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The Hardships of Coming Out as Non-Vanilla
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Most people seem to associate coming out as an exclusively gay thing. Yet experience has shown me that there are several other aspects of our sexuality that most people keep to themselves, even when being open about almost everything else, not because what we do is a bad thing, but actually because we face countless hostilities whenever people find out. I’m talking about letting people know that we’re not vanilla, in or out of the bedroom.


Oh so true, even I can sense the postman smile when dropping off the unlabeled brown boxes from EF. Is this not why I put all sorts of security locks on my Facebook page? Is this not even why I have a separate non descriptive Facebook account? Just how would all the men look at me in the office? Well that I wouldn't mind but the women? And I'm sure there are those I work with that collect them too! Just like there was a Women's Liberation movement there will one day be a Toy Liberation movement, one day, I sincerely hope. I also hope that day will be soon and I will see it.


I am glad that you came back to your kinky ways! I too repressed a lot of who I was for a very long time because I didn't want to be treated even worse for my differences. However now that I am older and wiser, I am proud of who I am and I try to stay true to myself regardless of what others think about it.



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