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Submissive Journals: A How To Guide
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As promised, this is part 2 of my previous post on submissive journals. In this section, I will focus on how to start and maintain your own Sub journal. As well as a starting guide, I will include helpful tips and tricks for writing and formatting your journal, things to consider when choosing a site, important posts to include in your journal, writing prompts, suggestions, and ideas to help you get started.

  Step Two: Starting Your Journal

Basics: Sign In And Set It Up

Now that you have selected a website for your journal, it's time to set it up!

-Register Or Sign Up At The Site (Pretty Self Explanatory)
-Set Up The Basics: upload a userpic, fill out your profile, and write your "about me" if desired.
-Set up the technical stuff: privacy settings, display name, the name and url of your blog, etc.
-Customize your journal if you wish: your background, formatting, text fonts and colors,etc.
-Personalize any other options you want to, and make sure everything is how you want it.

Here Comes The Fun Stuff: Make Your First Journal Post!

Congrats! You now have your very own sub journal! Let's start posting! But wait- What should your first post be? Anything you want! It's your personal journal.

But if you're having trouble deciding what to write, don't worry! The first is normally the hardest. If you have a case of writers block, here are some suggestions:

-Introduce yourself: share some facts about who you are, what you like/dislike, your personality, etc.
-Post about starting a journal: Why did you start this journal? Have you had one before? How often do you want to write? What do you hope to gain from it? What type of journal will this be? Do you have any specific goals to write down? etc.
-You can look at other people's journals to get ideas. Just Google "Sub Journal" and you'll get plenty of choices.
-You could use a Writing Prompt, or have your Dom suggest what you should write.
-You could also just make your first post a simple journal entry. Write about your day, your thoughts, feelings, etc.

Really, your first post can be whatever you want it to be. That's the point of the journal, to write about whatever you want or need to write about. Go for it!

Important Post Ideas

There are several important types of posts that I personally believe should be included in every subjournal:

-A Complete List Of The Rules And Expectations Your Dom Has Set For You.
-A Copy Of Your Contract If You Have One.
-A List Of Rituals And Assignments Your Dom Has Assigned To You.
-A List Of Goals For Personal Growth
-A List Of Goals For Improving In Your BDSM Relationship
-A Detailed Explanation Of Your Personal Wants, Needs, Fears, And Fetishes.
-A Completed BDSM Checklist Clearly Outlining Your Limits And What You Will And Will Not Do. (I Will Be Making Another Article On Checklists To Explain Them More In Depth And How To Use Them)

Other Helpful Tips

-Be as honest and detailed as you can when making a post
-Don't hold back. If there is something on your mind, write about it!
-Don't worry about your blog being boring. You are writing for you and your Dom, not an action movie script.
-Your Dom may not require you to post every day, but take care to post when something of interest happens. For example, when a positive or negative change has been made, a goal is reached, a mistake or improvement was made, a punishment or reward was given, or when you've made a personal breakthrough.

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