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Accepting My Kink

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How can submitting to a spanking possibly build confidence?


I love this article! I totally agree with a lot of this in my own personal experience. I'm still afraid of men for personal reasons, but I feel much more comfortable than I did before, and I can feel myself healing.


Awesome! I want to write a non-fiction book about it. Would you be willing to be interviewed (by email)? If so, send me an email to reneeroseauthor at gmail!


Wonderful article!!! I think it is great that you are no longer keeping this from yourself. That you have accepted your kink and you are also embracing it and loving that part about yourself Good for you! Again, wonderful article!

Oh and I am with you on the coming to your husband part being hard......gosh that hard to just get the words to come out, but once I did, I was oh so happy



This is so comforting. I agree that speaking about it, even with my husband of MANY years, was hard. I was worried about what he would think of me - or worse - treat it as a game or some silly thing I was playing at...but not take me seriously. To my surprise, he got it. He gets it. I find spankings to bring focus, peace, centering, grounding. We use spankings during sex, as a precursor and just because. It is a wonderful stress relieve tool, attitude adjustment tool as well as foreplay for sure. I think having articles like yours and the blogosphere of spankos helps with loosing the thought that I am unique and odd or that something is wrong with me because I like this. There is community in having others with shared experiences. Thank you Renee Rose!


Thank you, Smiling Belle and Sir's mlb - thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! Your blogs bring so much to the community!!

Minelle Labraun  

I agree Renee being able to embrace who we are, what we need is empowering. It makes people sit up and take notice of our new found confidence.


Great article


I think its common for people to surpress their fantasies most especially if its not what is considered the 'norm', and kink isnt something everybody 'gets', we have come so far in society with an open mind to sex but yet for some reason spanking and submitting to a man is something that is harder to open up to.

When we do however its a release and we can start embracing parts of us we didnt know were there, its freedom to be who we want.


Thank you, Minelle, Hubby80 and Tori!


love this article!


GREAT Article! What a great way to make something so submissive, sound so empowering at the same time. Because I write in this genre, I can completely relate to you. You said everything we "spanking authors" think, desire and crave.

Jade Cary  

Renee, I could have written this article. Thank you.


Thank you, Sera, Alta and Jade!!


This was a Great article. Thanks for posting this


Thank you posting this. Its comforting when you have similar experiences with someone.


Thank you so much for the great article. I have found a massive amount of stress relief by being spanked by my husband.



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