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H2O lube reviews

47 reviews
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47 reviews

A pleasantly textured, not-terribly-scented water-based lube is a joy. Compatible with many materials and many scenarios, this Sliquid lube didn't drip, clump, or evaporate at inopportune moments. Despite being a little more expensive, a little goes a long way, and the bottle itself dispenses lube reasonably. Overall, it's a good value and a nice purchase.

I would recommend Sliquid to anyone, but since I haven't tried them all yet I'd have to point them in the direction of the H2O. It's multi-purpose and feels very natural, while allowing me to feel safe about what I'm putting into my orifices. I can't recommend this lube enough!

If you have trouble finding a lubricant that won't irritate your skin, you may want to give this a try. It's great to use vaginally, anally or manually. It feels so close to natural and won't leave you feeling sticky and gross.

Sliquid H2O and I just didn't get along. Cold, sticky lube that burns my parts isn't my idea of a good time. However, this lubes scores points for its natural, plant-based ingredients and cruelty-free status. This didn't work for me, but it might for you. I'd say give it a try, then at least you will know.

Sliquid is totally worth it. It is a wonderful lubricating product and is great for any user! I'll never buy another brand again.

Sliquid H2O is a nice water-based lubricant without glycerin and parabens that emulates a woman's natural fluids. It certainly is worth every penny.

A solid nice slippery water-based lube, good for those with sensitive skin or who are vegan or avoid parabens. Works pretty well, while it lasts, but needs reapplication during sex, at least for us condom users. Performs very good with fleshlight & masturbation (though needs saliva to reactivate when exposed to the air). Great for handjobs, but needs to be revived after 5 min.

This lube was one of a few items I was sad to leave behind when I moved a few years ago, so I looked for it again as soon as I was ready to start rebuilding my toy box. It feels natural, isn't too thick or too thin, doesn't smell, and stays where you put it. It does what it's supposed to do without getting in the way or being unpleasant. Use it with a toy, with a partner, or heck, just to enhance masturbation. I would definitely buy it again.

Sliquid has mastered the perfect water-based lubricant. Not only is it a great choice for sensitive bits, its "au naturel" and vegan-friendly aspects make it a great choice for you, your toys, and your partner.

This lube goes far and beyond for being water-based. It provides a vegan and toy-safe choice without losing the properties of what a lube should provide. It's great on my sensitive and picky skin. Though it may need re-application, it mixes with the body's natural lubricants perfectly. Sliquid did a great job and is giving water a better name as a lubricant!

While this is a small bottle, it doesn't take a lot to get all the benefits from it. Very natural and safe!

Sliquid H20 is probably the best water-based lube for your money. It's great for use during solo sessions, or with a partner.

This lube is worth the price and so much better than cheap, sticky lubes. It feels natural and the ingredients are very safe. People who are concerned about what they put into their bodies should check this lube and other lubes by Sliquid out.

Although Sliquid H2O has quite a few selling points, such as being vegan and allegedly good for sensitive people, I still found it to cause some irritation. That, combined with how quickly it dries out and the tacky feeling it leaves behind, makes it a very disappointing lube.

I had purchased the H20 formula first and then the sassy booty. They each have their purpose. I like the sliquid's products. They don't get STICKY!!!! H20 tends to mix nicely with your natural lubrication and it just disappears. NO goo in the morning, no showering afterwards.

Great lube, water based and hypoallergenic. Easy bottle to open with one hand. Discreet packaging. but you do need to reapply it sometimes.

Sliquid H2O is to lubricant what Simply Orange is to juice. It may not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it also doesn’t have a lot of the less pleasant things that often come with more exciting lubricants, like parabens, glycerin, and potential allergens. Sliquid H2O is all-natural, vegan-friendly, and — most importantly — easy to use and effective. It’s not even terribly expensive; in fact, it’s cheaper per ounce than the somewhat comparable Astroglide Glycerin and Paraben Free.

If you are sensitive to lubes but still want to use them, this is a great option. It's also good if you don't like stuff lingering on your skin.

With toys I think I'll be turning to a silicone-based lube rather than a water-based one, but Sliquid seems like a good choice for partnered sex.

If you're like me and other lubes make you cringe because of all of the weird ingredients in them, or you have some majorly sensitive lady parts you need to look into this lube. It's natural, hypoallergenic, and vegan. It's free of all those gross parabens and glycerin and is gentle on those with delicate ecosystems. It feels very natural, but I'd consider it more of a compliment than a replacement for natural moisture.

This lube is all the good without the bad. It is compatible with all types of materials, including silicone. The performance is excellent and leaves not a hint of irritation. Cleanup is a breeze. If you have a vagina, you need this.

I really do love this stuff. I am so glad I gave it a chance because now that I have learned to use it in the right amount, it feels so natural and it doesn't need re-application for at least 30 minutes. Great for whatever you plan to use it for - even anal sex! It doesn't get better than Sliquid H20!!!

