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SexIs Celebrates Our One-Year Anniversary With Nina Hartley!

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Nina Hartley is a lot of things to a lot of people: A pioneering porn star who made the crossover to mainstream films; a wife, a nurse, a sex positive feminist and a champion of free speech. For the last year, SexIs has been bolstered by her regular contributions each week with the thoughtful advice she provides in Tuesdays With Nina.


Contributor: Victoria

MUCH LOVE to Nina for a wonderful first year of Tuesdays With Nina! What a wonderful resource to have such an iconic and knowledgeable resident sex expert here to answer our questions every single week, on video! We are surely lucky!

Big BIG hugs to you, Nina - and thank you for the shout outs in the video. I am more than happy to have chased you and to help you each week! You're the best!

Contributor: Naughty Student

I don't comment a lot but I am ALWAYS watching the videos and even forwarding some to friends who have concerns that are similar to things touched in the videos. I love that you take the time to do this for EF and all those who are intrested or need advice.

Thanks indeed to Victoria, she had a great idea in communicating with you and now so many people enjoy looking forward to teusdays which are synonimous with NINA!

Contributor: northstar

Happy Anniversary Nina! I'd recently been introduced to your previous work and was SO pleasantly surprised to find your weekly videos on EF. They've taught me a great deal about myself as well as issues with partners and I can't thank you enough! I could go on but I'll keep it sweet. Looking forward to more vids!

Contributor: Cole Riley

Happy anniversary, Nina! You bring so much knowledge and compassion to everything you touch. I look forward to Tuesdays to spend with you. Congrats on spreading a message of joy and tolerance to those who need it in these crazy times. Thank you for being you, Nina. You're the greatest!


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