Liquid Silk and Maxmius, when squeezed from their bottles, leave a nice, plump, gel-like ball. They do not move or run. Then Aqua and Toyfluid, well they both tend to begin spreading and are more of a flat liquid when dispensed onto this hard surface. They do not bubble up and stay right in their plump little round ball. Instead, they flatten out. You can see that Toyfluid is pretty much just flat as a pancake and Aqua holds a bit of a form.

And here they all are on my finger tips. I wanted to have decent photographs showing each lubricant I'm comparing, so we have us a variety here. I just hope I don't overwhelm you. In the picture above you see the finger tip with a white glob is my own natural lubricant. Kidding! Kidding! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Okay, you see my bird finger there? The white glob on it is not my natural lubricant, it's Liquid Silk silly! Beside the bird finger is Aqua and on my pinky is Toyfluid. A big thumbs down for Toyfluid! I love Aqua, even though it's thin. It still does such a wonderful job, but Toyfluid is just thin, watery and doesn't do a fabulous job. You can see that Toyfluid is the runniest as it's nearly dripping plum off my pinky in that picture. Aqua has a tiny, tiny bit of a gel-like viscosity to it, so it has more of a form rather than being drippy, runny, watery.

And here we are on my arm. The white, again, is Liquid Silk, beside it is Maximus, beside Maxmimus is Aqua and the last one on the left is Toyfluid.

When put to the test yet one more time, Toyfluid is still the runniest out of the four. We have Liquid Silk in white on the far right, then Maximus sitting there all proud, holding his nice gel-like shape so wonderfully, then Toyfluid failing miserably, and last on the far left is Aqua who can't decide what he's going to do, but at least isn't running for dear life like Toyfluid.

First of all, when I first used Aqua, the super slippery, slick feeling was slightly similar to a thin silicone lubricant. In fact, I even prefer Aqua over the entire Pink line of lubricants. Pink has nothing on Aqua, and sadly, neither does this. This has no super slick anything. It's not going to even come close to reminding you of the good ol' silicone days.


Looking at the photo on the right, the back side of the packet, you can see the liquidy Toyfluid trying to escape right off the pack!

The sample packet of Toyfluid comes in a small, square foil that has an easy-to-tear premade cut so that you don't need scissors. The packet is silver, and on the front the right half of the packet is tan. It has red drawings of some of FunFactory's toys like the Layaspot and of course the Smartball, which is what came with this packet.

The top of the packet says "Toyfluid" in red text and out beside it, in smaller red text, it says "Lubricant." Underneath that, it says "Perfect for toys & latex safe" in black text. And in the bottom right hand corner, it says "Love yourself! By FunFactory."

According to my packet of lubricant -- which came with the Smartball Uno that I purchased in July 2012 -- it expired in February 2011!

The back of the packet says "Lubricant water-based, ideal for erotic toys, condom-safe, odorless and easy to wash off." It says this in several different languages.

Toyfluid comes in either the sample packet or the 3.4 fl oz can. Getting the sample packet is a good idea if you're considering the full bottle, but aren't sure if you'll like it enough to use that much.

When you get Toyfluid in the can, it comes in a silver, lockable can with a pump dispenser, which definitely would be convenient. The spray top locks like some shower gels. The can's text resembles the sample packet. It also says the same things such as "Toyfluid by FunFactory" and "Love yourself."

The packet isn't leaky until you open it, and then it should either be used right away and then discarded or sat in an upright position in a plastic bag to prevent leaking. This will allow you to use it more than once.

To dispense the lubricant from the packet, you'll simply tear it open and squeeze it onto your fingers, then apply where desired. With the can, you simply use the pump dispenser and apply where desired.

For me, the packet and the can are both discreet enough. It does say lubricant on it, doesn't stand out in a sea of toiletries.

The can could travel well as long as you didn't mind having the size, but it's unlikely to leak since it has a cap and is a spray. The packet will travel just fine as long as it isn't opened.

As for gifting, I personally don't think I'd gift a lubricant, but as long as you don't mind giving someone lubricant and having the bottle say that it is a lubricant, it'd do fine I suppose. I mean, you aren't going to find any lubricant that doesn't say somewhere on the container that it is lubricant.
    • Easy to use / dispense

Personal comments



I have neutral feelings toward Toyfluid. I don't know if it's mostly due to me being so hooked on Liquid Silk and Aqua, but it just didn't deliver exciting or all that unique of results, whereas both Aqua and Liquid Silk are lubricants that I've literally raved about.

My first encounter with Toyfluid was upon inserting my way-too-big Smartball Duo. It did the job of lubricating and easing the grab and pull of inserting something so large, but it just didn't seem quite thick enough for my preferences. Also, it's runnier than Aqua and Liquid Silk, so that made it a little harder to really get it where I needed.

My second encounter with Toyfluid was used during simple massaging of my clitoris. I use lubricant to reduce the friction and make things slippery, and of course that tends to enhance sensation, but this wasn't a lubricant designed for a lot of massaging. It just caused it to absorb quicker and quicker. This does dry really quickly, which I did appreciate when using for kegel ball insertion since I don't have any serious clean-up when I stick em' in and go, but for actual foreplay, this was a bust.

The third time I used Toyfluid was for intercourse, and it was fine. Beforehand, I also used some while giving a mini hand job to my lovie. It reduced the dragging of my labia that happens so often during intercourse. The whole reason I need lubricant is because no matter how long foreplay has lasted, I still experience a good deal of discomfort upon penetration. After the first minute, I do okay and never need to reapply any lubricant. This done fine for that, and I loved that I didn't feel the need to immediately wash things off. I can't even notice that lubricant was ever there when I do shower after using it. However, it did not make enough of a difference in reducing friction for a hand job for us to use it again for that purpose.

On another occasion, I brought my packet of Toyfluid with me to the shower. Like most water-based lubricants, this disappeared within second of application. That's to be expected though, but I have used Slippery Kitty and Aqua in the shower for a very short, light massage downstairs and they stayed put for a minute. Not long, but they're water-based and they both lasted a good 10 seconds longer than Toyfluid.

And the very last time I used Toyfluid was again for clitoral stimulation, but this time I used it with my High Intensity Bullet. I didn't think I'd require as much lubricant since I wasn't using fingers, but the bullet. I still found that it dried up way quicker than I was ready for it to, and this became frustrating. I ended up throwing away the tiny bit of Toy Fluid left in the packet and opted to just stick with my Wicked Aqua, Maximus and Liquid Silk.

It simply isn't enough for me, but a great lubricant for penetration only. It's not a bad lubricant. In fact, it has a lot of great qualities, but it just didn't live up to my personal preferences and isn't an "all-in-one" like Aqua and Liquid Silk. Those, I can use for every lubrication need, and that is what I expect from a lubricant. I don't want to have to have one lube for penetration, another for foreplay and another for toy play.
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