This stuff is AWESOME. It feels, and acts, just like the natural body fluids, except maybe a little slicker. It mixes perfectly with natural body fluids so it feels like you could have made it yourself. It feels natural, does its' job perfectly, AND leaves me feeling as fresh as a ravished daisy. What more is there to ask?

There is a lot of 'no' in this little bottle. No parabens, no artificials, no glycerin, no stains, and most of all, NO WORRIES. All these 'no's' combined make one gigantic YES! This is an amazing product with a universal appeal. Once you try Sliquid, you'll never hear 'no' the same way!

Closest thing to the real thing! This stuff rocks and it’s as close to nature as you can get in a bottle. Everyone should try out this safer silkier brand of fun.

Sliquid H20 mimicked my body's natural fluids almost perfectly, the only difference being that it was slightly less viscous and a little more quick to dry. However, this is the price you pay using a water-based lubricant to protect your silicone toys. I will buy it again!

Need an all natural lube that feels like your own body produced it? Then give Sliquid H2O a try! Paraben and glycerine free, this slick water-based lube is gentle on your body and all your toys or partner.

Great with toys, but not an all around lube. It is non-irritating, doesn't get sticky and has no strong scent. Unfortunately, it does not last very long, needs a lot of reapplying, and leaves a slight bitter taste.

Sliquid H20 should be kept by your bedside because it is just simply everything you could ever want in a lube for experienced partners or those first-timers looking for something not-too-extravagant.

Wanna try Sliquid? This is a fantastic introduction into their products. All natural, long lasting lube that should fit the bill for those looking for a body safe, water based lube.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this lube. I would definitely continue to use it despite it lacking 'staying power' when used vaginally. Cleanup was so easy, and there was virtually no mess while in-use!

I'm quite smitten. Sliquid is my new lube brand of intrigue, and H20 has inspired me to try out the entire line of all natural, people-friendly lubes. Unlike so many intimate lubricants available, H20 is glycerin and paraben free, fragrance and flavor free, sugar and all its man-made derivatives free, and contains only 4 ingredients. It mimics my own natural sex juice which is exactly what a lubricant should do. Sliquid is super, super sexy.

I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I've tried other lubes before and was just not expecting to like this one. It is hypoallergenic and fragrance free so if you are like me and have sensitive skin this is a great product to buy. It lasts a while and is easy to clean. I will be buying this product again for sure as it is worth the minimal amount of money you pay for it. Plus, it comes in a good size bottle for the amount of money you pay.

This is an okay lube. It does its job, it just doesn't do it for very long. If you don't mind having to stop and reapply often, then this is totally the lube for you. It is very liquidy and does get on the sheets quite a bit, but it doesn't stain. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.

This is a great lube for anyone; either for those who want to add some moisture to PIV sex, or those who want to add some slip to light butt sex, or for those who just want a nice skin moisturizer- this lube has got it all. It's incredibly body safe and very vegan friendly. Because it doesn't taste very good, I wouldn't recommend this for oral sex.

If you're really into anal play or pegging, this is the perfect lube for you if you prefer silicone toys. This is safe to use with them and easy to clean up. A little goes a very long way with this lube.

If you're looking for a lube that is up to the job and does it without any added gunky ingredients then look no further! Possibly one of the safest lubes out there.

If you are looking for a body safe water based lube, take a look at Sliquid H2O. If you have allergies or sensitivities, take a look at Sliquid. Even if you are looking for an anal lube or a silicone lube, take a look at Sliquid. They make a great product.

This was the first glycerine free water-based lube I tried. After struggling with frequent yeast infections and skin sensitivities with other personal lubricants, I was thrilled to finally find something that worked well and didn't cause any negative reactions. Using high-quality lube that agrees with my body has improved my sex life immensely.

One of the best water based silicone toy friendly lubricants on the market. This lube lasts a good length of time, is non-staining and cleans up easily. The strange taste and tendency to get sticky as it dries are the only drawbacks to this lube.

This lube is long lasting and mimics natural fluids well. It's great for anal play, as well as vaginal, and doesn't have too overbearing a flavor.

A decent waterproof lube, Sliquid H2O has many good qualities. Among its best are that it does a good job at mimicking a lady's own lubrication, and it's still non-irritating. Unfortunately, it has little staying power, leaving one high and dry at the worst of times. It works very well with slick materials like glass, but falls short of stellar for sex.

A nice lube with a good clean consistency, that unfortunately doesn't last very long. Feels pure and smooth on contact, then gets gummier and gummier. Kudos for being animal-friendly!

Great lube for those who are sensitive to glycerin or women who are prone to yeast infections or UTIs. It can last a long time without having to reapply, has staying power.

This lube is the next best thing to what Mama Nature gave us, ladies! It feels so good, you'll forget it's even there. And it won't cause irritation, another plus for all sensitive sex fiends out there!

If you are looking for a lube that will help out before your natural juices start flowing, this is for you. It's natural, smooth feeling is a great way to begin any sexual encounter.

The bottle states that it's made to mimic your own natural lubrication, and it seems to do just that. It really feels like having more of what your body already produces. Once the lube is in place you wouldn't even know the difference from your own lubrication, except that it will last forever!

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