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5 Ways to Control a Man
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So you've heard the phrase "It's a man's world." While this may seem true to some women, it's not to me and I'm here to show you why. You have the power. Don't be afraid to use it.

  2) Forget your Wallet?

He's going to be there any minute to pick you up. You're about to go on your first date with a guy you just met. Your hair is done, your makeup is perfect, and you have everything you need in your purse.

He picks you up in his fancy car, smiles, and pretends to be the perfect man. We arrive at the movies; get our tickets, and then it comes time to pay. He looks over to me and says, "I think I left my wallet in the car." He stands there waiting for me to take out my wallet and pay. I laugh it off and reply, "Honey I left my wallet at home!" No man is going to pull that on my time. You take me out, you are paying. Now he knows who's in charge. In this way, I show there are certain expectations to be met and I will not expect anything less.

  3) Be the Seductive Woman You Are

There's a big party tonight. You're meeting up with a guy there that you've known for quite a while now. You know he's attracted to you, and you're attracted to him. Tonight is going to be fun. This is your chance to show yourself how much you can control him with you seductive powers. Have a drink, relax, and get ready to show him how much he wants you.

When I go to a party and meet up with a guy, I always make sure that I don't drink too much. This way, I control the scene. You see him talking to someone in a corner and you come up behind him and surprise him with a hug. Always make sure you are wearing something sexy, but not necessarily slutty. A pair of high heels should do the trick. Tall women are seen as more authoritative and give off the sense of power. With a few drinks in him, he's going to feel relaxed and easily seduced. Give him a firm squeeze on his arm and stand close. Throughout the night, be a little touchy, but not too much. Allow him to put his arms around you and hold you from behind. Then ask him to refill your drink for you. At this point in time, he'll do anything for you.

When he tries to go in for a kiss, don't let him. Instead of just backing off or saying no, be firm, grab him by the throat, bite your lip, and push him back. Give a seductive smile as you do so. This may seem a little out of your element, but it shows you are in control while saying "Hey, I'm a bit kinky too." This way he is still interested in you and shows that you are something to work for.

  4) I'm on Top

While in the bed, make sure you're in charge. You decide when to have sex, he doesn't. You tell him what to do. You tell him what pleases you. Make him want it. Tease him. At this point in time, some toys may come in handy. My favorites are blindfolds and handcuffs.

You see your partner standing in the kitchen making a sandwich, but you're a little bit hungry for something else. Take out your handcuffs, come up behind him, and lock his wrists in them. Then turn him around and push him up against the counter. Press your body against his and feel his lust against your hips. Then take him to the bedroom and throw him back on the bed. Wrap your legs around him. If you want, blindfold him.

You tell your man what to do and what you like. Don't be afraid to use your nails and teeth. The good part about that is you can get a little kinky, but you control the force that you use. Men love it when a woman is in control during sex and they will bend to your every need in order to satisfy you.

  5) Use the "Good Woman" Approach

If you really want a man to fall head over heels for you, play the role of a housewife. You may feel like this is old-fashioned but I have had experience in playing this role and have been shown that men really notice me when I take this position.

When I go to a small get together at a friend’s house with a bunch of guys, I find that baking a pie really brings us all together and gets them to notice me. No woman takes this approach, so when you do it men will take notice of it. I'm not saying play this role all the time, just enough to get a man's attention. Remember that you are the one in control and should not serve the man, just pretend for a while.

I like to offer to clean up after the party or keep things clean during the party without anybody asking me. Trust me, when men throw parties it gets very messy. They notice when you try to help them. One time I went to a huge house party full of a bunch of fraternity guys. I made sure I had fun, but I also helped keep the place clean. They all look at me like I’m such a "good woman" and I ended up getting a number by the end of the night.

Of course I do not continue to play the role when I don't need to. It just gives me a bit of an advantage in certain situations because men notice it and it sets you apart from other women at the party.

  Finally, It's All about YOU!

If you follow these steps, you will have men in your control and be able to keep them there as long as you like. You need to realize that you are a woman and can use your sexuality, good looks, and personality to your advantage. Men follow their sexual drive and instincts to get them through with their lives. As a woman, you need to take advantage of this fact because you truly, and most definitely, have the power and control needed to be on top.


Contributor: KrissyNovacaine

I have to disagree with many of your points. They are manipulative. If you want respect be an equal. These "tips" set up a lot a power struggle in the relationship.

Contributor: Do emu
Do emu  

Agreed with Krissy. I feel like these would be more like tips you would find in Cosmo. I would much rather be open and honest, keep communication open, and not be manipulative.


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