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The Devine Playchest is an amazing sex toy storage solution. I've loved Devine Toy's storage solutions, but after the Playchest, I was just plain sold on any future storage products of theirs. If you have a large toy collection, it's so worth it.
Cute, Storage compartments, Fits a lot, Can be wiped up, Organizes really well, Can lock
Can be a giant pain to open
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In a non-traditional Kayla-review format, let me start off by saying that I'm in LOVE with the Devine Playchest. How in love? In love enough that we own three of them. We bought one of the "old style" chests and we own two of the new style. We own one in every color that they offer. That's how much we love them. They work downright amazingly for storage too.

What fits into these? Anything, really. Hitachi Magic Wand? Check. A rabbit vibrator? Check. Floggers? Check. Njoy Eleven? Check. It's insane. If it's a sex toy, it fits. (Okay, a sex swing or a sex swing stand won't fit, but still...) We own a lot of sex toys, and I use these Playchests to stay organized and keep my specific sex toys away from touching each other all of the time. It's worth noting, though, that the top of the Playchest is curved, so these chests do not stack. They also, when placed against one another, make a squeaky noise if moved while squished up against each other. The actual measurements of this case are 15 inches long, eight inches wide, and 10 inches tall.

What do we use ours for? One of our cases holds rope. We use the middle divider to divide between our nylon/cotton and our hemp rope. The rope, surprisingly, doesn't get caught on the velcro on the outside. We use the extra storage spots to store bondage sheets, PVC bondage tape, and small lengths of rope. One of our cases holds glass sex toys. This case is just piled full of glass toys, and I'm pretty sure we took out the divider. Our last case holds our restraints. We piled the restraints around the middle divider, and we use the extra storage slots for cock-rings and locks and keys. As you can see, we definitely get a lot of use out of Playchests. As you'll see in the video, our glass sex toys chest actually fit over 20 (I think it was 20) different glass toys while in their padded bags, so it fits a LOT of toys.

One of my biggest complaints with the Playchest is that, with their "new edition", they made it much harder to open. When opening it, the little opening button tends to catch on the opening latch. While the old-edition cases could easily be opened with one hand, the new cases require two hands to open. This is easily my biggest complaint about the cases. I really, really love to use these cases, and it's just slightly frustrating that such a large case requires two hands to open in compared to the one hand that it used to take.

As I'm sure you've figured out, the cases also can lock. The button that I have problems pushing in to open the case can actually be locked so the button won't push down and unlock the case. If you have children or nosy roommates, this is perfect for you. It wouldn't keep out someone who is interested in chopping/slicing open the case, but at the same time, most average snoopers are not willing to leave "evidence" of their crimes behind, so it will keep out those folk. The key itself is hidden in the little hanging "tag" that hangs off of the chest. This key can easily be removed, but I just leave mine hanging off of my chest. Most snoops wouldn't think to look for the key there, but if you're cautious, you can easily remove it.

I love the extra compartments on these Playchests, I really do. There is a flexible pouch that resides on both sides of the opened dome-shape of the Chest. (See the video) This easily pulls out to store a wide variety of items including vibrators, toy accessories, toy cleaner, dildos, or virtually anything you want to store in there. Along with that, the Playchests have a middle divider. In the old version of the chests, the divider could only move slightly back and forth in the middle (or be removed) by use of the velcro on the sides. In the new version (which is what EF sells), the divider can be moved all the way one way or another. On this divider, there are little pouches which work great for smaller items like lubricant, condoms, bullet vibrators, or anything small. All of this extra storage, surprisingly, really all adds up!
This box does readily wipe up if you happen to get some sort of lubricant on it. I would avoid getting lubricant on it if possible (as cleaning it out of the velcro and mesh pouches would be insanely annoying), but the rest of the inside does wipe up pretty easily. If you're storing silicone lubricant in this, for your own sanity, please keep it in a plastic baggie as silicone is just ridiculous to clean up.

The Devine Playchests? Amazing. My biggest complaint is the problem opening them as they can get a little finicky at times. However, they are amazing and provide cute, lasting storage for my sex toys that allows me to store them in an attractive way. I just wish they stacked so we could store the chests a lot more easily. I also wish they wouldn't have changed the locking button as now it's much harder to open. However, it's still an amazing chest, and since I'd buy another in a heartbeat, I can't give it any less than five stars.
Follow-up commentary
I still like my Devine Playchest, but I must say that I liked the "first generation" of the playchest more than the second generation. Our first generation ones are much easier to open and aren't as fight-y on the lock. All three of them have held up amazingly - even after being filled up with glass dildos. It can easily hold the weight (at least 20-25 pounds in each one), and the bottom doesn't give out or anything when carrying this around.
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  • Cowgirl-Cutie
    Great review! I love that you have all three. I wish the pink was still available!
  • Martiniman
    Great review, thanks!
  • TJtheMadHatter
    Thanks for the great review and fantastic video!
  • tami
    thanks for the video...I have one of these an I love the amount of room there is in it
  • AliMc
    Brilliant review. This box is so gorgeous, I can see why you would want 3 of them!
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