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Overall, I think this is a great product. Whether it's worth the price tag will depend on the consumer. It's not a must have but it's very nice to have. It holds a lot of products and the case is both attractive and strong.

This is a great little box to store all your items and adult novelties. The lock and key are very cheap and anyone can get in your box so make sure you hide it.

This Divine Toychest is absolutely gorgeous, it fits all of my large carry-around collection and more! Its faux crocodile skin makes this case easy to wipe down and look shiny and new, even when it is used for awhile.

Over all I love this toy box and will probably be getting another. The only thing I don't like is the lock but O well I don't have to worry about people getting into it anyway!

If you want something cute and will hold enough of your toys, then look no further. This baby will hold a lot of things with our without boxes added in it. I have got a decent amount of toys in each of mine. Yes, some will gripe over price I know I did but it was worth it in the end for now and because I am limited to so much space. Until I can get something bigger these will work in the mean time.

Are you running out of space to store your toys or gear? Are you trying to keep these intimate items away from family or children? The Devine playchest by Devine Toys is a beautiful chest which locks to keep all of your items safe and stored.

While the design of the Devine Playchest is femininely gorgeous, it just is not worth the money unless you love the design just that much. It's a hard case, which is good for transportation to parties or between rooms, but it is not feasible for travel. Additionally, it is difficult to lock and secure, and I do not feel safe with the locking device, given the price.

There is tons of room in this playchest I have a lot of things in it now and there is still room to shove more in there. I love this item and am super excited that i received this as a gift. If you need storage room for your Eden Fantasys goodies then don't be shy order this item and then fill it up!

The Devine Playchest is the type of storage unit you'll either find extremely useful and love, or see as an okay storage place. In my opinion, this is an okay storage unit that could definitely improve. Sure it has a built-in lock, but it's not very good. Yes, it is big, but not big enough. However, it is a very beautiful, quality and well-made chest.

The Devine playchest is one item that is a must have for every toy enthusiast. You'd be surprised at the amount of stuff it holds. While it's design is rather feminine and reminds me of Paris's still the best option I have come across. Like has it's flaws, but the good out weight the bad!

The Devine playchest is a great storage option if you have many small toys or a few large toys. You will still need some way to keep silicone toys off each other, but this will definitely keep them in and out of sight. The only problem is the quality of the hinges and lock, which aren't what I would expect from a storage box this pricey.

The price of Devine's Playchest is a huge factor in deciding to purchase it but the many uses I get out of it make it worthwhile.

Devine Playchest provides attractive storage for any number of things - and totally just made your travel more sleek and sexy. While it may be a little on the expensive side for some people, it’s worth the cost. You get a little bit of everything with these playchests.

No more dumping your collection in dresser drawers and shoe boxes. If you have a lot of toys and you're looking to discreetly store them in one area, or if you're looking for something to make traveling with your essentials a breeze, you've got to purchase a Devine Playchest!

While the Devine Playchest is absolutely worth the money in my opinion, it does have a few faults. It isn't the storge bag to end all storage bags, but it is a great storage option especially for those that have a huge collection and no storage space. This is a wonderful traveling option especially if traveling with lubricants. Though made to store sex toys, the Playchest doesn't necessarily have to store naughty things. It can be used to store anything you want!

While I love this big black box, I have a lot of regrets buying it because of the awful locking mechanism. If you don't need to lock it, it works great. However, if you live with roommates or children, you won't like the hassle required to lock and unlock it.

If your sex toys have outgrown your nightstand, take a look at the Devine Playchest. You can store a moderate collection of sex paraphenila in style. It's roomy, lockable, and travels well. It's a bit pricey but may be just what you need.

The Devine Playchest is a good solution to a variety of storage problems, but it won't be the ideal solution for everyone. If you need something portable, that keeps lube bottles upright, and that holds a couple dozen toys at once, it might be for you. The pricetag requires careful consideration before purchase, however.

This is a big, black, box with some nice dividers on the inside. However, for the quality, especially given the price, I am not impressed. It's big and bulky, but it fits a fair chunk of my collection. Still, I don't have the means to keep it out of sight, and that is where visual appeal counts against it. Overall, if this was cheaper it might have been worth it, maybe, but right now I can't say that it was.

Great storage for all your intimate/toy needs!

This Devine play chest is 100% worth it, so please don't wait any longer if you're in need of some good storage space for your toys and accessories and lingerie! It should fit just about anything inside of this chest.

Have too many toys to store in your panty drawer anymore? Need a place to put all those bottles of lube so no one will see them? The Devine Playchest by Devine Toys/AfterCare is the solution for you if you don't mind the price tag it carries. With a removable divider, mesh pockets and elastic straps for storing things this box will work its hardest to keep things for you. Just lock it up to keep prying eyes out of your stash!

Overall I am very impressed with the chest. It does hold a lot and I am concerned with how much I can put in it and how heavy it will get. It locks, and it looks good, just wish that there were more color options!

