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Most Romantic All-Inclusive Resorts In The World On A Budget.

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I am no stranger to travel. Ever since I was old enough to travel, I have been out there seeing the world. I have found myself more and more drawn to the all-inclusive resorts as I have gotten older. With having traveled to over 25 all-inclusives, along with having studied many others and what they have to offer, I have decided to share my insight in to where a couple can go to get away for a romantic weekend and do so on a budget.

  Casa Velas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Price tag: About $240 per person per night
Romantic rating: 7 out of 10
Price rating: 5 out 10

This resort is a smaller resort than many of the others, with only 80 suites on the whole site. Overall, this offers a bit more private setting than many all-inclusive resorts. It has its own private beach for its guests. It offers high end luxury, as well with a private Jacuzzi for their fancier rooms. The place includes 24-hour room service that is part of the all-inclusive price, along with meals and drinks.

All the rooms are perfectly set-up and well taken care of each day by the staff. The Casa Velas spa is one of the places this resort excels over many others. It has everything you could want in a pampering spa treatment. For a little added to the price, it comes with a spa package that includes; a 50 minute massage per person, full access to the hydrotherapy areas, an upgraded room, a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries in your room when you show up (A personal favorite of my wife), and a 20% discount on additional spa treatments. This is the kind of package for someone who loves to be pampered.

The place also offers other upgrade packages, from a cultural package to adventure, and even a honeymoon package that can be added to your stay. The amazing package deals, along with the secluded setting and decorative precision to this resort, make it a wonder destination for a romantic getaway. Overall, this is one of the more expensive resorts in the list, with all its costs that can be added up, but a five night stay would be $2400 for two without cost of airfare.

  Aventura Spa Palace Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Price tag: About $190 per person per night
Romantic rating: 5 out of 10
Price rating: 8 out of 10

Let us continue our tour of Mexico with the Aventura Spa Palace Resort. First off, I have noticed that you can actually get a better price than is stated as the average per person if you book your stay on their site for a certain window of dates. This promotion is going on a lot of the year and can be up to 30 % off. Usually, you have to book your stay for a time period that is coming up fairly soon, but this can be a way to save a bit more on your budget to put toward other activities, while you are there. They also offer resort credit that can be used toward things such as the spa, tours and other things offered by the hotel, adding even more bang for your buck.

The rooms at this resort are not as fancy as they are at the Casa Velas, but for the price, it is more then acceptable. The beach at this resort is actually an inlet from the ocean that offers tranquil waters for completely quiet relaxation. If you want to keep out of the ocean, there is an array of pools to enjoy through out the site as well.

There are four different restaurants on site that offer an international mix of food choices that are all well made and hard to stop enjoying when the vacation ends. They also offer, for an added charge, a romantic lobster dinner for two that can add to the romantic feel of the place. For those looking for a honeymoon destination, this resort offers a complementary honeymoon package. This package is a great little feature and adds to what you get for your money, as well. You get a small honeymoon cake, a bottle of champagne, breakfast in bed and a later check out than a normal reservation. One other thing I almost forgot about that is worth noting is that this is an adult-only resort, so no screaming children to interrupt the calm tranquil surroundings.

In total, this would be about $1900 for a five night stay, making it far cheaper then the Casa Velas.

  Couples Swept Away, Negril, Jamaica

Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Price tag: About $280 per person per night
Romantic rating: 8 out of 10
Price rating: 4 out of 10

This is our most expensive location of the batch, which is one of its drawbacks. Rates can get very high, depending on when you go and when you book. Look for their deals they offer when booking this resort or the price will quickly get up there. That said, there is little other that I can say negative about it. The rooms are simple and put the focus on you and your better-half, as it should be in a romantic resort. The staff will make you feel like a king and queen throughout your stay. Seclusion is not hard to find in this resort for you and your loved one; a fantastic feature not always easy to find in a resort.

Three pools, five Jacuzzis, six restaurants, eight bars and all the sports and fitness activities you could ever want and a few more. This resort spared no expense in having everything you could want. The spa at the facility offers just about everything you could want from a spa, though like the others there is added charge for these things. The resort offers a lot of activities that are included in your package as well though. Scuba diving, golf, reef snorkeling, sunset catamaran cruises and much more.

I could go on for hours about this place and all it offers, but I think you get the point. You are paying a greater sum for this location, but you get more for that higher price tag. All in all, this stay would cost $2800 for a five night stay for two, without airfare, like the others. It is more expensive but, if you can afford this trip, it will be one you remember.

  Dreams Villamagna, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Location: Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
Price tag: About $130 per person per night
Romantic rating: 5 out of 10
Price rating: 9 out of 10

Once more, we go back to Mexico for this resort and this one is our best-priced one of the list. You can walk away from your stay at this resort, keeping quite a bit in your pocket still to spend. Personally, I would suggest just extending your stay and enjoying this resort a bit longer. This is another resort I can spend all day talking about, but, by this point, you are all ready to get to the meat of the resort and move on, I am sure.

With no further ado, let's dive into what this place offers you. First off, the Dreams resorts know how to make a pool. The pools at this place are just amazing and add to the feel of the place, more then any other resorts I have stayed at, so they get an A++ for that. The Dreams line offers an abundant supply of excursions to keep you entertained throughout your stay and there is never a dull moment at their resort. The one thing I will say about this site that I was not the biggest fan of, was the large crowds, but if you can get past that then this resort is a great deal.

For a mere $1300 for a five night stay at this hotel, it is hard to go wrong with it for a cheap getaway. Take the time to look it over and see if it is right for you, and you and your better-half might just be on your way to a great romantic getaway.

  Dreams Punta Cana Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Location: Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
Price tag: About $135 per person per night
Romantic rating: 8 out of 10
Price rating: 8 out of 10

Alright, last, but far from the least. This is the cream of the crop, in my opinion. Dreams Punta Cana Resort is one that I will be going back to. This place offers it all. Much like the other Dreams resorts, it offers a great pool. In this case, the best pool I have seen. It stretches the length of the resort and is lined with about eight buildings that house the rooms. Some of these rooms are what they call swim-up rooms, meaning the pool comes up to only about five feet behind the back porch of the rooms.

Dreams Punta Cana offers a plethora of restaurants and bars across the property that serve nearly every type of food you could want. The staff here is better then at any other resort I have stayed. The rooms are sleek and clean all the time, and the food is cooked perfectly every time. They offer a romantic candlelit dinner, for an added charge, on the beach, The spa offers up so many luxuries, including couples massages and packages. If I could recommend any resort, this would be the one. The price is right an the quality is above that of any other.

They offer honeymoon packages and wedding packages on-site, as well. From the moment you arrive at the resort, you are swept away into a perfect romantic bliss. At a price tag starting at $1350 for five nights, you can not go wrong with this resort. There is plenty of secluded beach around the place to enjoy with drinks served right there, as you sit and enjoy the prefect blue ocean. If you are looking to get out and have an adventure, this place offers the most excursions of them all for you to enjoy, as well for an added charge.



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