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Here's What Not To Do.

Here's What Not To Do.
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It seems as though sex and rocket science are on the same level of complexity. Yes it is fun, pleasurable, and exciting but without the right knowledge it could also be tricky. To avoid awkward silence and enjoy sex to the fullest, here is what NOT to say and do in the bedroom.




Shoooot! I wish having a happy sex life really did mean being happy in every other area. It just don't work that way for this woman. But, nice concept. A very enjoyable article!


Some good points, for sure. But pronoun use was inconsistent and completely unnecessary. These tips are gender-neutral and I wish the language was too.


@ftmax: Im speaking from my personal experiences and these are not hard fast rules. sorry you felt that way


WOW! That was amazing. All very true. Great job!



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