How important is sex for guys in a relationship?

Contributor: Jiiangggg Jiiangggg
See dear, sex and relationship have their places. The love of a relationship is far better than having sex. But as it is hard to control our biology, we tend to have sex. It's okay to have sex with our partner. You could approach him or have a romantic night while both are in a good mood. Whenever I don't find my partner with me, I use sex toys that I get from and it gives pleasure but real-life sex has different fun. Spend time with him and slowly move towards it, and hope you both enjoy your relationship ahead.
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Contributor: H & J H & J
Its 50% in my book the other 50% is everything else. You have to have both otherwise your relationship is bound to fail.
Contributor: Petergoff Petergoff
Sexual life for a man is very important indeed. It is an expression of the emotional storm he holds within himself. Sex is a great source of releasing these emotions, which is why men sometimes take their women hard by the hair or do some hard bondage. Having just a penis is sometimes not enough for this, men add sex toys to their sex life as well. It makes sex even more interesting, don't you agree?
Contributor: Robin Goodfellow Robin Goodfellow
Originally posted by H & J
Its 50% in my book the other 50% is everything else. You have to have both otherwise your relationship is bound to fail.
From a male perspective I agree, that sex is 50% and everything else is 50%. Working towards and to maintain that balance is important. A sex act may consume 15-60 minutes, but if that is not a regular occurrence, ideas relating to sex may consume a much greater and disproportionate amount of time.
Contributor: MagneticDuke MagneticDuke
Looks like I'm in the minority opinion; the actual sex would be secondary to the relationship itself for me. Toys and imagination can fill 99% of my physical needs. That's not to say I would turn a night together down, but it's not something I would need.

That said, I haven't had the good fortune to find a woman who can hold my interest and would put up with my nonsense, so that may change if I'm ever so lucky.
Contributor: Petergoff Petergoff
As far as safety goes, AFF is definitely safe, I mean, it's the same thing as all of the other dating sites and apps. Just meet in a public place (coffee shop, restaurant etc.) like any normal first date, and you'll be fine. I like wizzlove because women are a lot more direct and to the point there. Tinder and Bumble are more of a hassle and take more effort. I've dated and hooked up with countless girls my age and milfs on there, and I've used it on and off for a few years.
Contributor: PetieT PetieT
I think everyone will have their own answer to this question. There are guys who after 2 years in a relationship have enough sex once a week, and someone after 10 years won't have enough sex 4 times a week.
May 2, 4:23 pm