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S-T-I Can't Believe This Is Happening To Me!

S-T-I Can't Believe This Is Happening To Me! Lickable Lollie
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How can a piece of latex change your life? In more ways than I had considered. It took catching something to make me realize that the few seconds it takes to wrap it can make all the difference in the world.

  The Phone Call

I was at a friend's house when I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. I answered it, hoping it was a potential job. It was the health department. The second she said where she was calling from, my heart dropped into my gut. I just kept thinking to myself that they had told me they wouldn't call unless something was unusual.
She nonchalantly told me that I had Chlamydia, and that I needed to come in and take some antibiotics to get rid of it. I hung up the phone and held back tears as I called my friend into the room to tell her what just happened. She comforted me as much as she could. I just kept telling her that I felt so dirty.

  The Research

I set up the appointment and while I waited to go to the doctors, I frantically searched the internet for information about Chlamydia. Lucky for me, it was one of the curable ones. Unfortunately for me, it can have some major long term affects. I found out that Chlamydia can cause scarring of the uterus that can cause infertility. I was absolutely devastated.
My lifelong goal was to have a family, to become pregnant and have children with my future husband. That dream was shattered to me. I had no idea where I had gotten it, or how long I'd had it. The last time I had a pap smear was at the age of 18. For all I knew, I could have had it for 6 years!

  The Treatment

I made it to the health department, and I sat waiting to see the nurse with her miracle drug that would make this nightmare disappear. She gave me 2 large pills and a glass of water. She handed me a pamphlet and was about to push me out the door. I stopped and asked her if they provided free condoms. She handed me 2 lunch size paper bags filled with them and proceeded to scoot me out of the room.

  The Aftermath

At this point, I knew I had to call each and every one of the partners I'd had that I could get a hold of to inform them that they needed to get tested. That was the most humiliating thing that I've ever had to do. Not only did I have to admit to many, many men that I had an STI, but I also had to face the fact that I had slept with many, many men! Each and every one, at some point, had sex with me without protection. How could I be so stupid?!

"Never again", I told myself. From that day forward, any time things start to get heated, the condoms come out. I got lucky that this one was treatable. Next time it could have been much worse, but I won't make that mistake twice.

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