Eden Bloggers: Monday 01.03.11 - Sunday 01.09.11

Eden Bloggers: Monday 01.03.11 - Sunday 01.09.11

Gary Gary
This is a weekly thread for you to share your blog posts with the community.

Please use the following format when sharing a post:

- Title of Blog
- Title of Post
- Publication Date
- (and maybe a brief description of your blog or post)
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BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
My first blog giveaway!

Smears of Yum

the bedroom blogger the bedroom blogger
A Bedroom Blog
Erogenous Zones 1: Head and Neck
first in Dangerous Lilly's Erogenous Zones series
Mr. & Mrs. Peg Mr. & Mrs. Peg
A blog about our time living the pegging life
Sex toy reviews, stories, resources and more.
Kayla Kayla
Kinky Life
Health Conscious
A blog about my current health/diet lifestyle, how I want to change it, and asking for some helpful suggestions.
Woman China Woman China
My first sortof blog about edenfantasys.com with What's a Woman to do...

And my latest erotic story involving toys and a webcam while he is at work...
Sharing is Caring at Work

Both posted week of January 05, 2011
the bedroom blogger the bedroom blogger
A Bedroom Blog
January Brings the Snow
pretty snowy pictures from my backyard this morning...that's it.
Dusk Dusk
Dusk (in chains)
Happy Birthday Giveaway: $50 EF Giftcard
Kayla Kayla
Kinky Life
My Amazon Wishlist Explains my Personality
Gain insight into my personality through the things I want on Amazon. Explanations included and everything. Fun activity to do.
Woman China Woman China
In The World According to Woman today I present to my readers a challenge. And not just any challenge, but "Woman's Arse Plug Challenge" for January 14, 2011.

It is (*fingers crossed) a post where readers will come to EdenFantasys.com and pick out toys and tell me what anal toys they would pick for themselves or their SO... then I pick two or three from the list provided... and there is the challenge!!! I shall not give away too much... but come and read! Come and give this bum-plug-buying-virgin your thoughts and opinions on your favourite arse toy!

I am also looking for some new blogs to feature on my blog. If you are interested in sharing your blog, drop me an email
Woman China Woman China
January 20th, 2011

The great sleepwalker of China strikes again... good news though, I found my nighty. Post includes pictures.

Woman's breasts are so hot they melt things...
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