Who says adults can’t have their very own toy boxes as well? The Playchest is great for holding all your naughty secrets you’d like to keep locked away. There's really nothing like it.

This box is amazing. It's well worth the price. There is plenty of space to store toys of all shapes and sizes, books, DVDs, restraints, costumes, lubes, lotions... really anything you want to keep tucked away in a safe spot away from prying eyes. Great if you have nosy pets!

This chest is probably best for those who don't absolutely have to have locking storage since the lock can be a bit finicky. It does hold quite a bit of stuff and looks absolutely adorable while holding all of your things. If being able to lock isn't your number one priority, snag this if you can find it.

This is a great container for almost anything you need to store, organize, and lock. Plan on buying more than one.

This toy box is a really beautiful, classy, and spacious way to store a very large selection of your toys and other items. Just don't exactly depend on it to keep prying eyes out if that's what you're looking for. I can open the lock with small scissors, or anything really.

Everybody needs like, 3 or 4 of these! The versatility is incredible; the security of the hard sides plus the lock can keep your secret items secure whether it's sitting in your bathroom closet or you're taking it on a trip.

The Devine Playchest is a great piece of equipment for storage of anything. From toys to makeup or lingerie, or anything else that can fit, you can store whatever you desire in this discreet case. But don't plan on storing anything that needs the lock, just in case.

I am still grinning in delight with this chest. It holds more things than you can imagine. It is very nice to look at and no one would guess that this is my treasure chest with all of my favorite toys inside.

The Devine Playchest is an attractive, sleek looking sex toy storage box. It is full of storage space with two netted areas on the sides and the option for one or two spaces in the middle. It comes with an included space separator to keep your material contained. However, even though it looks beautiful, the lock and key are cheaply made and will not hold up. If looking for lockable storage, look elsewhere.

It’s a bit pricey but the Devine Playchest is a great option for storing your favorite sex toys. Style and functionality meet in a neat package!

I absolutely love my Devine Play Chest and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It’s very handy and easily accessed. Amazingly sleek and elegant looking, it’s an all-around fantastic buy! It’s absolutely nice to have something that locks with little eyes and hands roaming around the house, and I love the simplicity of it!

I have yet to have problem with my chest, it's sturdy, nothing has broke, frayed, cracked, snagged, dented etc. The craftsmenship is exceptional. It's beautiful and fits a ton. I can find everything since I can sort what-goes-where. It truly is a must have.

I use this to store some of my goodies, and I find that the size is generous. It fits a lot in it, and it does lock, which is a bonus. It comes in a few different color schemes, which is nice, and it's heavy. I feel that the case is a great storage place, but the price does put people off.

Devine Storage for your Play

The Devine Playchest is an amazing sex toy storage solution. I've loved Devine Toy's storage solutions, but after the Playchest, I was just plain sold on any future storage products of theirs. If you have a large toy collection, it's so worth it.

Looking for a way to store your toys in a bit more of a discreet manner? The Devine Chest provides a chic look as well as quite a bit of storage space for all those treasures you keep near the bed. Don't let the price tag deter you. This chest is one you will want to keep for all of your toy storage needs.

This playchest is such a sexy storage solution. It is incredibly durable and super can fit so much inside! It is uber feminine and could even double as a cute weekend bag. I love mine, and if you don't need super secure storage, I'm sure you'd love one as well.

Reminiscent of an old-style lunchbox or doctor's satchel, the Devine Playchest is a tasteful, feminine, and extremely roomy storage solution for one's toy collection.

The Divine PlayChest is nice enough to sit by your bed in plain sight, yet provides locking security. It opens to clearly display its ample space for contents, which can be adjusted to accommodate fat toys and tall bottles. It is an excellent choice for someone interested in useful sex toy storage with the versatility to meet changing needs.

The Devine playchest is an amazing storage chest that will hold dozens of sex toys of various shapes and sizes. Pockets, loops and an adjustable divider ensure that you will have the perfect storage solution for your collection.

I thought I would never be able to keep all my toys together but this playchest has finally given me my dresser drawers back. Its large size and adjustable features make this the ideal storage case for anyone with a larger collection of products.

The Divine Playchest is the single most crafted item I own for sex toy storage. It is large enough to hold several toys and had pockets and loops for lubricants and other items you may want well secured.

The Devine Playchest is definitely worth the money! You won't need to buy many different storage chests to keep your toys safe. This chest can fit many toys, condoms, lubes, etc. Plus, it's adorable! Who wouldn't want this playchest in their room?

It's not as secure as other cases but it's big and very pretty, sturdy and well constructed. Most people would be able to fit their entire sex toy collection in it; but it's versatile enough to be used for vanilla purposes without a second thought.

Devine has serioiusly, completely and totally outdone themselves -- and anyone else -- with this roomy, sturdy, locking toy case. It's both modern and old school in appearance, has multiple inner loops and bags for small items and more than enough room for 10 - 40 toys. Absolutely the best travel case I've seen yet.

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