Anyone else feel they can't thrust fast enough?

Anyone else feel they can't thrust fast enough?

ShadowedSeductress ShadowedSeductress
So I just recently started working towards a g spot orgasm. I purchased the Bent Graduate, Lelo Ella, and the Pure Wand. I tried the Bent Graduate for the first time yesterday and found it felt amazing with fast somewhat hard thrusting.

My problem is that I get to that "feeling like I need to pee" point and I'm well aware that I'm not going to pee so I don't try to hold it back. Once I get there though I feel like I physically can't thrust fast enough or long enough to bring myself over the edge. I eventually stop then try again with the same results. This just ends up frustrating me which I know only makes orgasm less likely.

Am I the only one who has felt this way? What the heck do I do?
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AmethystSmoke AmethystSmoke
The bent graduate is how I achieved my first g-spot orgasm. . It's still one of my favorite toys and the most reliable way for me to have a g-spot O.

I completely hear what you're saying about the fast thrusting! My first option is to switch to the other hand then back again, sometimes switching up to 3 or 4 times. I'm lucky to be somewhat ambidextrous so I'm able to thrust just as hard and fast with my non-dominant hand.

If I still haven't orgasmed, I slow back down - but not so much that I lose ground - and usually go back to the motions I was using before the thrusting. Rocking motions (towards my feet then back towards my head), rubbing the head of the toy against my clit, etc. until I feel the O building higher then back to thrusting. Sometimes I do have to do this a couple of times but since I've learned how to give myself g-spot orgasms with this toy there have only been a handful of times in nearly two years that I haven't been able to orgasm with it.
SavingMyself SavingMyself
The only way I can have a gspot orgasm is during sex with my husband. He can thrust faster than I can when I'm alone.
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