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The Shaky Bridge Experiment and How It Relates to Your Life

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If you've ever wondered "What did I ever see in him/her?" this might be the answer.

  But how does this relate to you?

I found this study to be very interesting, but also very entertaining. When I first read of this study, I related with the men in the experiment and the traumatic experiences in my life. Shortly after my father passed, I dated this guy and I thought he was the bees knees, the answer to my sadness, so to speak. Six years after the break up, I'm embarrassed I dated him and can't for the life of me figure out why I thought he was attractive at all. Now, I can blame it on my personal shaky bridge, the loss of my father. I bet you can sit back and think of a few instances where you dated questionable characters during high times of emotional distress in your life. Hell, let it be your new excuse. It's scientifically proven and junk.

Then, I turned it around. If I'm having a hard time finding a date right now...perhaps I should find a shaky bridge in Michigan and pull the same game. We women need to quit moping about not having a date, get fake college IDs, and go stand by shaky bridges with notebooks. When you try this, you can be as selective as you want. Only ask the handsomest fellows to answer your questions, and since he is anxious, you'll be miles more attractive than you actually are. So ladies, get out there to those shaky bridges, or find a man in emotional distress, and pass out your digits.



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