best g spot toy.

best g spot toy.

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whats the best g-spot toy? which ones really do the job?
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Need help finding the perfect G spot vibe...
Need help finding a good g spot vibrator for my wife. Looking for something with adjustable intensity, more rumbly vibration instead of buzzy, either.

Age and the g spot...
When I was younger I never could quite get off from just penetration, but as I've gotten older I have noticed it is much easier for me. Anyone else?

How do you find your G spot?
Help! How do i find mine?

Anyone else feel they can't thrust fast enough?
So I just recently started working towards a g spot orgasm. I purchased the Bent Graduate, Lelo Ella, and the Pure Wand. I tried the Bent Graduate for

Have you found your G spot on accident?
So I have been on a mission for over a year to find my G spot. I have tried numerous G spot toys with no luck. So don't you know I pull out my glass..
MaryExy MaryExy
For the most part, this is a personal preference. I'd narrow it down by materials you like, whether you want a vibrating toy, what features you like, and then look at reviews for the ones you have on your list. Don't be afraid of the comparison feature. You can compare all your selections, go to the Compare screen, and scroll down to see several reviews' pros and cons of each product. Makes narrowing down a little easier.
I'm partial to the Lelo Ella and Betty's Barbell.
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