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Why Real Lesbians Can Love Sex Toys
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Let's get one thing straight: I'm not. In fact, I've never even slept with someone of the opposite sex. However, I love getting pounded when my girlfriend wears a strap-on. Does that mean that I'm not a real lesbian?


Fantastic article!


I'm a lesbian, and my wife is transgender and a lesbian as well. We have plenty of sex without toys - it's what fingers, and a lovely tongue are for - excuse my brashness. However! We LOVE toys. L-o-v-e. Love with a capitol L. It isn't about her, or I, not being good enough. I can't tell you how wonderful she is, and she's told me how wonderful I am, and since we've been together ten years... I believe her. We use toys because they're extra fun. They're exciting. They are erotic and playful and oh, trying a new one? That's a favorite hobby right there. We're both girly-girls and hell, even I use a strap-on, on her because it's FUN. I can't imagine NOT playing with sex toys. I Love this article, with a capitol L.


I completely agree with the article and DaS13. My fiance and I don't use toys because we aren't good in bed, we are both great, toys are a love we have. I mean love, trying new toys is our hobby and we can't wait when we have a package in the mail. We may not use them all the time, but using toys doesn't make either of us any less of a homo.



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